Link Love (2014-03-01)


Infographic: Science of Happy Relationships – Happify

“Like most mortals out there, I suffer from a sometimes-paralysing sense that, unlike everyone else in the world, I’m just making it all up as I go along, flying by the seat of my pants, and someday someone’s gonna find out I’ve been faking it all this time. If you told me that everyone reading this blog is in fact my mother, logged in from a shedload of different locations, and maybe some people who just showed up to laugh at my terrible writing? A little part of my brain would believe you. Sounds legit, like.” Sports and the Death of Imposter Syndrome – Consider the Tea Cosy

How to Respond to Rude or Inappropriate Remarks – World of Psychology

“We’re conditioned to think that more choice is always a good thing, but in the past few years, studies have discovered something called decision fatigue. The research helps explain why decisions are so much harder at the end of a work day and why we’re tempted by the candy in the checkout lane after a marathon grocery trip.” How to be Happier and More Productive by Avoiding ‘Decision Fatigue’ – Buffer Blog

How to Add a Vital Habit to Your Life – Early to Rise

“It’s certainly true that some people are more able to use teasing — i.e., making fun or mocking someone playfully — in a nice way than are others. Some people can use teasing as a way to make people feel closer, as a way to show friendship — which is obviously a good thing. But maybe that’s more in the nature of “joshing” (teasing lite) than real “teasing.” Some people are good at using teasing as a way to bring up a difficult subject in a way that’s a relief to everyone — very tricky to do well.” Thinking About Teasing – Something I’ve Never Thought Much About – The Happiness Project


“Notice anything? They call it adultery and treat the girl as just as guilty as her abuser. When Donn Ketcham began sexually abusing the girl, he was pushing 60 and she was 12. And they call it adultery. That was the problem—Donn Ketcham, missionary doctor, had an affair with a 12-year-old girl.” They called it “adultery” and made her confess – Love, Joy, Feminism


“It’s true that some women try not to let their humor out of the bag as a survival technique. When we are funny, we can quickly become construed as a threat, so sometimes we figure it’s better to keep our heads down and pretend to be serious so we don’t become a target of outrage. This is a technique common to all oppressed groups, and it’s one reason that, I would argue, women and minorities are often much funnier than white men. They just keep it on the qt.” Why Are Some Men Threatened By Funny Women – Role / Reboot

“The “your daughter isn’t bossy” message is such a strong one, and has helped pave the way in which women idealise and translate real female leadership values. The message also re-iterates the importance of how female leaders must teach young girls to look through the lens of real women. Here is another fantastic article and video clip in the Huffington Post based on a campaign to get more girls interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The video clearly shows how our girls are becoming warriors and trailblazers in the playground, and are no longer tolerating the out-dated label of being a “bossy boots”.” Your Daughter Isn’t Bossy and Other Real Female Leadership Lessons – Project Eve


Apple Cinnamon Gummy Candies – Phoenix Helix

Grain-Free Banana Scones – Eating 4 Balancef

2-Ingredient Paleo Caramel – My Heart Beets

Pannukakku (grain free) – Seasonal & Savory

Paleo Candy – Paleo Fuel and Fire

Rose and Coconut Fudge – My Heart Beets

Creamy Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroons – Paleo Parents

Grain-Free Granola Bars – The Preppy Paleo

Flourless Chocolate Cake (Paleo) – Real Food RN

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