Link Love (2013-07-27)


Irregular Bedtimes Reduce Children’s Cognitive Performance – PsyBlog

“Having very broad and abstract goals may maintain and exacerbate depression. Goals that are not specific are more ambiguous and, therefore, harder to visualise. If goals are hard to visualise it may result in reduced expectation of realising them which in turn results in lower motivation to try and achieve them.” People with depression tend to pursue generalized goals – Medical Xpress

Top Ten Questions Poly People Are Sick of Being Asked – Reluctant Femme

“To give out has nothing to do with distributing leaflets. This is from the Irish tabhairt amach and means to complain. This is another one that Irish people are always surprised to hear isn’t international!!
Your man is a nice avoidance technique for not using someone’s name. It is usually clear from the context who you’re taking about, and the “your” definitely can’t be taken literally, he may have no connection whatsoever to you and even be a complete stranger (although close friend is just as likely). Your one is for women.” How to speak English like the Irish – Fluent in 3 Months

The Key Habits of Organization – Zen Habits

“Many habits may feel quite satisfying in the moment, but they have no long-term positive impact. They are temporary pleasures or escapes but nothing more. These habits tend to self-perpetuate automatically, but as you become more conscious and rational, you’ll discover the importance of replacing these short-sighted habits with better ones.” Habits and the Long View – Steve Pavlina


“I am not straight. Not entirely, anyway. Thanks to organizations like Exodus International, I struggle with impressive cognitive dissonance about my own sexuality. The further I drift from the church, the more I find that I can accept my occasional attraction to the same sex, but even at the age of 25 it is a battle for me. It’s hard to state, simply, that I’m attracted to men and to certain types of women, too. My instinct is to interrogate myself about the legitimacy of my attractions. And I’m not ready to forgive Alan Chambers and the staff of Exodus International for the psychological damage they’ve inflicted on me and on so many others. I’m not prepared to pretend that he’s no longer a homophobe just because he’s apologized for the way he’s expressed that homophobia. I don’t think I ought to accept anything less than the public acknowledgement that my sexual identity is completely valid. Because really, what sort of change is it when Alan Chambers apologizes for trying to fix somethingthat he still believes needs to be fixed? It’s not really reconciliation as long as it’s reconciliation on Chambers’ terms” Exodus International and a Millenial Marketing Blitz – Love, Joy, Feminism

“Claiming God created Earth for us is merely wishful thinking. People want to believe they are important and special. They focus too narrowly on their immediate surroundings and fail to see the larger picture. When stand back and look at the whole Earth with its vast inhospitable areas, the many flaws of the human body and difficulty of merely surviving, there is no way but to conclude that Earth was not designed. Once we acknowledge this fact, then we can fully appreciate the amazing effect of evolution, natural selection and the universe.” God Did Not Create the Earth for Us – Robert Nielsen

Christian Fundies Find Another Thing to Get Upset About: Uncovered Female Heads – Friendly Atheist


5 Brain Nutrients Found Only in Meat, Fish and Eggs (NOT Plants) – Authority Nutrition

14 Ways to Be an Urban Homesteader – Red and Honey

Chronic Cardio is Still Unhealthy – Mark’s Daily Apple

Benefits of Line Drying – Keeper of the Home

5 Uncommon Uses for Probiotics – Chris Kresser

How Exercise Can Calm Anxiety – NY Times

Beauty & Body Image

“Which has made me start to wonder if that’s what I want in my life.
I’m to measure up where I invest my time. I’m starting to question my priorities. I don’t talk to my oldest friends every day – I don’t have time? – yet I will show up late for work if it allows me the time to draw my cat eyes on perfectly symmetrical.
Come to think of it, some of my oldest friends haven’t seen me without makeup, ever. ” Make-Up Free. Emphasis on FREE (Hopefully) – Liz Worth

“Lauren Shields swore off makeup and covered her hair, arms and legs for nine months for “The Modesty Experiment,” during which she took cues from a hodgepodge of Jewish, Muslim and Christian modesty practices “in order to loosen my death grip on the idea that youth and beauty were prerequisites to relevance.” But Shields spent more blogspace complaining about how onerous the experiment was than enjoying the process — except for the part where she met her now-fiancé, who was “powerfully attracted” to her commitment to pretending to “liberate” herself from caring about her physical appearance.” Blogger’s Modesty Experiement Kinda Misses the Point – Jezebel

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