Link Love (2014-10-04)


Questions to Ask When Pondering a Big Life Choice – The Art of Non-Conformity

“Now, I don’t want anyone to think that I’m opposed to complaining as such. Complaining can be a great tool for initiating change and if we outlaw complaining in the workplace, as some managers try to do, all we do is drive it underground where it becomes even more toxic.
So we should accept that complaining plays an important role in business, but the key thing here is to know the difference between constructive andunconstructive complaining.” How to complain constructively – The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

“A growing number of couples are choosing to live child-free. And you might be joining their ranks.” The No-Baby Boom – Details


“The first thing that strikes me about Prof. Goldman’s discussion of revenge porn (and this is true of many discussions of the issue) is the failure to note its gendered dimensions. This is despite the fact that empirical evidence so far indicates that revenge porn is primarily produced and consumed by men and primarily targets women. Revenge porn belongs to that class of activities that includes rape, domestic violence, and sexual harassment – that is, the class of activities overwhelmingly (though of course not solely) perpetrated by men and directed overwhelmingly (again, not solely) at women. Like those activities, one major effect of revenge porn is to limit women’s freedom to live their lives: it punishes women and girls for engaging in activities that their male counterparts regularly undertake with minimal negative (and often positive) consequences.” Adventures in Victim Blaming: Revenge Porn Edition – Concurring Opinions

Europe’s terrible trans rights record: will Denmark’s new law spark change? – The Guardian

“Regardless of what that violence looked like, it makes absolutely zero sense to compare people’s trauma.
After all, violence perpetrated against one person can results in life-long PTSD, but a similar act of violence can impact another survivor wholly differently—but that does not make that act or any other “more” or “less violent.”
What matters is how the survivor is impacted and what they need to heal.” Abandoning Perpetrator Logic and Moving Toward Survivor-Centered Understandings of Sexual Violence – Everyday Feminism

Celebrities That Might Want to Look Up the F-Word – Bitchtopia

“So with all of that in mind, let’s dive in. I want to warn you in advance: you’re about to have a lot of your ideas ripped apart. Try to keep in mind: this isn’t an attack on you, it’s about dismantling and correcting a lot of mistakes, biases and assumptions that you and a lot of other people have, too. And hey, I may well be wrong on some of these, so I encourage folks to discuss this in the comments.” “Yo, Is This Sexist?” – A Conversation About Feminism and Sexism – Paging Dr NerdLove


What’s Your Actual #1 Priority? (hint: a priority isn’t a priority if you have 50 of them) – Life Less Bullshit

“All of that is bullshit. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself in order to be loved.  Your needs are just as important as anyone else’s.
But the thing is that the other people in this equation aren’t responsible for that. They are simply mirrors for what you are believing about yourself (which is always your choice). They are showing you where you need to heal and show yourself some compassion. They are showing you, in fine detail, what you need to do to take care of yourself.
They are showing you the very things that are holding you back from being Who You Truly Are.” What to do when you feel drained by others – Christie Inge

Start With “No.” Why Knowing What You DON’T Like Is Awesome – Beautiful Living


Thriving on The Autoimmune Protocol (Guest Post by Samantha McClellan) – The Paleo Mom

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Low-Carb Diets – Chris Kresser

Statin critics cleared. Top statin advocate knuckles’ rapped – Body of Evidence

Soon, Your Food May Dine on Insects – Mashable


Paleo Alfredo with Caramelized Leeks & Bacon – Meatified

In-a-pinch Nomato Sauce – He won’t know it’s paleo

Orange Ginger Sauce – Elana’s Pantry

Rabbit and Wild Mushroom Stew – The Paleo Mom

Carob Ganache Mini Tortes – Paleo Non Paleo

Paleo Crunch Fudge – Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Fudgy Chocolate Tarts – Against All Grain

Paleo Autoimmune Granola – AIP Lifestyle

Berry Gelatin Pudding – Salixisme

Paleo Pancakes – Autoimmune Protocol – PriMod

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