Link Love (2013-08-31)


23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert – Huffington Post

“This is where the “practice” of relationship comes in. If we treat relationship as a process, and more importantly a practice, rather than a destination, we will have a more realistic attitude that can then help us deepen our relationships AND move us toward wholeness. Herein lies the hidden gem. That through working on all our relationships, we transform ourselves and begin to awaken.” Relationship as a Practice – Jayson Gaddis

How to be Poly-Friendly – The Polyamorous Misanthrope

“Because people do not resist change. They resist what they believe to be wrong in line with their story of how the world works, what things mean and what their life is “supposed” to look like.
To change your experience of life you can do one of two things: change your behavior or change your story.” How to transform your experience of life in 15 minutes a day – Goodlife ZEN

Total Focus, Total Enjoyment – Tynan

“An alternative would be to practice being with our own feelings and those of others (without trying to deny, avoid or escape them, or taking all the responsibility for them). This involves recognising that we are not completely separate selves, but rather that we are intrinsically connected with others.” Other People’s Feelings – Rewriting the Rules


“But let’s really think about what she’s suggesting here. That men were so threatened by women’s demands for equality that their response is to commit acts of violence on women? And these are the men who women should just let run the country? Really? Men who are so selfish and bereft of empathy that their response to female demands for equality is violence? And this is why women should resist feminism—because if women just go back to submitting to men the violence will end?” Hey Ladies, Rock the Vote – by Not Voting – Love, Joy, Feminism

“Instead of believing her, they accused her of lying, of having consensual sex and then regretting it, and making up the rape story to cover for her actions.
“This sort of thing doesn’t happen to godly girls,” they told her. “You put yourself in a situation for this sort of thing to happen.”
Their reason for not believing her? She seemed too composed. She wasn’t disheveled and in tears, and she hadn’t come to them with the story right after it happened. She was too articulate and detailed with her story — it couldn’t be true because she didn’t seem utterly devastated.
Jori is a very smart person, and after such strict parenting and high pressure in our church to have your emotions under control all the time, she became highly skilled at playing social roles that were expected of her. But when something traumatic happened to her, she wasn’t able to connect with her emotions to display them for an audience on command — she was too far gone into trained disassociation with her own feelings.” Jori’s Story – Wine and Marble


“And then there’s the finding that more intelligent white people are more likely to disavow racism, but no more likely actually to support policies that might remedy the effects of racial inequality. This news was reported as showing that clever people are just better at concealing their racism from others while harbouring bigoted thoughts. But isn’t the more worrying possibility that they’re concealing their racism from themselves?
Or to put it another way: those of us who reassure ourselves that we’re implacably opposed to prejudice could probably do with being a lot less smug about it.” You’re probably more racist and sexist than you think – The Guardian

“And, if you’re offended by the term mansplain, what you’re actually probably offended at is the fact that women don’t care as much about the opinion of a man as they do a sister when we’re talking about patriarchy. But actually, women devaluing the opinions of their oppressors is fine, because they’re the people who keep them in this mess and who benefit from their oppression. Your gender studies seminar is not comparable to years of sexual assault, street harrassment, low pay, objectification, tone-policing, and so on. And you should just accept that. Okay?” Manarchism, or, how to hurt a man’s feelings – ITISIWHOWILLIT

How Should We Talk Talk to Our Kids About Bigotry? – Role / Reboot


25 Healthy Alternatives to Toxic Cosmetics – Mark’s Daily Apple

Health Benefits of the Beach and How to Achieve them at Home – Wellness Mama


Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe for Oral Health – Wellness Mama

South of the Border Beef Stew – Paleo Non Paleo

Stewed Strawberries – Nourished Kitchen

Mojito Green Juice – Elana’s Pantry

Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Saute’d Chicken Hearts with Cumin & Lemon – Neo-Homesteading

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