Link Love (2013-08-10)


“As a society I feel like we’re far too concerned with filling our time, a function served by acquaintances, and not concerned enough with filling our minds/hearts, which is what good friends are for. The average level of conversation in my life has spiked upwards, as has the inspiration and motivation I get from those I spend time with.” Have Less Acquaintances, More Friends – Tynan

Very powerful. Are you Depressed? Watch This – Jayson Gaddis

“The problem here is that some buttons in modern life don’t actually do anything at all. The magic between the button press and the result you want is all in your head. You never catch on – because you are not so smart.” Placebo Buttons – You Are Not So Smart

How to Tell People They Sound Racist

“I’m going to explain what depression is like based on my experience. This is not for the benefit of fellow depressives, but for people who have never been depressed, and especially for those who believe that depression is narcissistic, weak, or selfish. For people who believe depression is something one can simply “snap out of.” If you’re one of those people, please stay with me. I’m going to put you in my (sometimes) sad shoes, walk you through it, and ask you to try—really, really try—to envision what the spiral feels like.” We Need to Talk About Depression, and Everyone Needs to Listen – Role/Reboot

Don’t Be Tricked by These 5 Common Mental Rules of Thumb – The Happiness Project


“Let me finish with a couple of points. First, the relationships this sort of teaching sets up are often extremely unhealthy—sometimes the term “emotional incest” is used to describe these patterns. One especially disastrous result is that the a woman can end up playing second fiddle to her young adult daughter in the quest for for her own husband’s attention. And besides that, what happens to this relationship when the daughter eventually moves away to live on her own, or gets married? And if you’re not supposed to give your heart away, how is it that giving it to your father—whatever that means—is safer? Let me put it this way: I did what I was supposed to do and gave my heart to my father, and it still ended being broken. It’s just that wasn’t some teenage guy who broke it—it was my dad.” Teenage Daughters and their Fathers – Love, Joy, Feminism

100 of Britain and Ireland’s secular thinkers you should know about, who aren’t white men – Alex Gabriel


“As discussed in Sandberg’s Lean In, research shows that, on average, women use “we” in interviews more, and men use “I.” To an interviewer, it appears that she was a member of a team, and he singlehandedly saved the world. Interviews want the one who gets shit done, right? What if they didn’t? Instead of teaching women to make “I” statements and mimic the rewarded behaviors of men, what if we taught the interviewer to take a more nuanced approach? What if, from time to time, we valued the team player?” Why Should Women Act Like Men? Because It Works – Role/Reboot

Heartbreaking. ‘Girls are the world’s forgotten population’: Nine facts about child brides – Washington Post

“It doesn’t matter whether we, deep down, believe ourselves to be __________-ist or whether we intended our actions to be hurtful or _________-ist.
If the impact of our actions is the furthering of oppression, then that’s all that matters.
So we need to listen, reflect, apologize, and work to do better in the future.” Intent vs. Impact: Why Your Intentions Don’t Really Matter – Everyday Feminism

“I feel like Scott Brown and Ladies against Feminism posted this before taking the time to learn what Teddy actually believed, in total, about parenting and childbearing—namely, about who should do it and who should not. Teddy Roosevelt didn’t want just anyone to have children, he wanted the right sort of people to have children—and he was quite worried that the right sort of people were going to be outbred by the wrong sort of people.” Scott Brown, Ladies Against Feminim, and Eugenics – Love, Joy, Feminism

10 Things I Plan to Tell My Daughter About Sex That Aren’t That Purity Movement Crap – Art Attack

I LOVE this metaphor: “The women try to argue that, no, they don’t hate the men, they merely think it’s a little unfair for them to get ahead just because they are men. They are simply suggesting a way to make things fair.” “Why do women try to get ahead by pulling men down?” – Thoughts on Society – Medium


Why Eating Insects Makes Sense – Mark’s Daily Apple

“If I Can’t Always Afford Grass-Fed Beef, What Should I Buy?” – The Paleo Mom

Beauty & Body Image

“That’s what I was scared of, I realize now. If I didn’t have glasses, I would be in the competition with everyone else to be pretty. I hated playing soccer as a kid because it was uninteresting, and because I knew I wasn’t good at it. I felt the same way about Being Pretty. There was the same allure to it—being on the soccer team meant a group of friends (of varying levels of superficialness) and some degree of notice and admiration from others. Being Pretty was the same, but the allure was undeniably heightened. I hated trying to Be Pretty too, then, because I hated losing. Losing was inevitable.” Invited Post: “She Has Glasses” – The Beheld

“Our misfit realized–in this one swift AH HA! moment–all the ‘pridefullness’ she’d possessed at never uttering the words diet, fat or good/bad-foods was practically eclipsed by the message she’d been sending about anxiety/losing self love related to aging.
Anxiety and worry she did not feelbut that mattered NOT when they were what exited her mouth and found their way into little ears.” Is old talk the new FAT TALK? – MizFitOnline


How to Set a Boundary in a Relationship – Jayson Gaddis

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  1. Thank you for the links! Some I’ve read on fb already. I really enjoyed the one about friends versus acquaintances! 🙂


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