Jet Set Radio (Band)

Readers of the old blog might remember a time when I used to share music on a weekly basis, but I stopped doing that when I moved the blog to it’s current location. I felt like the music didn’t add much value to the blog, but there are always exceptions.

Jet Set Radio is one such exception.

Many years ago I was active on a site called The Tabworld, back in 2004-2006 the forums were bursting with life, and then everything sort of died out. But during that time, I made rather close friends with several people on the site (after yesterday, I have met 4 of these people in person). One of them, Andy Kavanagh, always showed great talent and I remember reading his lyrics and being quite amazed by his talent even back then.

Moving to Ireland made me think back on these things and I decided to stalk do a search, came across his band Jet Set Radio and was pretty much hooked straight away, although it wasn’t until yesterday that I had the chance to actually go see them live. I loved their energy and passion – they were clearly having fun on stage, and of course their talent.

Their style is described as “an electronic pop/rock band… mixing styles as varied as J-rock, dubstep, pop punk and synth-pop.” Although it is probably easier to just share their first “proper” music video instead:

They are releasing their first EP tomorrow, Rare Candy so if you enjoy the music I would greatly encourage you to buy it and support an upcoming band.

Also, an honourary mention here to  Sinéad White, their label mate, who rocked her show even with a cold. Her stuff is pretty amazing in general, beautiful singer-song writer stuff and her voice is incredible (her first single can also be bought here):

What do you think?

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