Link Love (2014-08-23)


“Being overly smart is obnoxious, being wise is a turn on. There’s something irresistible about someone you can learn from. The need for banter and witty conversation is more imperative than you may believe, and falling in love with a reader will enhance not just the conversation, but the level of it.
According to Cunningham, readers are more intelligent, due to their increased vocabulary and memory skills, along with their ability to spot patterns. They have higher cognitive functions than the average non-reader and can communicate more thoroughly and effectively.
Finding someone who reads is like dating a thousand souls. It’s gaining the experience they’ve gained from everything they’ve ever read and the wisdom that comes with those experiences. It’s like dating a professor, a romantic and an explorer.
If you date someone who reads, then you, too, will live a thousand different lives.” Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With – Elite Daily

How Creative Hobbies Make Us Better At Basically Everything – Fast Company

“On the other hand, perhaps I am modeling more valuable lessons: No adult is entitled to a relationship with another person. There is no relationship so sacred that it cannot and should not be destroyed by abuse, cruelty, and backbiting. If we want to be loved, we must act lovingly.” Sometimes It’s Necessary to Divorce Your Parents – Role/Reboot


“Oh noes! Knowing that people leave Christianity might encourage those who have left Christianity and demoralize Christians! Wait, is this seriously an argument? Because to me it sounds like Gingrich is suggesting we should suppress stories of deconversions, because they’re subversive. For all his talk of maintaining good journalism, this sounds like very, very bad journalism.
You know what, Bart Gingrich? We are here, and we are not going away. We are the nones, the nonbelievers, the atheists, agnostics, and those who would rather not bear a specific label. For us, it’s generally not about a cause. It’s not generally about sticking it to anyone, either. It’s about the freedom to live with authenticity. It is about the freedom to choose for ourselves. It is about breaking out of boxes and embracing something that feels wider and more profound. It is about our lives, our individuality, our inward selves.
We’re not trying to threaten you, Gingrich. We’re trying to exist. But it would seem it is our existence that threatens you.” Oh That Sarah Jones! Censoring the “Nones” – Love, Joy, Feminism

“So, while there is no Christian persecution in the United States to speak of, the myth persists, built upon centuries of mythology. It appears that if the right-wing Christian establishment can’t get their message across by reasoned arguments they will continue resorting to fear-based appeals to people’s emotions.” Persecuted? – Year Without God

“Don’t let your love or experiences get in the way of your theology! Good lord, if this is what religion is about, I want none of it. Religion should be experiential and it should be founded in love. Not whatever this is, this thing that tears apart families and denies transgender individuals access to their nephews or nieces in the name of “love.” Poor Jace, and poor kids. They all lose out.

And you know what may be the absolute worst part of this whole thing? Josh’s brother, Jace, is 19. Nineteen. I remember what it was to be that age and charting new waters against family objections.
My heart goes out to Jace, and I wish him all the best. As for this evangelical idea of “love,” I’m through.” So This Is Love – Love, Joy, Feminism


Harassment – Robot Hugs

“At a more subtle level, I saw women being judged for their dress sense, their looks, their figure, who they had or hadn’t slept with. I saw mothers judged for their choices to work, or not to work. When’s the last time any of us heard a man asked why he bothered having children if he was just going to keep on working?
Over and over again I saw that I was living in a world that was often hostile to women.” I don’t care if you like it (guest post by Marianne Elliott) – Justine Musk

“Get Back Into the Kitchen Where You Belong” – Laura Green Psychology

Beauty & Body Image

Body Positive Wisdom – Already Pretty

“I think there’s something impossibly messed-up about the idea that to be strong means being invulnerable. I despise the idea that because we’re feminists (or anti-racists, or LGBTQ+ activists, or..) that we must somehow not have internalised any of the crap we’re working against. Of course we internalise it. We live in a society that has made a science out of feeding it to us every damn day of our lives. It takes more than reading a few books and bonding with your femmo friends to dig through that. We still have to put the book down, put the phone down, and live our lives in the same spaces that screwed everything up in the first place.” Sometimes I Think I’m Ugly: Body image and making better feminisms – Consider the Teacosy

Self Esteem, Selfies, and Teenage Monsters – Reluctant Femme

“By being mindful of their words and actions, parents can help their children develop a healthier body image. Studies support the theory that the everyday messages we pass on to our children through our words can build them up and make them feel valued, or they can belittle, demean, or damage their self-worth. Higher levels of self-esteem are fostered when parents model qualities and values they want their children to have.” Body Image and Our Kids: Getting the Words Right – Adios Barbie


“Self-care is an essential part of balancing out an overwhelmed, stressed out lifestyle.   It gives us a chance to rest and recover from the wear and tear of normal life events, and it’s also a good reason to bring more fun into our lives.  Sometimes we wish that others would take care of us, but the reality is that if we’re not taking good care of ourselves then we can’t expect anyone else to do it for us.  I’ve put together a list of some of the secrets of self-care that I’ve discovered and hope you try them out!” 5 Secrets of Self-Care – Nicole Liloia

“No one is going to stick the landing on positive thinking every single time and that’s not goal. There isn’t an end result or “home free” square here – just side benefits like having more fun in your daily life, and having less holding you back from chasing down your dreams.
Positivity is a practice and a muscle, and in my mind it’s an everyday super power. Just like “being into fitness”, I’m still working on both.” Ready to break out of negative thinking? – Kyla Roma

“The problem of obesity and diet-related disease is not that we eat for comfort. It’s that we eat junk for comfort and overeat it when we do. The baby who turns to his mother’s breasts for food and comfort is getting a nutrient-dense source of life. When we turn to fast-food we are getting nothing. Hence the need to keep searching and keep eating. It’s like going back to your Ex for comfort knowing full-well he or she has let you down every single time. Time to replace the Ex, not swear off love altogether!
What if comfort food really did comfort? What if it really did feed our bodies at the same time soothe our souls? When you want to reach for the candy-bar, reaching for a piece of the darkest chocolate instead, takes intentionality. But, we can relearn and our taste-buds are trainable.” In Defense of Emotional Eating – Nourished Kitchen

“Muster the bravery to very lovingly, calmly say:
I loved you while I could. As best as I could. With all I could.
Thank you for you. When I had you.
Good luck.
Adieu.” How to Say Goodbye With Dignity – Danielle Dowling


How to say no to sugar when you’re under stress – Growing Human(kind)ness

10 Reasons to Start Meditating – Nerdy Miss Wellness

FAQ: What Can I Do About Sugar and Carb Cravings? – Diane Sanfilippo


Home made chorizo, paleo style – Meatified

Autoimmune Breakfast Sausages – Ditch the Wheat

Peppermint Coconut Snowball Cookies – Living Nutrition

Gingerbread Ice Cream – A Girl Worth Saving

Ginger Chews – Nutrition is Medicine

Paleo Breadsticks -Zen Belly

Nut-Free “KIND” Bars (GF) – The Nourishing Home

Paleo Turkey & Sweet Potato Patties – Once a Month Meals

Lacto-fermented Cucumber Relish – Salixisme

Olive Tapenade (gluten/vinegar free, paleo, vegan, autoimmune protocol) – Feed Me Rachel

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