Writer’s Wednesday: F**k It by John C. Parkin

F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C. Parkin has been described as Buddhism/Eastern Philosophy expressed in Western terms. As you you might already know, I am an atheist, so I don’t particularly care about the religious beliefs espoused, but I picked the book up nevertheless because it came highly recommended by a friend.

It is well written, funny and very (thought) provoking at times. I wouldn’t say I agree with all of it, and some of the more religious points completely lost me (such as talking about chi, your “life force”), but I would still recommend it. I think the main point, to generally speaking just let go and say “f**k it”, is something that I, and most people I know, should take to heart.

When you say Fuck It, you let go of your hold on something – usually something that’s causing you pain.

When you say Fuck It, you give in to the flow of life – you stop doing what you don’t want to do, you finally do what you’ve always wanted to do, and you stop listening to people and listen to yourself.

Life is made up for us of things that matter. Our value system is simply the things in the world that we’ve chosen to matter to us (or been handed by ‘conditioning’). And the things that matter to us are the things that we take seriously.

When we say Fuck It (and we usually do say it when the things that matter have gone tits-up), we recognize that the thing that mattered to us doesn’t matter so much. In other words – through whatever unfortunate circumstance – we stop taking seriously something that we usually take very seriously.

The author will take you through why we say f**k it, how to say it, when to say it (all the time and to everything!) and what happens when we say it. Parkin is really provocative at times, usually when he is touching on a topic that is very serious to you. We all have these topics, these little red buttons. Sure, we might agree with him that we should learn to relax on this or that issue, but surely not on this one very important area. Possibly that is where we need it the most?

For me, I am working on coming to terms with and letting go of my need for control (even admitting that I had a control issue was hard, I’m sure friends, family members, partners past and present are laughing now). But realizing that I do not need to control everything, and that things will still be okay and that the vast majority of the time things work themselves out. It really is such a relief. And yes, much easier said than done.

How about you? How do you feel about Buddhism, or the Western philosophy of saying “f**k it”?

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