November 2013 Twitterature

The past month has been much much better than the last in terms of reading. As you might recall last month was appalling with not a single finished book! I made up for that this month, finishing 8 books in total – and bringing me up to 51 books for the year, only one book short of my goal of 52.

As always, I’m linking up with the lovely Modern Mrs Darcy.

101 Secrets For Your Twenties by Paul Angone: Funny and often profound book full of insights into your twenties – a defining decade. #Recommended (full review here.)

Selling For Introverts – Stay True To Who You Are and Increase Your Sales! by Alen Mayer: Repetitive, standard information and advice for sales people. Not worth the time and money #Skip

F**k It: the ultimate spiritual way by John C. Parkin: Western take on Eastern philosophy (Buddhism). Learn to let go of your attachments to things being a certain way. #Recommended (full review here)

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain: Excellent book for introverts and extroverts alike. Highly highly #recommended (full review to follow next week)

The Fiery Cross (Outlander) by Diana Gabaldon: Not as great as previous installments of Outlander, too long-winded (1443 pages!) But if you love the characters still worth checking out.

Mindfulness for Beginners: a Meditation Training & Techniques Book for a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle by James Haley: Poorly written, lots of spelling mistakes that often makes it hard to understand what the author means. There are much better books out there. #Skip

Cordis Ectomy by Nahida Nisa: Beautiful collection of #poetry that is simultaneously (bitter)sweet and haunting. #Recommended

President Barack Obama: The Kindle Singles Interview (Kindle Single) by David Blum: Not particularly interesting – especially not if you are fairly up-to-date with Barack Obama and American politics. #Skip

What have you been reading this month?

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  1. Happy to see you’ve been reading again! 🙂 I have too (yay :D). The last book was one about the history, functioning, and current crisis of capitalism. It was very good. Currently I’m reading a capitalism-critical book by my favorite German politician, Sahra Wagenknecht, an incredibly smart and sophisticated woman. I think it’s brilliant so far (pointing out what goes wrong in the financial system, global economy, Europe, etc). I’m looking forward to the final part where she lines out ideas for a more social society. These two books are in German however.

    I’m also very interestes in post-growth economics and so the next books will be about that. Will order them soon. One is in English, “Enough is enough”, by a British economist called Dan O’Neill.


    • Thanks Kath! Reading makes me happy, during busy times I forget how much I enjoy it. Your books sound really interesting, even though I have always found it hard to reach much on economy. If you like more social approaches to society and economy I would recommend this blog: – at a level that even I can usually follow.


      • Thank you for that recommendation! 🙂


  2. Loved reading Quiet! That book was really eye opening for me, as a huge introvert. My son is also an introvert and it really gave me some insight into how to relate to him.


  3. I read Quiet, too. Made me better understand myself! Glad to see you found some good things to read. 🙂


    • Yeah Quiet was excellent! It was a good month for reading 🙂


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