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10 things America does so much worse than Europe – Salon

“There is a relationship between background knowledge and reading comprehension. The more you understand about a particular subject, the more “hooks” keep the facts in there. So if you are going to read a book on a subject you don’t know much about, check out the Wikipedia article on it first to prep your brain to retain more.” How to Become a Faster Reader – Ryan Battles

5 Steps to Get Out of a Bad Relationship – Mind Body Green


“Extending protection from employment discrimination to LGBTQ individuals will come at “an unreasonable cost” to the common good . . . how exactly? As for national unity, there were plenty of individuals in the 1850s arguing that abolitionism was a threat to national unity. Some things are worth shattering national unity over. And religious freedom? That would be the religious freedom to refuse to hire LGBTQ individuals.” Rick Warren: Protecting LGBTQ Individiuals Would “Come at the Expense of Faith Communities” – Love, Joy, Feminism


“Two of the primary predictors of success for educational attainment and occupational earnings are, quite simply, your parent’s education and level of wealth.
If your parents went to college, you are more likely to go to college. So what does that say for communities who, until the 1960s, were denied access to all but a few colleges and universities?
If your grandparents didn’t even have the option of going to college, and your parents’ success in education was most easily predicted by your grandparents’ success, did your parents go to college? And if your parents didn’t go to college, are you as likely to go?
This is one of the many ways that the system of racial oppression continues to be reinvented.” Stop Saying Affirmative Action Disadvantages White Students – Everyday Feminism

13 Reactions to the Hobby Lobby Case That Are Completely Misinformed – Cosmopolitan

Aged 17, I am something of an anomaly when I arrive on an eating disorders ward. Close-cropped hair, black clothes, soaked in hair dye and riot grrrl rock, dressed as a boy, obviously queer. It is only later that I will learn that between a quarter and a half of young people hospitalised with eating disorders are gay, trans or genderqueer. That’s one of the things they don’t tell you about how and why young girls fall apart.
The young women already there look like broken dress-up dolls, all of us poured from the same weird, emaciated mould, barely able to stand upright, the same cut marks scored like barcodes in the secret places on our skin. Clearly, the other girls have starved themselves to the point of collapse simply because they want to look pretty; I, meanwhile, have perfectly rational, intellectual reasons for doing exactly the same. We will never be friends. We have nothing in common. ‘Being a perfect girl can kill you’ extract from The Unspeakable Things by Laurie Penny – The Guardian

17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Boys About Sex – Everyday Feminism

“You see, when it comes to anything related to male desire trumping your personhood, men do this thing, where they think they’re really subtle. A strange man will walk up to a woman, start a seemingly innocuous conversation, and even though the woman knowswhat he wants, she has to tolerate this until he has revealed his intentions. She can’t ask him to leave her alone immediately, because then he can dismissively assert that she is presumptuous of his actions and thinks too highly of herself. If she rejects his advances too quickly, before they are obvious, he will pretend he never made them and insist that she’s so stuck up that she’s delusional. So she has to put up with this entire mind-numbingly inane conversation, until he finally asks for her number or whether she’d go out with him, and that’s when she’s “allowed” to turn him down. She may not be straight with him and turn him down before, or else she’s conceited (because he was never going to ask, supposedly.) Even though she’s right. Every time.” Men Need to Learn to Read Nonverbal Cues – the fatal feminist

Why Are All the Cartoon Mothers Dead? – Sarah Boxer – The Atlantic

Beauty & Body Image

“It is my firm and loving opinion that it is unrealistic to demand of ourselves that we always feel positively about our bodies. My solution is to stop doing that.
I don’t put any pressure on. I do my best. Life is hard. Health is hard. I no longer need to be perfect, in this as much as in other things. I simply cannot do it. As much as I do genuinely love and appreciate my body, I am a human being who struggles. I have good days and bad days. On bad days, I am so unhappy with my body it physically aches.
And to be honest, since I have accepted the pain and frustrations and patience required for living in my body…
it has all gotten easier. Permitting my negativite feelings space has allowed me to heal. I’ve got at least three degrees of acceptance here working in my favor. I enjoy thinking of myself as intelligent, so let’s call it Meta-Acceptance. It’s 1) okay that my body is so delicate, 2) also okay that I don’t like that my body is so delicate, amd 3) also also okay that I don’t like that I don’t like that my body is so delicate.” Sometimes I don’t love my body – Paleo for Women

21 Style Promises Every Woman Should Make to Herself – Thought Catalog

The ‘beauty’ industry has a vested interest in women feeling unattractive with a deep fear of aging. It also smells like something concocted to be a grand distraction for women. Keep women focused on attaining impossible standards of beauty and womanhood instead of using their whole heart and mind and considerable financial power to create wealth or have epic life experiences or pool resources to elect elect politicians that actually have women’s equality as a meaningful part of their agenda. The $25,000 Hole in My Budget – Nona Jordan


“The simplest meditation I know is one that Lauren and I share in Beyond Compare (coming oh so soon I can taste it.)
Count “one” on the inhale, “two” on the exhale, “three” on the next inhale, and so on until you get to ten. Repeat this until you feel yourself back in the present moment.
It’s the meditation that brings me back into my body. The body that knows the ground will support me. That my lungs will breathe for me. That my heart will beat for me. That the work is unfolding for me. That I am in the right place. That my intentions are good. That I am surrounded and guided by love.
You are too.” Monday Morning Tenders – Tanya Geisler

Fear of Pain is Not an Excuse – Danielle Dowling

“You get to choose who you let into your life and we’re the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Show yourself some love by choosing carefully.” 5 Practical, Slightly-Snarky-Sounding, Non-Sparkly Ways I Practice Self-Love – yes and yes

7 Ways to Comfort Yourself Without Food – Christie Inge

Getting rid of the negative in our lives is just one step. The real magic happens when we multiply the positive.” Are You Avoiding Pain or Seeking Growth? – Becoming Who You Are

21 Ways to Stress-Less Right Now – Nicole Liloia


Why Kids Need the Sun – Mark’s Daily Apple

How Probiotics Helped Reduce My Sugar Cravings – Paleo for Women


Sweet and Sour Chicken (Paleo, Gluten-Free) – The Domestic Man

Coconut Chocolate Bars – The Nourished Caveman

Grain-Free Raspberry Sour Cream Crumble Cake – Texanerin Bakin

Guest Post: Crispy Fried Bananas – Against All Grain

Salted Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites – Gimme Some Oven

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