Link Love (2014-11-08)


“And I was off thinking: How funny that we can’t bring ourselves to tell our children the most fundamental truth about sex, that most of the time we have sex, we have it for pleasure.” What If We Admitted to Children That Sex Is About Pleasure? – The Pacific Standard

The Power of Knowledge (and what you need to harness it) – Life Optimizer

“I wrote recently that I would prefer to teach empathy than obedience. As some readers pointed out, at issue here is also responsibility. If we focus on teaching children to obey their parents and other adults in their lives, we aren’t teaching them to make responsible decisions for themselves. One of the things I try to emphasize to my children when teaching empathy is that they live in an interconnected world and their actions affect those around them. This is part of teaching responsibility as well.” But What If They Don’t Do What You Ask? – Love, Joy, Feminism

How American parenting is killing the American marriage – Quartz

“So I want to let you in on a secret – something that most of us in the dating advice biz try not to say: dating is hard. It can be exhausting, and even more so if you’re dealing with complicating issues like chronic health problems. But there are ways to make dating easier on your soul.” Dating On Hard Mode – Dr NerdLove

How to Overcome a Binge-Watching Addiction – Wall Street Journal


“When marginalized people call you out, your version of the world – the world and the culture that facilitates your privilege and the blissful unconsciousness that comes with it – is threatened.
The automatic response is to deflect this danger by compartmentalizing the problem in the approach of the other person rather than face the daunting task of deconstructing your own biases.
Think about the rhetoric that we use when handling someone who calls us out if we think they’re in the wrong. They’re angry, overemotional, and irrational. They have a chip on their shoulder, they’re wasting their time, they can’t find anything better to do. Or, my personal favorite, they’re spending too much time on the Internet.
In so doing, you establish a psychological dichotomy: The other person is childish and delusional, whereas you’re realistic and easily identified with. Essentially, you’re flaunting that you represent the mainstream and putting them in their place as part of obscure fringe culture” Getting Called Out: Why Acknowledging Oppression Matters More Than Your Hurt Feelings – Everyday Feminism

Boundaries, threshold and love: why it’s time to take back ‘bi’ – Consider the Tea Cosy + We Are Bisexualised: Wherein I was wrong

“The roots of lay and clerical anti-abortionism in Ireland would appear to be a modern phenomenon as medieval sources indicate a country in which abortion could be seen as a less severe offence by clerics, for example, than bearing an unwanted child or committing ‘fornication’.[1] In the middle ages women commonly underwent abortions in Ireland and the fact that they did so is reflected in numerous sources.” Abortion in Medieval Ireland – Perceptions of Pregnancy

“It has come to my attention that some people seem to view being called sexist as worse than the damage done by being sexist. (It has also come to my attention that many people don’t know what sexism is.) This is all highly unfortunate, to say the least, but I think I can help. Without further ado, here is my short and dirty primer on what to do if someone calls you (or something you said or did) sexist.” What to Do if Someone Calls You Sexist: A Primer – Love, Joy, Feminism

Wonder Woman’s Secret Past – The New Yorker

“Here, she seems to suggest that the reason men aren’t involved in the fight for gender equality is that women simply haven’t invited them and, in fact, have been unwelcoming. Women haven’t given men a formal invitation, so they haven’t joined in. It’s not because, you know, men benefit HUGELY (socially, economically, politically, etc. infinity) from gender inequality and therefore have much less incentive to support its dismantling. It’s not because of the prevalence of misogyny the entire world over. It’s just that no one’s asked. OMG, why didn’t any of us think to ask?!
This is an absurd thing to suggest. Women have been trying to get men to care about oppression of women since…always. Men have never been overwhelmingly interested in fighting that fight, because it requires them giving up power and all evidence suggests that’s not their super-fave thing. Share a link about gender equality? Sure! Count me in! Give up real power in real ways? Nope, not really.” Why I’m Not Really Here For Emma Watson’s Feminist Speech At the U.N. – Black Girl Dangerous

Beauty & Body Image

7 Feminist Fashion Icons – The Closet Feminist

What to Wear All Day Instead of Pyjamas – Grace Quantock


“What I also know is twisting yourself into someone you aren’t is the primary reason you feel not good enough. Hiding your true self is the fastest path to shame because doing so is dissonant with Who You Truly Are.” The #1 Reason You Feel Like You Aren’t Enough ( and what to do about it) – Christie Inge

10 Ways to Make Your Home A Cozy Snuggle Palace When It’s Grey + Horrible Outside

“Dear Self:
I love you. I’m here. I will protect you and support you until your last breath.
There is nothing you can ever do to lose my love and respect. I will love you
through despair, defeat, joy, and delicious contentment.  I am braver than failure
and stronger than doubt. I will stay with you through it all.” Why We Doubt Ourselves + How to Be Your Own Best Friend – Danielle Dowling


Neutal Pelvis – Katy Says + Neutral Pelvis 2

Memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s reversed: Small trial succeeds using systems approach to memory disorders – ScienceDaily

Five Ways to Recover Faster From Your Thanksgiving Binge – The Daily Beast

How Long Is This Going to Take?! Finding Patience With the AIP – The Paleo Mom

Why You Have to Walk Everyday – Mark’s Daily Apple

Living with chronic illness: the power of acceptance – Chris Kresser


Homemade Kombucha Gummies – Stupid Easy Paleo

Ginger-Lemon Jasmine Kombucha – The Paleo Mom

Creamy Coconut “Get Some” Ice Cream – Bulletproof Executive

Egg-Free Mayo Recipe (from Avocado) – Wellness Mama

Make the Perfect Cup of Matcha – Popular Paleo

Tomato-Less “Marinara” Sauce: Nightshade-Free, Tomato Style Sauce – The Urban Poser

2-Ingredient Paleo Crepes – Yaya Recommended

Cauliflower Noodle Lasagna – The Iron You

Balsamic-Fig Glazed Sockeye Salmon (AIP & Wahl’s Paleo) – Petra8Paleo

Lavender Lemonade Gelatin – Kristine Rudolph

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