Link Love (2014-04-12)

Apologies for being out of action for the past couple of weeks, I sprained my right wrist (don’t worry, it’s fine now) and wasn’t allowed to use it at all, which made typing quite a challenge.


Karen Thompson Walker: What fear can teach us – TED

“But being anxious or socially clumsy or inexperienced isn’t the same as being creepy. Someone who is socially awkward will occasionally trip over somebody else’s boundaries by accident because they may not necessarily understand where the line is in the first place. A creeper, on the other hand, knows exactly where those boundaries are… he just doesn’t care. A socially awkward person frequently realizes that they fucked up almost as soon as the words are out of their mouth and will often freeze up or try to verbally backpedal; a creeper who is using “socially awkward” as an excuse on the other hand, will wield their supposed infraction against the other person as proof that they didn’t do anything wrong… or rely on others to do their defending for them.” Socially Awkward Isn’t An Excuse – Paging Dr. NerdLove

Reading Mein Kampf – Robert Nielsen

“I’m not super pro-tattoo or anti-tattoo. I’ve debated getting one in the past but never that seriously. But my mother is vehemently anti-tattoo. Listed below are the reasons my mother has always given me for why I shouldn’t get a tattoo.

To the new moms traumatized by BabyCenter: YOU ARE NOT ALONE – Renegade Mothering

And I understand that she’s from a different generation. And I love my mother very much. She’s a really wonderful person and I’m not saying none of them is a legitimate reason, but I’m saying that after having a child, I find it really hard to take any of them seriously.” Why You Should Never Get a Tattoo (but Having a Baby is Fine) – The Ugly Volvo


“These are familiar issues, I think, to what many women face for having their bodies torn down, shamed, and dehumanized. Women of color, women with eating disorders, women whose bodies have been mistreated in a plethora of ways, women whose bodies have been denied as the bodies of women—and they do not boil down to an antsy inability to feel comfortable in a certain style, with certain clothes—it’s not about belts and hats and colors and skirts. It’s about an inability to feel whole or connected to your body, the very vessel that is not a separate thing but that really is you.” What it is like to be an Ex-Muslim woman – Between a Veil and a Dark Place

If you marry the “wrong person,” then after you’re married they become the “right person,” aka God’s new will for your life. You’re stuck. Deal with it. You shouldn’t have dated him anyway, or married him without your parents’ permission. We know you either dated or married without parental blessing or both, because duh, you married the “wrong person” and you would never have done that if you’d courted and gotten your parents’ blessing!” Guest Post: The Many Valuable Lessons I Learned at ATI – Love, Joy, Feminism


“Which is why preserving the patriarchal societies in so many fantasies doesn’t make sense to me. I understand the argument that we should not whitewash history, and I fully agree—when it comes to actual history scholarship. But abiding by the historical fact of sexism in a fictional universe that is otherwise not bound by historical fact, I’d say, accomplishes nothing as much as reinforcing the idea that it’s the default order of things” An Analysis of Sexism in in Historical Fantasy – The Mary Sue

Embracing the Feminine Energy in Entrepreneurship – Everyday Feminism

“Think about it: girls are bossy, boys have “leadership qualities.” Women are deemed aggressive, while men are simply decisive (or just, um, bosses). From Ruth Bader Ginsburg (called “a bitch” by her law school classmates) to the “ball-busting” Hillary Clinton, historians will tell you: women in power have long been punished for exhibiting qualities of assertiveness, because it veers from the “feminine” mold. And yet, isn’t it precisely those assertive qualities that will help women get ahead? If you wouldn’t call a dude these words, don’t say ‘em of a lady.” Ban Bossy: How to Talk About Women Without Sounding Like a Sexist Jerk – Times

14 Qualities of the Sexually Liberated Woman – Sex, Love, Liberation

“Last year, I never really paid attention to the dress code. But this year, teachers started to get stricter about it and giving stupid reasons for it. The reason was basically: “boys.” It’s a lot like saying that if guys do something to harass us, it’s our fault for that. We’re the ones being punished for what guys do.” Middle school leggings protest: 13-year-old activist Sophie Hasty talks about restrictive school dress codes – Slate

Great new anti-rape campaign launched in Scotland doesn’t treat sexual violence as inevitable – Feministing

Beauty & Body Image

“But that doesn’t stop the fact that the primary sentiment behind the “strong is the new skinny” movement is that beauty is all about the way that your body looks.” Love is the New Skinny – Paleo for Women

Building Your Look from the Inside-Out – Secrets of the Red Carpet

But there is another element of weight stigma that affects everyone, that does not discriminate between fat and skinny, that has real and serious consequences, and that is deeply wrapped up in sexism. And that element is internalized body dissatisfaction. It’s that driving knowledge that your body is not appropriate and never will be, that you’re fat and ugly and will never be pretty (unless you starve yourself), and that causes you to treat your body in horrific ways. While this type of body shame does apply to men as well, in many ways it’s wrapped up in the conviction that women’s appearance is the most important thing about them, the idea that women’s bodies don’t belong to themselves, and the underlying message that women should always be taking up less space. These toxic ideas have serious effects on women’s mental health, and can affect their behavior to such an extent that they have physical repercussions as well.” Fatphobia and Body Dissatisfaction: Different Conversations – Skepchick

Cleopatra was a Redhead: A History of Hair – Beautiful in Theory

And when you judge others against this standard, it’s simply inevitable that you are going to then judge yourself against the same standard. When you pick apart all their flaws, it’s pretty much a given that you will then have to pick apart your own.” How to Stop Judging Others So You Can Stop Judging Yourself – The Love Vitamin


“Those bad outcomes are just a few possibilities out of many, and they’re unlikely to come true.
And even if they do (let’s say someone thinks badly of you), the bad outcomes rarely ever mean anything disastrous for our lives.
Even if the bad things come true, you’ll be OK.” You’ll Be OK – Zen Habits

I Want to Feel… – Mara Glatzel

And the ironic thing is that the courage and confidence you need are in the face of what you’re actually afraid of. When you slowly, but deliberately, take action on your desires, you find what you need on the other side. And you may not get what you want right away or the first time, but the courage and confidence are building within you.” Why Your Fear Story Is So Important (and What You Can Do About It) – Your Kick Ass Life



Higher Risk of Mental Illness for Those With Older Fathers – PsyBlog

15 Edible Plants to Forage in Your Own Back Yard – And Here We Are

Guest Post by Kelsey Marksteiner – Why Potassium Matters More Than Salt for Blood Pressure Control (Plus 10 Other Pressure-lowering Tips!) – The Paleo Mom

Will We Ever Accept that Exercise Is Often the Best Medicine – Mark’s Daily Apple

Best Natural Toothbrush Review – Wellness Mama


Spicy Chicken with Grilled Lime – Elena’s Pantry

How to Make Jun Tea – Nourished Kitchen

Paleo Crepes with Almond Butter – WorldLifestyle

How to Make Honey Rhubarb Soda (With Lacto-Fermentation!) – And Here We Are

Avocado Fries with Chili Lime Mayonnaise – Thank Your Body

Sweet Potato Ginger Brownies – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Broth Blocks for Snack Time or Sleepy Time – Real Food Carolyn

AIP Salted Caramel Ice Cream – AIP Lifestyle

Honey Sweetened Lemon Curd – Neo-Homesteading

Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Coconut Caramelized Bananas – Half Baked Harvest

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