Link Love (2014-06-07)


“The research shows we consistently regret missed opportunity. Education, career, relationships… our errors in these domains loom so large because of all the possibilities that might have changed our lives. A second thing the research confirms is that the old saw is true: you’re more likely to regret the things you didn’t do.” How To Overcome Regret And Seize The Day – Scientifically – Barking Up The Wrong Tree

What if I Am the Only One – Nerd Fitness

“There is a very simple way to put this idea into practice: Let upper bound limits drive your behaviors in the beginning and then slowly increase your output.” Do Things You Can Sustain – James Clear

Segregated From Its History, How ‘Ghetto’ Lost Its Meaning: Code Switch – NPR

“And that leads us to the fatal final mistake: he’s a selfish shitbag. Through this entire process, he’s shown absolutely no consideration for his girlfriend; he was focused entirely on himself. He opened up his relationship because he wanted to bang some strange, and he wants to close it back up because it didn’t work out exactly as he fantasized. He can’t handle the fact that his “unattractive” girlfriend is desired and happy and he… isn’t. And this is somehow “not fair” to him.” What Can One Man’s Mistake Teach Us About Open Relationship? – Dr NerdLove

After you lose something you want – Modern Mrs Darcy


“As bad as Men’s Rights Activists are for women (and, really, for our collective humanity), they’re also doing harm to the causes they claim to care about. When an AVFM contributor in Australia called a hotline posing as a man being beaten by his wife and needing a shelter for himself and his son, he claims he was denied help. But if you listen to the recording (or read the transcript), you can clearly hear the counselor on the other line offer multiple forms of assistance, including a free hotel for himself and his son, a direct connection to a police officer specializing in domestic violence, and more. Far from their tagline “compassion for men and boys,” this incident reveals that MRAs are happy to abandon men and boys to real danger when it suits their hate campaign against women.” A Look Inside the ‘Men’s Rights’ Movement that Helped Fuel Alleged Killer Elliot Rodger – The Prospect

4 Reasons Why We Need to Drop ‘You Must Be Doing Something Right!’ – Everyday Feminism

“When women get dumped, or are single for a long time, there will almost certainly be a bit of “boys suck, throw rocks at them” muttering. But it’s hardly ever as loud, as unashamedly public, and as vehemently sincere as when certain types of men find themselves in the same situation. They throw the entire blame for their lack of satisfaction at the feet of the women who rejected them, and often at the feet of all women everywhere. The women I’ve been around always seem to feel a little silly about sweeping “men suck” generalisations, and are much more sincere when blaming themselves. They’re not good enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough. They’re too crazy, or emotional, or they did something wrong. Women are socialised to feel that if they’re not with the partner of their choice, it’s their own fault. But I’ve seen so many men insist with a perfectly straight face that they did nothing wrong, that there’s no rational reason that women shouldn’t be all over them – that it’s all women’s fault for denying them their “just due.”” Elliot’s Entitlement – Brainy Femme

“This—all of this—is important. Why? Because, quite simply, those who scoff at the idea of a pay gap tend to argue that women are the problem here—that women should go into higher paying professions, and then there wouldn’t be a pay gap, and that the pay gap is thus the fault of individual women’s choices and not the fault of some sort of system that needs fixing. But if the professions’ pay is determined at least in part by which gender predominates in that profession, and a gap in the value we place on “male work” and “female work,” that’s not actually a solution.” The Pay Gap : The Chicken and the Egg – Love, Joy, Feminism


“You. Can. Do. Hard Things. You are strong. You are resilient. You are wiser and savvier and way more powerful than you might imagine. Even in your fear and your hesitation, I see you and believe in you.” You can do hard things – Nona Jordan

“When you are bathed in this much negativity on a regular basis, can you see why it’s so easy to engage in mean self-talk and self-destructive behavior?  You are surrounded by examples of hate and it’s only a matter of time before you turn that inward on yourself.” Want to Like Yourself More? Try a Negativity Fast – Suyin Nichols

“But your homecoming isn’t about going straight for the jugular. It isn’t about careening from this spot into a place of extreme and utter self-love. It will not topple you completely, but instead blossom before you, inviting you in one step further when you are ready. It is about taking that one step, and then the next.” Treading The Path of Sensual Living – Mara Glatzel

“If we don’t consciously and continually take steps to simplify, we will be too overwhelmed and inundated by our stuff to focus on the things that are really meaningful to us, such as our relationships with our loved ones, our hobbies and passions, time to connect with our values, dreams and purpose, and time to care for ourselves.” How to Change Your Home to Transform Your Life – Goodlife Zen


Is Cholesterol Killing Us? A Beginner’s Guide to Cholesterol – Nerd Fitness

10 Principles of Primal Living That Are (Finally) Getting Mainstream Media Coverage – Mark’s Daily Apple

50 Shades of Gluten (Intolerance) – Chris Kresser


Coconut Cream and Strawberry Gelatin (Paleo and Dairy Free) – Holistically Engineered

Sangria Popsicles – Betsy Life

Organ Love: Beef Heart with Chimichurri Sauce – Phoenix Helix

Beef Heart Stir Fry – Enjoying This Journey

Duck Fat and Herb Roasted Asparagus – Pastured Kitchen

Paleo Salted Caramel Cupcakes – South Beach Primal

French Toast Casserole with Cinnamon Bread Pudding – Paleo Parents

Paleo Twix Bar Tarts – Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind

Homemade BBQ Sauce – Thank Your Body

Slow Cooker Classic Beef Soup with Roasted Cauliflower (Gaps, Paleo) – The Sour Path is the Sweetest

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