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“What’s interesting about both these examples is that people aren’t totally blinding themselves to reality. What they are doing is picking out and emphasising the details that support their own group while subtly discrediting the other group. They did this by explaining away their own group’s failures while attributing their successes to superior skills and innate talent.” How a Pychological Bias Make Groups Feel Good About Themselves and Discredit Other – PsyBlog

I Failed – Zen Habits

“That’s why losing to Resistance makes you fall short of your full potential. It causes a potential gap: the difference between where you are and where you can actually be. The more you lose to Resistance, the wider the gap will be. Your goal, obviously, is to make the gap as small as possible.
But the question is: how can we do that?
There is no easy answer here: to close your potential gap, you must build self discipline. Self discipline is the ability to keep doing what you are supposed to do regardless of your mood. If you have self discipline, you will be able to resist the pull of immediate gratification. You will overcome Resistance.” Potential Gap and the Value of Self Discipline – Life Optimizer

12 Powerful Ways to Develop the Action Habit – Positivity Blog

“We do not live in a just world. We need to stop lying to ourselves that every violated person is responsible for what happens to them to the degree that risks are publicized. That’s deeply immoral. And it perversely tries to justify all immorality people suffer at others’ hands as in a certain light really deserved, in order to preserve a self-serving delusion that if only you are smart and good you can personally be invincible to acts of injustice.
It’s a lie. It’s selfish. It compounds the violation done to innocent people and makes them feel alienated, guilty, and even more worthless than they unjustly already felt.
And it does absolutely nothing to change the terrifying facts. You are utterly vulnerable. Heinous things can unstoppably happen to you and those you love. For no good reason. And some of them will be incapable of being fixed. And no amount of cleverness, moral rectitude, or common sense can protect you.” Vulnerability, Victim Blaming, and the Just World Fallacy – Camels With Hammers


“From these observations, researchers proposed a hypothesis: If Christians were to realize just how many atheists there really are, their conceptions of atheists would be challenged, since so many of their neighbors — and often dear friends — are secretly atheist. The direct evidence that their friends, neighbors, trusted employees, and beloved family members are not immoral or untrustworthy might well soften their opinions.” Science says atheists should come out of the closet for their own good – Examiner


“1. Get over your need for a cookie. It seems to be the operant conditioning of the white man to respond to the perception of any type of problem with a solution. He offers a solution, someone offers him a cookie. Even shitty solutions can earn a really good cookie. Taking someone else’s solution and offering it as your own earns you a cookie. Solution, cookie. The vicious cycle continues. The problem occurs when a man walks into a group as an outsider and is too damned quick to want that cookie. Let go of your need for a cookie.” The Straight, White Dude’ Guide to Discussing Diversity – LadyBits on Medium

“As far I as can tell there is no “normal” when it comes to sex. I have yet to learn of a sexual desire, appetite, aversion or practice that is truly universal or truly unique. To put it another way, not everyone is into the same sexual stuff as you. But whatever it is you are (or aren’t) into sexually, you aren’t the only one. So, no I don’t think you’re normal. I don’t think that I’m normal. When it comes to sex, I don’t even know what “normal” means.” Sex and the Trouble With Normal – Already Pretty

“Actually, no. Making porn empowers me, creatively expresses my true self, and connects me positively with my sexuality. To say “porn never empowers” is to dismiss and deny my lived experience. Porn empowers me. I’m not just talking about the sexy patriarchal power of being desirable to men. I’m talking about my own personal power: the power to choose what I do with each day. The power to run my own business. The power to make creative choices, to make political choices. Making porn has empowered me to develop my dominant side, to connect with new facets of my sexual self. It has given me confidence; satisfaction; skills; courage in my convictions; creative, sexual and political fulfilment. Making porn gives me freedom in multiple areas of my life, and choosing to continue making it is one of the ways I exercise that freedom.” On not being exploited – Spanked, Not Silenced

Wendy Davis was a teen mother and is changing the world – Feministing

Beauty & Body Image

“Growing into your future … requires a dedication to caring for yourself as if you were rare and precious, which you are, and regarding all life around you as equally so, which it is.”
~ Victoria Moran
Body Image-boosting Quote – Already Pretty

Born This Way? How Sexual Orientation Does (and Doesn’t) Affect Body Image – Adios Barbie

8 Fashion Tips to Help You Love Your Body – More of Me to Love

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