Link Love (2013-11-16)


“Real depression isn’t being sad when everything in your life is going wrong… real depression is being sad when everything in your life is going right.” Kevin Breel: Confessions of a depressed comic – TED

Tim Minchin’s Life Advice – Camels With Hammers

“To be clear, this is directed less at people who are speaking up on their own behalf and more at activists who want to be the knights in shining armor of every single underprivileged group. I do not think it’s the responsibility of any person to educate those who are more privileged (which is why I try very hard to educate myself as much as possible, and why I read so many activist-type blogs in the first place), but I don’t have an issue with the person who speaks up to say, “I felt excluded by what you wrote, and this is why.” I am more concerned by the overzealous desire of some to be so inclusive that they would point out all the ways in which my writing falls short of the “perfect activist” standard without stopping to address the substance of my message. I will continue to write about issues of privilege and discrimination, even if I do imperfectly, because I think they are important topics. And I will continue to educate myself by reading perspectives different from my own. I hope that you will help me continue to learn, by engaging with the main message of what I write (whether you agree or not), by giving me grace for the things I say imperfectly, and by speaking out and sharing your own perspective on your platforms.”  Thoughts from a Privileged Person Writing About Privilege – Faith Permeating Life


10.  A greater appreciation for the preciousness of life.  Once you realize this life is the only one you’re gonna get, you learn to appreciate each day in a way you never could when you believed there would be trillions more in your future.  I found that a belief in eternity only lowered my evaluation of daily life and it cheapened life, in a way.  But once you realize this one short life is all you’re gonna get, you will find it easier to throw yourself into what you do, knowing that you need to make the most of it that you can.  You won’t minimize the suffering of others (or of yourself) by saying that life will get better after you die.  You might even be more motivated to be an agent of change in the world once you realize someone’s not going to come in and magically reboot the whole thing one day.  It’s up to us to make the most of it that we can, and I find that a disbelief in the supernatural has helped me to do that.” What Has Atheism Done For Me? – Godless in Dixie

The unheard story of David and Goliath – TED

“Christians don’t like to talk about the fact that King David might have been a rapist.
That would mean admitting that being “a man after God’s own heart” doesn’t make you a good person. That would mean admitting that maybe the men that God “calls” to leadership aren’t always good people either.
That would mean admitting that maybe the women in the Bible didn’t have it so good. That would mean that, maybe “Biblical womanhood” that focuses on submission for women and ultimate power for men isn’t actually what is best for the world.
Maybe, admitting that King David might have been a rapist would mean admitting that if God’s desire for justice rolling down like waters is to be fulfilled, we need feminists and womanists fighting for this justice.” Damming up justice: King David, power, and rape – Sarah Over the Moon

“In other words, if you don’t “give” your husband “good sex” (her emphasis) you are, quite literally, blaspheming the word of God and sinning.” CTBHHM: Divine Lovers and Desperate Castration – Love, Joy, Feminism


“I don’t voice my viewpoints with the goal of making people feel bad, but I understand that can happen. I sometimes read things written by people who make me realize my relative privilege as a middle-class white lady, which in turn makes me feel like the undeserving beneficiary of arbitrarily distributed perks because, well, I am. It’s not supposed to feel good to be reminded of unearned privilege.” Can a Woman Have an Opinion Without Being Called ‘Judgmental’? – Role / Reboot

10 Women in Science You Should Know About on Ada Lovelace Day – Care2

“That should be good news for pro-lifers, right? If the concern is actually fetal pain, then they should be pleased to know that there’s a nearly universal consensus in the medical community that fetuses cannot possibly feel pain in 98.5 percent of abortions. For the other 1.5 percent, the majority of scientists believe pain is still absent, but there are options for women to choose a procedure which would avoid any potential fetal pain, just in case. Problem solved. Instead of dedicating millions of dollars to promoting fetal pain abortion bans after 20 weeks, pro-life groups could focus on helping pregnant women in need or working with family planning organizations to promote sexual health education and contraception to prevent unintended pregnancies in the first place. Everyone wins.” No, Science Doesn’t Back 20-Week ‘Fetal Pain’ Abortion Bans – Talking Points Memo

No More Child Brides – Gender Focus

“Aside from the fact that for many women, a day without a bra would be incredibly uncomfortable and potentially painful, I shall lay my cards on the table: I detest this kind of marketing. I am well aware that it is meant to be “humorous” and “light-hearted”, and that I am an accomplished humourless femininst, but the angle these campaigns take is sexist, dehumanising, and insensitive. There is a real element of sexing up breast cancer at their heart; using a flirty word like “tatas”, using images of conventionally attractive (white, thin, able) women holding their bras aloft, or sans bra completely, in what is obviously meant to titilate. Breasts are clearly being framed as objects of sexual desire, which is a purpose imposed onto them first and foremost by the patriarchy. Indeed, the whole idea of “saving tatas” revolves around the belief that breasts are inanimate objects which somehow belong to more than just the woman to which they’re attached, and specifically men, and they need to be saved or there’ll be one less pair to ogle. The discourse surrounding Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy illustrates this perfectly; instead of concern for her well-being, and instead of support for making such a huge decision and bravely deciding to speak out about it, many men took to social media to mourn the loss of her breasts, and to offer their commiserations to her husband Brad Pitt.” Breast cancer isn’t sexy, and telling women to “set their tatas free” isn’t going to cure it – That Pesky Feminist

Ally-ship for beginners, or: how not to be a dick – Days Like Crazy Paving


How to Make a Ginger Bug Natural Soda Starter – Wellness Mama

Low Carb Croissant Bagels – Beauty and the Foodie

Lemon Bars (gluten and grain-free, dairy-free) – she cooks… he cleans

Musli Scones – Health Grain Free, Gluten Free Scone Recipe – Elena’s Pantry

Autumn Oxtail Stew & Why It’s Good For You – The KetoDiet App Blog

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