Link Love (2013-07-20)


“The problem is that when you run from discomfort all the time, you are restricted to a small zone of comfort, and so you miss out on most of life. On most of the best things in life, in fact. And you become unhealthy, because if eating healthy food and exercising is uncomfortable, then you go to comfort foods and not moving much. Being unhealthy, unfortunately, is also uncomfortable, so then you seek distractions from this (and the fact that you have debt and too much clutter, etc.) in food and entertainment and shopping (as if spending will solve our problems!) and this in turn makes things worse.
Amazingly, the simple act of being OK with discomfort can solve all these problems.” Why Fear of Discomfort Might Be Ruining Your Life – Zen Habits

Al Vernacchio: Sex needs a new metaphor. Here’s one… – TED

“So this is me, standing up and challenging those generalisations: I’m a sex worker, and I freely choose to be one. Don’t try and tell me that choice is invalid, that I must be oppressed or desperate or exploited to consent to what I do. I have quite a range of options. This is the one that suits my temperament, my talents, my likes and dislikes best. It is a real choice, no less real than your choice to pursue whatever it is you do for a living. It is no less a real choice than my choice to be a self-employed designer, or writer, or artist or musician, or any of the other myriad ways I make money during the average year. If my choice to freelance as a web designer is my own then so is this choice. There is no coercion here.” sex work and the right to choose – Spanked, Not Silenced

“Simplicity is purity. It is facing the true nature of things and embracing it instead of ducking and weaving and dodging, instead of filling a hole inside you with chaotic activity or an overabundance of stuff. A simple wardrobe, a simple routine, a simple home, a simple lifestyle, simple, straightforward, meaningful relationships, these words describe freedom, not limitation, intensity, not distraction, focus, not mental fog, a life fully lived, not a life of lack. A simple life is a deep life.” Arthur Rosenfeld: The Simpler Life – Huffington Post

Asexuality: Life Without Sexual Attraction – Everyday Feminism

“The above script is, let me be clear, not rape.  That’s not what I’m saying.  What I’m saying is that it’s crappy.  It doesn’t give people the chance to have any sex besides kissing->groping->intercourse, it doesn’t have any emotional component except A’s uncertainty how far R will go, and it’s just not all that fun.  Even if A is female and R is male, all that does is ease the man’s anxiety a bit; it doesn’t fundamentally change the story.” Rescripting sex – Pervocracy


“But there’s more here than just that, and it’s only worse. Debi describes the relationship between Christ and the Church as the ideal every married couple is to strive for, and then makes it clear that the relationship between Christ and the Church is abusive. In other words, the relationship Debi says women are to strive for is an abusive relationship. And after reading this passage, an abused wife can tell herself every time her husband asks something horrific of her that at least he isn’t asking her to kill one of her children, as Christ asked of the Church (and asked perfectly appropriately and rightly, too, within Debi’s frame of reasoning). All throughout her book, Debi normalizes and promotes relationship patterns that are textbook examples of abuse, but here she perhaps goes the very furthest. And immediately after this, she perhaps goes the farthest she has yet gone in warning women against doing anything to stand up to potential abuse” CTBHHM: The (Proxy) Bride of (an Abusive) Christ – Love, Joy, Feminism


“Are Republicans actually interested in saving babies’ lives, or are they interested in making women’s lives harder? So far, all signs point to the latter, and their actions this week indicate that they’re only doubling down on their attacks on women while doing little to promote the health and lives of children.
American mothers and children are some of the least healthy, and least cared-for, in the industrialised world. Every year, more than 11,000 babies die within a day of being born in the US – 50 per cent more than in other developed nations. Maternal mortality rates are also higher here than in economically comparable countries, and they actually increased after the mid-1980s. Today, you’re better off having a baby in Bosnia than in certain suburbs of Baltimore.” US: The GOP’s pro-life hypocricy – Al Jazeera

“Living and working in Kathmandu, Nepal, people are asking me if it is normal how sexist and disrespectful Australia has been towards its PM. Recently the opposition Liberal party was publicly embarrassed about revelations of a fundraising dinner menu in March, featured a dish called “Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail – Small Breasts, Huge Thighs and a Big Red Box”.” The Sexist Treatment of Australia’ First Woman Prime Minister – Gender Focus

How to Be Friends With Another Woman – Jezebel

“I hope I live to see the following commercial: A man stands at the kitchen sink and cuts through greasy buildup on a pile of pots and pans with only one squirt of dishwasher liquid. He does not act as though doing the dishes is a confusing and foreign experience for him, one which he is sure to incompetently screw up, with hilarious results. He does not appear to feel demeaned by the task, nor is it implied that he is doing it grudgingly, in exchange for a reward of sexual favors. Rather, he gets an enormous satisfaction out of the dish-washing experience itself, as most women in commercials do. As he hangs up the dish towel, he smiles like he’s just been awarded the key to the city, and maybe even fist-bumps a floating apparition of Mr. Clean.” A Woman’s Right to Chores – Feministe

“He wasn’t a 17 year old kid who was a bit high, maybe had some munchies, and was walking home from the store. He was oblivious to being seen as a threat for walking with black skin and a hoodie over his head. Some people would blame him for that.. “why did he have to punch him?” They would blame him for not attempting to prove immediately to a strange white man following him in the dark that he was no danger to HIM. So we justified his murder and called it self-defense. His 17 year old self should have known better than to try acting tough with some adult white male who was entitled to invade his space against police order.
And we stopped seeing him as a 17 year old kid walking home at night minding his own damn business until he realized he was being followed, and stopped, by a man with a gun.
Instead we saw the stereotype, the dangerous black male, the violence encompassed in black bodies, and we acquitted Zimmerman because maybe we, too, would have shot a black kid who punched us in the face on a dark night when we feared he could be a criminal in OUR neighborhood.
So the personal prejudice becomes so much more, and it permeates the courthouse and the jury and the police investigating the case, the society at large – and it continues to perpetuate, uphold and uplift a white imperialist society made powerful by the institutions that reinforce it.” How the Personal Becomes Institutional: Trayvon Martin – Rooted In Being


A Lifetime of Medical Checkups [Infographic] – Greatist

10 Sign You’re Gluten Intolerant – Mind Body Green

The Truth About Red Meat and Diabetes – Bulletproof Executive

7 Little-Known Benefits of Sunlight – Care2


Sparkling Rose Petal Wine – And Here We Are

Nut-Free, Coconut-Free Paleo Blueberry Muffins (Basic Muffin Recipe) – The Paleo Mom

Homemade rose water: A quick and easy method – Violet Femme

Blueberries N’ Cream Scramble – Paleo in PDX

Beauty & Body Image

“IF MY GOING GRAY is in any way a political statement, it’s a passive but shimmeringly visible protest against the cult of youth. We can’t all be young forever and — news flash! — some of us don’t want to be. Hey, my silvery locks signal to one and all, I’m getting older and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Deal with it.” She’s Done With Washing It Away – NY Times

The Flaws in the Cost-Per-Wear and Investment-Pieces Theories – Venusian*Glow

“You would think that with the growing fondness and appreciation for tattoos, especially in younger generations, they would stop shocking people, that people would be less in awe. But when people stop you on the street (or in the grocery store or while filing onto an airplane) to graze your tattoos with their fingertips, and start asking you all sorts of personal questions –What is the story behind it? How much did it cost? – you start to second guess the commonplaceness of tattoos. And you start to wonder: Since when does ink in my skin turn my body into public property?” Hands Off: Tattoo Etiquette – Adios Barbie

Sally McGraw: How Body Positivity and Figure Flattery Can Coexist – Huffington Post

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