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“This “integrating the whole person” thing? Is how unkind people who hurt us manage to stay in our lives for so long. Nobody is all good or all bad. We wouldn’t put up with crappy behavior from people if they didn’t have good qualities, and crappy behavior can come in very charismatic and appealing packages. So our sense of fairness and loyalty and what it means to be a good friend gets turned against us while we work hard to see the whole person but they keep right on being mean. “Why is he doing this?” doesn’t matter. The depression doesn’t matter. If someone is treating you badly, and you make them aware of the problem and ask them to stop, and they keep going with what they were doing before? That is a strong indicator that you should re-consider having them in your life at all.” #511: When you find out that someone you care about is mean – Captain Awkward

5 Ways to Deal with Emotional Oversensitivity – Tiny Buddha

“White people, it’s time to learn to listen. Not just to studies, but to people who aren’t us. This is what it means to love. Let us learn to trust truths that we cannot live in. Let us question our own implication in these narratives. Do we get uncomfortable when we’re around large groups of black men? Do we assume that a black mother wearing hoop earrings is on welfare? Does that make us devalue her? Would we assume that a black job candidate might be less qualified than a white job candidate based on their race? We might. We could. We often do. It is ugly to admit, but it is also the truth. Studies tell us so. So do stories.
Love requires accountability. We must admit that we see race and that we see it in ways that can lead to discrimination and violence. We must hold ourselves accountable not only for sins of the past but also for the structures we uphold in the present.” Love letter to white people – The Feminist Wire

Moving From Insecurity to Confidence – Tara Sophia Mohr


“Holy cow.  Where to start? One thing I’ve noticed growing up in a conservative Christian religion is how, ironically, sex obsessed things are.  Billboards and catalogs are created to tempt you!  Heaven forbid they show off the merchandise they are trying to sell you.  It’s kind of scary how violently he reacts to women.  They are whores trying to damn him because they showed a bit of cleavage—and he grew up in the Bible belt in the 50-60s, I’m sure there wasn’t that much cleavage on display.” CTNAHM: Anticipation (Michael Talks about Sex) – Love, Joy, Feminism


“This was the culmination of years of internalized misogyny that I hadn’t even been aware of.  I was never raised to believe women were second best – on the contrary, an all-female house headed by my liberal mother, women were championed and celebrated – but somehow I ended up quietly thinking it anyway.  Something inside me would always stir at the sight of a woman in a position of power or authority, something which whispered that for a womanto have risen so high in the chain of command she must have been ruthless, and mean.  I treated the potential female role models in my life with utter disdain; the teacher who refused to let the class bully walk over her was a melodramatic bitch, the teacher who did let the class bully walk over her deserved it for being such a wet blanket.  There was no winning.  I didn’t hate them, but at the same time, I did.  They weren’t as strong and admirable as men, or at least as strong and admirable as society had told me men could be.” i was a misogynist – to a fault

Put Out Internalized Racism: Why Solidarity Between People of Color Matters – Everyday Feminism

“Of course, not every man is a misogynist. But that does not mean we can stay silent about the misogyny of others. All men benefit to some extent from the patriarchal system in which we live, and men have to recognise the position of privilege that this gives us. Online abuse and all other forms of misogyny are therefore not things which should be left for women to deal with alone. Misogynist abuse cannot be treated as a ‘women-only’ issue; quite the contrary, because men are its main perpetrators! Men therefore also have a responsibility to challenge sexism wherever we encounter it. A vital part of the fight against the oppression of women is for men to take up the cause of feminism, and to tell other men that sexism and misogyny are deplorable.” Men must stand against this misogyny – The F-Word

Ireland’s first legal abortion means Savita Halappanavar did not die in vain – Feministing

“A few thoughts run through my head when I imagine myself in the above situations. How bad would the assault need to be for me to report it? What if my attacker denied everything and no one believed me? What if I failed to report the assault and someone else became a victim? What if I went to the police and they declined to investigate?
While these scenarios vary in intensity and trauma, none are OK. What the man is thinking is irrelevant. You needn’t worry about his feelings. If he were a stranger in an unfamiliar setting, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to report the assault. But the majority of victims know their rapist. Being sexually assaulted by a family member or friend adds a layer of complexity for victims trying to decide whether or not to speak out.” Why I Should Have Reported My Sexual Assault – Role / Reboot

After #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen: So You Want to Be an Ally, Now What? – xoJane

Beauty & Body Image

“I write about the intersection of style and body image, and I get a lot of questions about how I can call myself a body image advocate and still dish out advice on how to flatter the female form in traditional, socially sanctioned ways. I understand that many people perceive a disconnect, but there are several reasons I think it’s important to discuss style in this way.” Creating a middle ground between – Already Pretty

In a world where female appearance is valued above all else, where girls learn from childhood to monitor their appearance at all times, and where public identities are carefully crafted and maintained online at every waking moment, a picture speaks more words than it has at any other point in history.” Not Picture Perfect? Bounce Back from a Body Image Blow – Beauty Redefined


How to Avoid Sunburn and Tan Better with Real Food – Wellness Mama

Dr. Mercola Discusses How Gut Bacteria Affects Your Brain – Care2

Natural Stress Relief by Balancing Stress Hormones – Wellness Mama

Health Lessons from International Cuisines: Japan – Chris Kresser

Oil Pulling for Oral Health – Wellness Mama

40 Days Without Booze – J.D. Moyer


How to Make Probiotic Water Kefir Soda – Healthy Recipe – Wellness Mama

Cranberry Coconut Power Bars – Elana’s Pantry

Making Lilac Wine – And Here We Are…

Morello Cherry Liqueur – Anarchy in a Jar

Grilled Eggplants with Caramelized Onions and Tomatoes – Good Life Farm

How to Grow, Cure and Store Your Own Garlic – Old World Garden Farms

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