Link Love (2014-12-02)


“This is wrong, and it’s incredibly unhealthy.  At bottom, it is really a kind of abuse.  Rather than building us up and affirming those parts of ourselves which are generous, productive, resourceful, and good, this discipline of self-loathing tears us down, reduces us, and teaches us to see ourselves in the worst possible light.  I was taught that anytime I do something right, that is God working in me, and anytime I do something wrong, that’s just me being me.  Think about that for a minute.  Imagine what 20 years of using that interpretive grid would do for a person’s self-image.  It’s no wonder most of the artistic expressions of both Christians and post-Christians exude a profound sense of inadequacy, indebtedness, and dependency.  Come to think of it, I was taught that dependence on God is the truest and most laudable relationship to which anyone could aspire.  But why?  We are taught to emulate dependency because we are supposed to see ourselves as incapable of producing anything truly good or valuable ourselves.  “Why do you call me good?” Jesus asked. “No one is good except God.”” Anti-humanism: How Evangelicalism Taught Me the Art of Self-Loathing – Godless in Dixie

‘We Didn’t Kick You Out’ – Cynthia Jeub


“Some folks simply don’t understand what they are saying when they refuse to use someone’s gender pronouns.
When someone states their pronouns (he, she, ze, they, etc.), they are asking for your respect. And when you choose not to use these pronouns, and instead opt for your own, you are not only invalidating someone’s identity, but you are also saying a plethora of harmful things that you likely never intended.” 10 Things You’re Actually Saying When You Ignore Someone’s Gender Pronouns – Everyday Feminism

Women in the Media: the “Stay Away From Your Friends” Trope – The Fatal Feminist

“Yet by paying for women to delay pregnancy, are employers helping them achieve that balance — or avoiding policies that experts agree would greatly help solve the problem, like paid family leave, child care and flexible work arrangements?” Freezing Eggs as Part of Employee Benefits: Some Women See a Darker Message – NY Times

3 Reasons Why Being Anti-Racist Isn’t Code for Being Anti-White – Everyday Feminism

“So by all means, enjoy science! I enjoy it too! I am not anti-science. But please remember that science has historically been used as a tool of oppression against racial minorities and women, among others. Please don’t promote the myth that we can get our ethics from science. We need to bring ethics to science, not the other way around! Please be willing to look for the ways science may be used to support sexism or racism (or classism or homophobia), and be on the watch to call this out when it occurs. Please make an effort to locate your own blindspots.
Science has never been as unbiased or neutral as we may like to imagine it.” Science, Privilege, and Power – Love, Joy, Feminism

New report shows how the “pregnancy penalty” drives economic inequality – Feministing

Beauty & Body Image

““I find it discouraging,” Olson said. “Fashion looks selectively at who they let in and keeps women at a certain place. It’s not helping women move forward in the workplace.” Olson says that some designers have deemed pockets “too ugly” for clothing, while others simply don’t think women need them. And these decisions, she says, have created a chasm in women’s fashion, and hold women back.” The Gender Politics of Pockets – The Atlantic

Your worth is not made up – Rosie Molinary


“You are allowed to be ridiculously happy, even if everyone around you is struggling.
You are allowed to be too much. To be irrational. To be highly sensitive.
You are allowed to ask for what you need.
You are allowed to have needs.” You Are Allowed – Mara Glatzel

What are you “accepting” right now because it’s the ethical thing to do, or the harmonious way to go? Ethics, harmony, real love — so divine. So much goodness can go in the “healthy acceptance” category. But…What on your “tolerance list” is lifting your life up, vs. what’s weighing it down? What occasions of acceptance are expanding your being with love, vs. what’s making you quietly resentful? When do you feel freedom rush in because you’re accepting the way someone/something is, and when do you feel muffled? Love is a great complexity so it’s not always that black or white, but sometimes it is. Go there.” Unconscious Acceptance. Which is to say, What shit are you putting up with? – Danielle Laporte


How to Get Started With the No-Poo Method – Red and Honey

AIP FAQ: “I am confused about fruit on the paleo autoimmune protocol. Could you explain?” – The Paleo Mom

How to Increase Your Heart Rate Variability – Mark’s Daily Apple

Feet: The Sixth Sense – Katy Says

How to Gain (or Maintain) Weight on the Autoimmune Protocol – The Paleo Mom

Are You Eating Enough Food to Heal Your Body? – Phoenix Helix


Savory Roasted Taro – The Paleo Mom

Herb-Buttered Whole Chicken – Popular Paleo

Salted Chocolate Caramelized Bananas – Life Made Full

Sweet Potato and Ground Beef Pie – The Healthy Foodie

AIP Carob Brownies – He Won’t Know It’s Paleo

Oxtail Ragu (Paleo, AIP) – The Paleo Partridge

Creamy Ginger Carrot Soup – Chris Kresser

Fermented Rosehip Soda Recipe – The Prairie Homestead

Garlic & Herb Chicken Nuggets (AIP/Whole30/21dsd) – Grazed and Enthused

Fresh Ginger Spice Cookies – Adventures in Partaking

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