Link Love (2014-02-21)


“Quitting something can be hard, it’s true. But not quitting them is harder — you have to live with health problems (or other problems) for the rest of your life. That’s years of pain vs. a few days or weeks of struggle. To me, the choice is clear — choose yourself.” I Tried to Quit & It’s Too Hard! – Zen Habits

10 Tips to Beat Clutter…in Less than 5 Minutes – The Happiness Project

“Instead, my coach was saying, “Display your ability first. Prove it to yourself and then you’ll believe it.”
In other words, this was the first time I thought about confidence, willpower, determination, and perseverance as qualities that could be developed through your actions.” The Habits of Successful People: They Have a Growth Mindset – The Buffer Blog

The Daily Routines of Famous Writers – Brain Pickings


“I have written so often about the tendency of what I call “the purity culture” to blame women for men’s sexual actions. Even rape is too often blamed on the woman doing something to deserve it, inciting his lust with her clothing or her actions. Modesty is preached as the solution, and women are told to cover up. Women become responsible for men’s sexual actions. In this, the last section of Debi’s chapter on being “chaste,” we see this idea taken to a horrific extreme.” CTBHHM: David’s Sin Was All Batsheba’s Fault – Love, Joy, Feminism


“What this means is we have a system where women are stereotyped as “shoppers”. It’s used as a way to point out how inconsequential women’s pursuits are. It’s often held up as an example of shallow money wasting behavior that women engage in.
Yet, when you break down the situation, it’s nothing like that at all. Women need to shop more often because the clothing they have access to is often less durable. They spend so much money on it because they have to do it more often, for a higher price tag than men do. They spend so much time doing it because they have to try on every piece to make sure it fits. Add to this, that women are held to high, unreasonable standards of fashion, and you have a woman that is trapped in a perpetual shopping circuit.” Gendered Shopping – Queereka

“Dropping a word or two from your vocabulary takes maybe a few days of intermittent thought to figure out an alternative word to replace it, and then you can move on with your life.
By not adjusting your language, however, you are instead being complacent in making members of marginalized groups uncomfortable and risk being triggering for the rest of your life.
The psychological and emotional trade-off cost clearly favors the person using the word to change their behaviors, yet this suggestion is frequently met with backlash and outrage.” Stop Being So Attached!: A Beginners Guide on Problematic Language – Everyday Feminism

“That everyone “knows” girls and women lie about sexual assault is a dangerous and enduring myth. A survey of college students revealed that the majority believed up to 50% of their female peers lie when they allege rape, despite wide-scale evidence and multi-country studies that show the incidence of false rape reports to be in the 2%-8% range. Yes, there are false claims, but they occur in roughly the same numbers as false claims for other crimes. As the Equality for Women’s Charles Clymer pointed out recently, based on FBI and Department of Justice information, “The odds of the average straight man (the target group overwhelmingly concerned with this) in the U.S. being accused of rape are 2.7 million to 1.”” Are Children Supposed to Document Their Abuse – Role / Reboot

Beauty & Body Image

“If it weren’t for the very real fear of judgment, many of us would spend more time at the beach, wear bright colors, indulge in trends. Many of us would start more conversations with people we find attractive, go to more parties, pose for more photos. And many of us would run for office, demand promotions, pursue careers in the arts, put ourselves in positions of prominence and rock the world. This isn’t a stumbling block for all, but it trips up more women than you might expect. And until the world sees bodily diversity as the gift that it truly is, I’ll do my best to provide knowledge, tools, and armor to everyone who comes here.” If we lived in a world that was body-blind, what could you accomplish – Already Pretty

I Gained Fifteen Pounds and Am Damn Sexy Still – Paleo For Women


Meditation… It’s Easier Than You Think – Phoenix Helix

5 Reasons to Eat MORE Salt (and Which Salt to Eat) – Wellness Mama

Here Are 15 Reasons to Sprint More This Year – Mark’s Daily Apple

Why you should eat liver (and how you can get over the “ick” factor – Thank Your Body

Alex Atala’s Shortcut to Amazing Veggies Cooked in Iceberg Lettuce – Huffington Post


Banana Coconut Cookies – Simple & Merry

Organ Love: Beef Heart with Chimichurri Sauce – Phoenix Helix

Healthy Almond Butter Banana Fudge – Beyond the Peel

TomatoLess Meat Sauce – Against All Grain

DIY Fermented Garlic – Sustainablog

5-Spice Apple Chutney – GNOWFGLINS

Slow roasted herb-encrusted turkey legs – Laura Green Psychology

Salt and Pepper Crackers – Elana’s Pantry

AIP Spaghetti and Meat Sauce – Nutrition is Medicine

Paleo Coconut Macaroons – Leaf Parade

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