Link Love (2014-03-11)


“In practice, that means HSPs tend to avoid violent movies, are easily overwhelmed by bright lights and loud noises, get rattled when two people are talking to them at once, and need time and space to regroup during especially busy days.” Let’s talk about highly sensitive people – Modern Mrs Darcy

10 of the most counterintuitive pieces of advice from famous entrepreneurs – The Buffer Blog

“25. Oh and just the small pressure of figuring out your career, where you’re going to live, marriage, faith, identity, etc. – and feeling like you have to have it wrapped up neatly in a red little bow before you exit the decade.” Twentysomething Problems – Paul Angone

The easiest way to fight procrastination – Quartz

When we end things with someone – a romantic partner, a friend, even someone we’ve employed – we become a source of discomfort. As much as we’d like to stay in touch, stay friends, stay in the loop, we need to put the ball in their court.  When you’ve ended something, you no longer have a say in how that person spends their time or directs their feelings. And if you really, actually care about them you’ll give them the space they need to decide how (or if) you’ll be part of their life.” Love them Enough to Leave them Alone – yes and yes

How to Really Listen to My Wife in 13 Steps – Jayson Gaddis


“Honestly? These bits are the hardest part of the book to get through, for me. “Now, don’t move or I will give you more licks.” “If he continues to show defiance by jerking around and defending himself, or by expressing anger, then she will wait a moment and again lecture him and again spank him.” I remember this. I remember this only too well. I was raised by parents who followed the Pearls and the methods laid out in this book. Trying to get away, trying to avoid the pain, being angry, being anything but broken—those things meant more pain, more humiliation. The goal was to deaden your emotions and put on a mask so as to get out of the situation as quickly and with as few licks as possible.” TTUAC: Police State – Love, Joy, Feminism

“I am sick, sick, sick – sick to death of all the bible beating that goes on in an attempt to support intolerance – actually to support anything.  Because here is the thing that people of all religions need to get through their heads: not everyone buys into your bible.  There are many of us to whom your bible doesn’t hold water.  There are many of us to whom your bible is just a book.  If you want to live according to your interpretation of your bible, go for it.  But you cannot – do you hear me?  you cannot impose it on anyone else.  Just because you belong to a particular club does not mean that everyone should be required to live by the rules of your club.” How Religion Ruins People – Lisa Morguess

“The book is personal as well as scholarly, and Zuckerman, an engaging writer, brings it to life with anecdotes about his time in Denmark and Sweden in addition to subjects’ testimonies. He begins by highlighting the numerous differences between Denmark’s lack of religiosity and the pervasiveness of religion in the United States—focusing on God’s absence from public view there, whether in the media, in schools, or in politics. Denmark is, by our standards, as “deeply good” a society as we can imagine, which leads him to think about social goodness in terms both broader and deeper than usually defined by conventional religious morality: that is, by healthcare, gender equality, cleanliness of public spaces, life expectancy, gross domestic product, social order, functioning public amenities, the absence of crime, and a wide and deep sense of security.  Contrary to American fundamentalists’ warnings, this irreligious society is “gentle, calm, and inspiring.”” Society Without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment – The Humanist


The Best Decision I Ever Made: Not Having Kids – Role / Reboot

“The thing is: women do approach guys. All the time in fact. Women frequently message guys they’re interested in when it comes to online dating; it just seems less significant compared to the many men who will shotgun out messages. Other times they get brushed off by the men because they’re not the women those men want to approach them. Then, there are the times when guys don’t recognize that someone is trying to make the first move. More often than not the way women approach men they’re interested in doesn’t match up with how they picture the approach going. She may use proximity and body language to try to catch his attention and signal that she wants to talk to him,  she makes an observation about something or finds an excuse to talk with him about, say, a class they have in common, as a way of breaking the ice.” Why Women Don’t Approach – Paging Dr NerdLove

5 Reasons Why It’s Okay If You Don’t Want Children – Everyday Feminism

“Confirmation bias is one way people can continue to hold more rigid gender ideologies in a more fluid world—they latch onto information that confirms their biases and rejecting information that contradicts them. Of course, anyone can suffer from confirmation bias, and we all do at some point or another. But as a parent raising a child of each gender in today’s world, I see firsthand the way confirmation bias can reinforce traditional ideas about gender and affect our lives—and our children’s lives. Why can’t we just let children be children, and recognize that each child will have a variety of interests that may not fit into any preconceived gender box?” Bobby’s Trains and Confirmation Bias – Love, Joy, Feminism

Beauty & Body Image

“When people choose to offer commentary about your appearance (or your station in life), it is never about you.  It is about them, about the thing that paralyzes them, about the story they have told themselves, about the narrative they are choosing to live regarding that issue. And because they are so consumed with that issue, they can’t help but mention it when they are with you, pinning all their insecurities, all their fears onto you.” Shine Day 7: Understand that it is NOT about you – Rosie Molinary


“One of the most common internal conflicts for the women I work with is knowing that always putting others before themselves is not working but that if they don’t put others first then that means they are selfish. And since these women are deeply driven to love and care for others, selfish is the last thing they want to feel. As an attempt to avoid feeling selfish, they just keep going, putting the needs and thoughts of others ahead of their own. All the while, feeling like they are losing themselves and any hope that life will ever feel good.” 5 Life Lessons on Being Selfish and Needy – Christie Inge

How to Make Your Dreams Come True – Your Kick Ass Life Coaching


The First Clinical Trial Using a Paleo Diet for Autoimmune Disease – The Paleo Mom

Is It Time for Your System Restore? – Whole9


Quick and Easy Paleo Chocolate Mousse Recipe – The Healthy Foodie

Baked Bananas – A Girl Worth Saving

Choc Topped Caramel Cups – Wholefood Simply

Earl Grey Pots de Crème – (Dairy-Free, Paleo-Friendly) – Gourmande in the Kitchen

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups – Taste of Divine

Coconut Flan (dairy free) – Savory Lotus

50/50/50 Burgers – The Paleo Mom

Easy Grain Free Flatbread: A Healthy Bread Alternative – Empowered Sustenance

Plantain Tortillas – Zen Belly

Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies – Elana’s Pantry

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