Link Love (2013-08-17)


“Before we actually sat and meditated, both Brian and Leo talked a bit about meditation. One of the best pieces of advice they gave was that when you want to stop meditating, don’t. When you again want to stop, don’t. But on the third time, let yourself go; open your eyes and stand up.” Twice, Then Stop – Tynan

How to Survive a Plane Crash, Train Crash and Other Disasters – ABC News

“Not content with absurd arguments, he moves on to downright untruths. He claims that the more capitalist a country is, the less inequality there is and that the US has less inequality than Britain which has less than France. This completely untrue and in fact it is the other way around. Likewise, countries with large welfare states (which Friedman considers converse to capitalism) have the least amount of inequality. These points should be obvious to a professional economist who has done to most basic of research and it is strange that Friedman missed them.” Capitalism and Freedom – Robert Nielsen

How to Fall Asleep in Less than 30 Seconds – Steve Pavlina

We need to celebrate on the ship we’re sailing, instead of drowning as we attempt to swim to someone else’s.” The Cure for Obsessive Comparison Disorder – Paul Angone

The Habit of Happiness – Zen Habits


“”I wish woman and men were more respected.”
Yeah, me too, and you’re not helping.
What feminists want is not to free women to be exploited (which by the way, women have always been exploited, contraception or no contraception) but rather for women to be respected as equals, individuals, and fellow humans, not treated as a role, a tool, or a toy. Respect is about viewing women as people rather than seeing them as tools whose only purpose is to serve men, or placing them on a pedestal as an ode to their magical maternal power. Here, let me put it simply: Regardless of what this commenter may think, a person’s ability to respect someone is not tied to that person’s ability to procreate, or, in this case, to that person’s inability to control their ability to procreate.” Contraception, Exploitation, and Perversion – Love, Joy, Feminism

Is Gender-Flipping the Most Important Meme Ever? – Junkee

“Because the Manic Pixie Dream Girl portrayal of women is so common in the media, for the longest time I didn’t think I had a mental illness, not REALLY.  I thought I was just a “free spirit”, that this was how girls like me were supposed to feel and act, that my behaviour was acceptable and understandable. I saw my choices as being the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, or a Boring Sheep, and clearly one of these choices was superior to the other. I simply had no concept that I could be interesting, but ALSO emotionally stable (relatively, anyway). I would watch Betty Blue over and over, and weep at the end every time, but never quite caught on to the idea that perhaps the story could have ended another way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing movie – but I was naive enough to take it as a blueprint for how I should be.” Manic Pixie Dream GIrls: Not So Fun Actually – Reluctant Femme

Men-Ups! – Rion Sabean Photography

“This isn’t just about individuals, either. Everyone who says “I don’t want to be a victim-blamer, but girls should know frat parties aren’t safe places” is treating rape culture like a missing stair. Everyone who says “it’s an ugly fact, but only women who don’t make trouble make it in this business” is treating sexual harassment like a missing stair. Everyone who says “I don’t like it either, but that’s the way things are,” and makes no move to question the way things are, is jumping over a missing stair somewhere.
Fixing staircases is a long and difficult and uncertain process. But let’s at least stop blaming each other for not jumping well enough.” The Missing stair – The Pervocracy

“But most of all, why should I have to “pay a price” at all for being a woman in skepticism? Why shouldn’t I demand that I should be able to go to a con and not expect men to make lewd comments to me, or grope me, or have to take extra measures to avoid being a victim of sexual assault? Why shouldn’t I be able to speak up without receiving torrents of harassment and threats? Why can’t I publicly name the names of my harassers?” The Good Old Days – Skepchick


How and Why You Should Immerse Yourself in Nature – Mark’s Daily Apple

What Mid-Victorians Can Teach Us About Nutrition and Health – Chris Kresser


Water Kefir: How to Brew Water Kefir – Nourished Kitchen

Recipe: Paleo Pizza w/Coconut Base – Irish Paleo Girl

Mint Chip Ice Cream – Against All Grain Book Review – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

How to Eat More Organ Meats – Chris Kresser

Banana Cupcakes (nut-free) with Whipped White Chocolate Sesame Frosting – Paleo Mom

Roasted Garlic Cloves – Ancestral Chef

Beauty & Body Image

“Dig deep next time you want to give a compliment. If you give a looks-based compliment, pair it with a character-based compliment. Don’t skip out on the looks-oriented compliment, but don’t always stop there, either! Say something nice about who they are, what they do, and how much you care about them outside of how they look. Try to make a resolution to compliment girls and women for more than those easy comments on pretty hair, weight loss, clothing, etc.  While those compliments are nice, we can do better. When we minimize other females to just their bodies, we forget to remind them of their beautiful talents, characters, and gifts! Plus, when you get a compliment about your looks, it’s SO EASY to brush it off and not let it sink in (“I’m just in good lighting” or “that picture was taken at a great angle” or “today is just an especially good-looking day”). We are more than bodies, so let’s make sure to remind each other of that powerful truth.” More Than a Body? PROVE IT. – Beauty Redefined


This cracked me wide open: “But honey, don’t convince yourself with copious gratitudes that you should settle for anything less than what turns you on.
Because all of that? Those “gratitudes” up there? What they really read is this:
I’m so uninspired and not lit up by my life, but I’m scared that if I pursue something different, I won’t get what I want- or it might not even be any better, because I made the wrong decision. My job makes me feel suffocated but I’m really not sure what else to do- because I haven’t allowed myself to dream that big. If I stay with what’s comfortable, even if it’s not awesome, I know I can do alright. I’m too ashamed to put myself out there- what if someone sees all my flaws? My current partner likes me well enough, and I’ll probably never find anyone better. And my body? Yeah, well. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with it.” I am a mirror – Vital Being


  1. I devored the thought-provoking links. 🙂


  2. A nice collection of thought provoking links from a wide range of areas as usual. Keep up the good work!


    • Thank you Robert (random trivia, every time I see your name I pronounce it in Danish, then correct myself :P)


      • Ha, funnily enough I have never heard it in Danish so I have no idea what that sounds like. Instead, I must put up with being the only Nielsen in Ireland and the constant misspelling that comes with that


      • Don’t know if you speak any German, but it would be pretty much the same as the German pronunciation.

        Are you really the only Nielsen in Ireland? Seeing as it’s the 3rd most common last name in Denmark, I would’ve thought there would be at least a couple over here 😉 But probably not enough for people to actually get the spelling right. And I feel you, my name is constantly spelled with c’s rather than k’s.


      • Sorry but I don’t even have a word of German, so still in the dark. I know we used to be the only Nielsen in the Irish phone book but I haven’t checked in a while. Up until the 90s the Irish economy was so bad we had mass emigration and next to no immigration, so there is a lack of diversity in names.

        I must confess that Rebecca is how I would normally spell your name too. My bad


  3. Thanks for sharing the garlic recipe (love all the other links too). Some great ones in the equality section.


    • Thank you very much Louise – and welcome! The garlic recipe was great!


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