Meditation & Mindfulness Made Easy

You probably already know that meditation & mindfulness training is good for you. It helps you deal with stress, anxiety, teaches you how to stay present and focused and can even help you use your brain more effectively! If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already tried to establish a meditation practice – maybe even more than once. But it can be difficult to teach yourself, or stay focused on your own. Classes are fantastic and I greatly recommend them, but they can also be pricey, time-consuming and impractical to get to.

The solution for me has been a meditation & mindfulness app with short meditations (from just a few minutes and up to 20 minutes) for a variety of situations; falling asleep, waking up, working on the Internet, sitting in nature etc. My go to app is Buddhify, currently only on iOS ($3), but will be released on Android as well this autumn – as well as an update with 41 new meditation tracks. One thing I love about Buddhify is their willingness to listen to feedback – the new tracks are based on what people already love and use the most, as well as suggestions from the users. Some of the new tracks are focused on dealing with difficult emotions, coping with pain and illness and meditation tracks for working around the house.

Guided meditations work really well for me, and I love that I can choose different kinds to suit my mood or the situation I’m in. Of course there are other excellent apps out there as well, Calm is free and great when you’re on your computer, and has an iOS app as well. Simply Being Guided Meditation (iOSAndroid), Headspace (online) and Walking Meditations (iOSAndroid) are other options.

How do you incorporate meditation & mindfulness training into your daily life? Do you have a favourite app that you use?

What do you think?

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