Link Love (2013-11-09)


“Many of my clients hold senior leadership positions.  Many of them would love to be even more senior.  Many of my other clients run their own businesses.  And they dance between knowing deep down that if they don’t market themselves no-one will do it for them, and not wanting to be perceived as aggressive, pushy or full of themselves.5 ways to promote yourself and not feel sleazy – Tricia Karp

More Than Two: Examining the Myths and Facts of Polyamory – Everyday Feminism

“Juárez Correa didn’t know it yet, but he had happened on an emerging educational philosophy, one that applies the logic of the digital age to the classroom. That logic is inexorable: Access to a world of infinite information has changed how we communicate, process information, and think. Decentralized systems have proven to be more productive and agile than rigid, top-down ones. Innovation, creativity, and independent thinking are increasingly crucial to the global economy.” How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses – Wired Business

The 7 Most Common Learner Mistakes – Scott H Young


“Our churches are deeply saturated in rape culture. If we’re going to challenge that fact we need to rethink our telling children a story about rape in such a way that the rapist is an imperfect hero while the victim is so unimportant that we might as well replace her with a rubber duck.” Joseph, Potiphar’s Wife, and Rape Culture in Our Sunday Schools – Sarah Over the Moon

15 More Things Christians Should Never Say to Atheists – Friendly Atheist

“What did not occur to me then but seems as clear as a bell to me now is that while my intentions were good, I was actually fighting against my own religion.  At the very least, to whatever extent Christianity is based on the Bible, it cannot be a consistently intellectual faith because the Bible is a fundamentally anti-intellectual book.” Anti-intellectualism and the Bible – godless in dixie

“Removing children from their families and placing them in an institution doesn’t so much alleviate the problem as it does change the problem.
Sometimes as wealthy consumers we get to thinking that because we have financial means to put up a nice building and stock it with nice things that we’re better suited to raise poor children than their own poor families. That is arrogant and in most cases incorrect. Mothers and fathers without material wealth live joy-filled and inspirational lives. Poor people are capable of loving their children just as well and their love doesn’t depend on their ability to provide material things. Given some support their choices would become much less dire.” Alleviate – Livesay [Haiti]

“This face stood over a five-year-old me, throwing fists on a starving body, as punishment for adding sugar to cereal or adding pepper to an already perfected meal, thus insulting the cook. I saw this face as I stood shaking every morning as it scowled at the unruliness of my hair, turning my scalp to fire so that it was perfect – a twisted mix of undiagnosed OCD and passion to present perfect children, so the ultimate secret remained so. I turned green every morning and threw up many and that face didn’t care. It showed anger that I was wasting food, wasting hair-fixing time so it could return to bed.” Public Schools and Home Dictators: Keziah’s Story – H.A.

“But I want you to know something, my sweet little sister. You are worth so much more. Your worth is not defined by what has or has not been in your vagina. Yes I know, hearing that word spoken so openly embarrasses you. I remember. But what I’m saying is important. You have so much to offer the world. You are smart. You have interests. You have talents. Those things matter. In fact, those things matter a whole lot more than the state of your vagina. Yes I know, awkward. But it’s true, and I want you to remember that. You matter.” Dear Sister: On Your Thirteenth Birthday – Love, Joy, Feminism


The Travelling Uterus – Consider the Tea Cosy

Levels of distress. But even as we accept the reality of George’s privileged-white-male distress, we need to hold on to the understanding that the less privileged citizens of Pleasantville are distressed in an entirely different way. (Margaret Atwood is supposed to have summed up the gender power-differential like this: “Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.”) George deserves compassion, but his until-recently-ideal housewife Betty Parker (and the other characters assigned subservient roles) deserves justice. George and Betty’s claims are not equivalent, and if we treat them the same way, we do Betty an injustice” The Distress of the Privileged – The Weekly Sift

10 Ways to Avoid Everyday Ableism – Everyday Feminism

“That, my friends, is one hell of an advertisement. It’s more than an advertisement. It’s a gauntlet thrown at the Irish government to get their act together, grow a pair (of ovaries), and start providing women with the healthcare and bodily autonomy that are our rights. And it manages to simultaneously give essential information to people with crisis pregnancies. I’d have put a hat on just to take it off to them, if I weren’t, as I mentioned, still under my duvet at the time. It was a chilly Saturday morning- I wasn’t getting out of there before I had to, especially not to tip my hat to people who weren’t in the country, never mind the room.” Advertising Abortions in the Irish Times – Consider the Tea Cosy

Anti-Rape Messaging and Anti-Rape PSAs – Love, Joy,Feminism

“Sex-positivity has room for people who have truckloads of sex, but it also has room for virgins and people who are abstinent. At its heart, sex-positivity is about removing shame and stigma from sex, especially for women, who have perpetually lived under a double standard that demonizes their sexuality, and especially for people whose sexuality manifests in unconventional ways (queer folk, BDSM folk, etc.) Sex that leaves one feeling violated, afraid, or alone would never be pegged as positive. Positive sex is sex that leaves one feeling satisfied, listened to, and respected. What you do or don’t do to get there with your partner is your own business.” What Sex-Positivity Really Means – Role / Reboot


Small Acts of Self-Care as an Intentional Practice – Everyday Feminism

The Habits of Supremely Happy People – Huffington Post


Natural Remedies for Illness – How to Recover Faster – Wellness Mama

Health Lessons from International Cuisines: India – Chris Kresser


Homemade DIY Pain Relief Lotion Bars – Wellness Mama

Apple Pie Cheesecake Tartlets – Plaid and Paleo

Chocolate Caramel Almond Bars – Life Made Full

Gummy Bears – Fruit Juice Sweetened Candy – Elana’s Pantry

Home-cured Cracked Olives – Nourished Kitchen

Cinnamon-Apple-2-Minute Mug Cake – The Paleo Mom

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