Link Love (2014-10-25)


“Claire Dunn left behind her comfortable life as a writer to make a home in the Australian bush for one year.” My year without matches: Claire Dunn Story – Australian Geographic

The Four Words That Make You Weak – Bulletproof Executive

“Dialing down the criticism and saying “I love you” goes a long way. But so does adding the secret ingredient of speaking to the specifics of what you love and admire. For every specific criticism or correction you make, add a specific positive comment.” Why ‘I Love You’ Isn’t Enough – Psychology Today

Healthy Love, Sex & Relationships – Elephant Journal


“Hi. My name is Zoe, and I make weird video games with some degree of success (and make them playable for free, if you’re so inclined). My life is generally pretty uncomplicated, I guess, aside from the fact that a month ago the Internet decided to make me the center of a supposed global conspiracy. I made the mistake of dating a guy who would later go on to write a several-act manifesto about my alleged sex life and post it to every forum he could create a handle for. Normally, this would blow over with little more than a “whoa, check out THAT guy,” but since I work in an industry that has very strong feelings about women, it quickly mutated from a jilted ex’s revenge-porn to one of the most intense scandals in recent gaming history.
Long story short, the Internet spent the last month spreading my personal information around, sending me threats, hacking anyone suspected of being friends with me, calling my dad and telling him I’m a whore, sending nude photos of me to colleagues, and basically giving me the “burn the witch” treatment. During all of this, I found that …” 5 Things I Learned as the Internet’s Most Hated Person – Cracked

7 Actual Facts that Prove White Privilege Exists in America – Everyday Feminism

“So what did we learn from all of this? Mostly that women are not to be treated like people, they’re to be treated like a code that can be cracked, a trick that can be learned or a piece of machinery that can be mastered, which is why there are so many manuals. Never assume that the rules of approaching and talking to a friend or relative also apply to the rules of approaching a woman. They don’t. They’re like aliens, and it’s up to you to learn all of their tricks. They are fickle, confusing beasts with difficult, intimidating and sometimes, yes, scary genitalia. The vagina is like a Rubik’s Cube, except you can’t peel all the stickers off and cheat to win. (Unless- Ladies, is that- Would you be into that? In the your-vagina-is-a-Rubik’s-Cube simile does sticker-rearranging correspond to something pleasurable?)” How to Talk to Women (According to the Internet) – Cracked

Four False Mantras We Need to Remove in Order to Live Happier Lives – Bitchtopia

“There is in our culture a general assumption that women will make sacrifices for their families in a way men won’t. Now it’s true that being a mother often demands sacrifice. There are plenty of times I put aside work to spend time with my children, and I’m happy to do so—I find time spent with my children rewarding and value building relationships. Just the other day I was talking about this with a colleague who empathized and spoke about also setting aside career-advancing work to spend time on the weekends with his children—wait, did I say his? Yes, yes I did. It turns out families frequently involve two parents—and it turns out that being a father can involve sacrifice too.
Why is it that women are expected to sacrifice for their children in a way men aren’t? Why not expect parents in general to sacrifice for their children, sharing the burden of housework and childcare and together bonding and spending time with their children?” On Sam Harris, Pregnancy, and Sacrifices – Love, Joy, Feminism

Strip – Robot Hugs (NSFW)


“The one thing – the ONLY thing – you must do, is find out what works for you.
Find what lights you up, what makes you laugh, what feels like freedom. What feels like love. Find your YES!
And then squeeze the freakin’ living daylights out of THAT.” the one thing you must do – Sas Petherick

On Crying + Trying + The Magic of Giving Up – Rachael Maddox

“So here is a question I invite you to think about today: if we define playing big this way, as courageously going for your dreams, what might playing big mean for you? What dream hasn’t been attended to or respected so much by you and could use some love?” It’s time for a new conversation about women’s careers – Tara Sophia Mohr

The courage to be sacredly unapologetic – Your Courageous Life


Hanging – a basic movement pattern – IdoPortal

When In Doubt, Stick Your Butt OUT – Katy Says

Back our Hips Up – Alignment Monkey

Best Healthy, Natural Toothpaste Options – Wellness Mama

Smartphones’ Effect On Vision and Health – Business Insider

Guest Post by Kelsey Marksteiner – Why Potassium Matters More Than Salt for Blood Pressure Control (Plus 10 Other Pressure-Lowering Tips!) – The Paleo Mom


Paleo Batch Cooking: How I Make 12+ Meals in 2 Hours – Empowered Sustenance

The Paleo Approach Cookbook Preview: Steak and Kidney Pot Pie with Kufu – The Paleo Mom

How to Use Gelatin as a Gut-Friendly Egg Replacer – The Curious Coconut

Kombucha Gelatin Gummies (gluten free dairy free, low carb, Paleo) – Grass Fed Girl

Paleo 1 Bowl Brownies – Primal Bites

Coconut Klondike Bars – PaleOMG

Salted Dark Chocolate Nut Bites – Tasty Yummies

Carrot and Ginger Muffins – Irish Paleo Girl

Probiotic Raspberry Fruit Chews – Happy Healthnut

Soft & Chewy Molasses Cookies – Provincial Paleo

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