Link Love (2014-02-04)


“If you haven’t heard of CeCe, here’s the deal: She’s been in prison since 2011 for killing a man in self-defence. And not the kind of self-defence where you think someone’s looking at you funny or walking around the place carrying suspicious Skittles so you shoot them point-blank and get away scot-free. This is the other kind of self-defence, where you’re walking down the street and a group of people attack you because they don’t like people of your race and gender walking down the street. Where when you attempt to walk away they smash bottles against your face, leaving you permanently scarred and with a severed saliva gland. And when you defend yourself with a scissors from your bag, you kill your attacker. Where, when the case goes to court, neither your attacker’s three previous convictions for violent assault nor his swastika tattoo are considered admissible evidence of his violent, racist disposition, but a motion to impeach your evidence because you once wrote a bad check is admitted.” CeCe McDonald is free – Consider the Tea Cosy

“Don’t conflate us with “mothers” or say things like “it could be your mother or your sister”. Don’t place our value in relation to others just because that’s an effective way to communicate with people who otherwise think we aren’t worth much. Insist we are worth something on our own terms, and accept nothing less. Otherwise you are validating misogynistic narratives about women’s humanity that prioritise some imaginary woman in the future who will be served by the funding it generates, and not the real, present women who need solidarity right this minute.” Stop silencing women – Feminist Ire

“Every once in a while, it’s nice to watch a little television without worrying about how frequently the mainstream media perpetuates traditional gender roles,” Jenkins said before putting her feet up on her coffee table and tuning in to the popular program that follows women as they shop for wedding gowns. “No mentally cataloging all the times women are subtly mocked or shamed for not living up to an unrealistic body image, no examining how women are depicted as superficial and irrationally emotional, and no thinking about how these shows reinforce the belief that women should simply aspire to find a man and get married—none of that. Not tonight. I’m just watching an episode of Say Yes To The Dress and enjoying it for what it is.” Woman Takes Short Half-Hour Break from Being Feminist to Enjoy TV Show – The Onion


Letting Go of Judging People – Zen Habits

It isn’t happening to you, it is happening within you.
I get to decide who holds my truth. It isn’t all for everyone. Some of it is mine, parts of it can be shared. Safety allows for truth.
My sensitivity is a superpower if I learn to slow down. Stay grounded. Feel my way through.
Sometimes it is going to get tough. Speaking my feelings. Sharing my vulnerability. This is OK. This is a practice. I will screw up and start again.” Gotta hold tight baby – Hannah Marcotti


Must read. Potential Tactics for Defeating Cancer – A toolking in 1000 words – Tim Ferris

Detox Baths… Recipes to Calm the Inner Beast and Whiny Children – 20 Something Allergies

Oil Pulling for Detoxification – Real Food Forager

13 Confessions of a Paleo Blogger – Paleo Non Paleo

When Painkillers Are Good For You – Phoenix Helix

How to Remineralize Teeth Naturally – Wellness Mama


Indian Ground Beef Coconut Curry – My Heart Beets

Vanilla Late Sugar Scrub – Wellness Mama

Kombucha: Myths vs Truths – Phoenix Helix, Kombucha: Tips & Troubleshooting & Kombucha Recipes: Basic Elixir & Flavors

Simple Berry Tart – Simple & Merry

Paleo Mince Pies – Natural Kitchen Adventures & Healthy Homemade Mincemeat

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