Writer’s Wednesday: Power by Shaun McGonigal

Power (Protection) by Shaun McGonical takes you into a fascinating, sci-fi, future dystopian world. A world that battles with issue of religion, issues of power and how far we should be allowed to go in our “protection” of others.

Shaun McGonical is one of the author’s and founder of PolySkeptic, which is how I came across his book in the first place. While you can tell that the novel hasn’t been edited by a professional, it does not detract from the content. I read a lot. These days it is quite unique that I really get stuck in with a story – especially a story of 800+ pages, but Power did just that for me.

Support a new author who dared to take the step and self-publish his book – and get stuck in a great story while you’re at it. Highly recommended.


Thaleans never had any religion, not in the entire history of their world. They had never had their own concepts of gods, spirits, or any supernatural power or realms. The Bruuk sometimes joke that this is because Thaleans lack a power of imagination and abstraction that allow other races to imagine such false beings in the first place. This is also why, they say, Thaleans never had any need for philosophy; they saw only the world as it was, and thus never had to invent a way of thinking to circumvent the illusions created by minds riddled with fantasy. Of course, this may be why Thaleans don’t have much in terms of art, as what the Thaleans see as art the Bruuk see as functional architecture and technology that works very efficiently.

“You know, the thing I’ve noticed is that Thaleans tell everyone that family doesn’t mean anything to them. But I think you might have the wrong concept of family, my friend.” Brax stiffened, and was about to respond when Tellinas continued; “Think about how your cities coalesced over the centuries. Think about how you share everything with your neighbors in the hope of improving yourselves. Now think about how each city is different in many ways; how you can tell a person from Patula… well, what few of them left anyway… or from Cesternatton or Zule. Your families are your cities, and you take care of one-another like extended families as a race . Family is important to you; it’s just that family is not limited to biology for Thaleans. It’s one of the things that we, as Kasarians, have in common with you, except we are well aware of it while you seem not to be… at least not so much.”

“Son, one day you’ll learn that there are some things that when known, cannot be unknown. And those things will forever change your perspective on the world. If you knew half of what I know about the Protectors, you would not want to know any more.”

Do you read books by more “unknown” authors? Why/why not?

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