Link Love (2014-12-09)


“The ethics of eating red meat have been grilled recently by critics who question its consequences for environmental health and animal welfare. But if you want to minimise animal suffering and promote more sustainable agriculture, adopting a vegetarian diet might be the worst possible thing you could do.” Ordering the vegetarian meal? There’s more animal blood on your hands- The Conversation

Debra Jarvis: Yes, I survived cancer. But that doesn’t define me. – TED

“I refuse to blindly give money to corporations that don’t actually fund research that will help save lives. Money from most of the big name national breast cancer organizations often goes toward spreading awareness of mammograms and early detection, which research has shown don’t actually make much of a difference in terms of prognosis. Money should rather be directed towards research on treating the real killer: metastasized disease.
I refuse to support a breast cancer culture that encourages women to withhold their anger—to shun any feelings that aren’t perky and upbeat, or even treat the disease as a “gift”. Women have the right to feel their natural anger or fear about this disease and they should never have to apologize for it or cover it up with a pink t-shirt.” Rethinking Pink – Feministing

Are Video Games Good or Bad for Us – Mark’s Daily Apple

What is impostor syndrome? It’s feeling like an impostor when you’re not. Like you’re a fraud and the whole world is going to find you out. This makes total sense for undercover agents and people selling snake oil. It doesn’t make so much sense for people who are trying to make the world a little better or to sell something they believe in.” Overcome Impostor Syndrome: What to Do When You Feel Like a Fraud – LifeHacker

What Couples Can Learn from Gomez and Morticia Addams – Dr NerdLove


“I told them that the more I thought about it, the more I wasn’t sure Jesus had ever taken my calls and do you know what they said to that?  They told me in reality he always took my calls but made sure to do it in such a way that there would be no way to tell he took them.  He answered, they said, but in a way that looked exactly like not answering.  That’s…huh.  Okay.  That’s just weird.  Sounds a bit bootleg, really.” Why I Broke Up with Jesus – Godless in Dixie

John Boyne: ‘The Catholic priesthood blighted my youth and the youth of people like me’ – Irish Times

“This still hurt, it still frustrated me, it still robbed me of the affection I’d never known, but it felt better because it was honest. I’m starting to understand, at least in part, why people sometimes move from unhealthy relationships to even less healthy relationships.
If you switch the labels back, you might still head for the same stuff you’ve always known. For me, I didn’t like the false label. So I sought out relationships that looked like what I’d had with my parents. These relationships included my friends, significant others, and role models. The label read “salt” now. I knew what it was, but I was still trying to make cookies with the wrong ingredients.” The Love Label – Cynthia Jeub

Do We Really Want More Religion in Our Politics – Godless in Dixie


Kimberley Motley: How I defend the rule of law – TED

“Social scientists who study families and work say that men like Mr. Bedrick, who take an early hands-on role in their children’s lives, are likely to be more involved for years to come and that their children will be healthier. Even their wives could benefit, as women whose husbands take paternity leave have increased career earnings and have a decreased chance of depression in the nine months after childbirth. But researchers also have a more ominous message. Taking time off for family obligations, including paternity leave, could have long-term negative effects on a man’s career — like lower pay or being passed over for promotions.” Paternity Leave: The Rewards and the Remaining Stigma – NY Times

Japanese women still have to choose between career or family – Telegraph

“Creepy behavior has nothing to do with objective hotness and everything to do with where somebody chooses to set their boundaries. And that’s what people seem to not understand: boundaries aren’t fixed and universal, they’re flexible. We have one set of boundaries for strangers and another one for intimates. Close friends are allowed more leeway than acquaintances or coworkers and nobody blinks twice. So why, exactly, should we be surprised that we choose to allow people we might want to get naked with to get closer and act in ways that might make us crawl out of our skin if someone else did them? Even among friends, different people have different levels of permissible contact. Some friends might have ass-slapping or boob-honking privileges; others emphatically do not. Is it “fair” to the friends who don’t have ass privileges?
Fairness doesn’t enter into the equation. We don’t define our levels of allowable intimacy by some abstract idea of fairness – especially somebody else’s.” Yes, It’s Still A Creeper Move if Brad Pitt Does It – Dr NerdLove

Beauty & Body Image

How to Accept Your Imperfections – Mark’s Daily Apple

The ‘Women Fashion Power’ Exhibition at the Design Museum in London – NY Times

How to stop comparing yourself to others and be happy where you are right now – 40+ Style


What’s hippy and what’s dippy about being happy?
If being hippy is questioning the main-stream, taking action for wellness, being kind and doing things which are different if they benefit us and the world then to me, that seems powerful and not dippy at all.
Sometimes we want a certain result – in this case feeling positive and happy, but we don’t want to make the changes that may be necessary in order to gain that result.”  Non-Hippy Happy: Building the Happiness Habit – Grace Quantock

How I Live My Life on Purpose – yes and yes


“These lactic acid bacteria have now been tested on severe human wound pathogens such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Pseudomonas aeruginosa and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), among others. When the lactic acid bacteria were applied to the pathogens in the laboratory, it counteracted all of them.” Bacteria from bees possible alternative to antibiotics – Lund University

Fruit and Starchy Vegetables with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth – The Paleo Mom

Appetite and your period – Paleo for Women

SIBO – What causes it and why it’s so hard to treat – Chris Kresser

Why Everyone Should Be Eating Organ Meat – The Paleo Mom

Uh-oh: Study Finds Vegetarians and Vegans Have Lower Sperm Count – Bulletproof Executive


Cinnamon “French Toast” Flat-bread (Nut-Free) – The Paleo Mom

Paleo Turkey and Gluten Free Gravy (Pressure Cooker) – Gutsy By Nature

Easy Paleo Pumpkin Bread – Elana’s Pantry

Coconut Oil Chocolate Fudge – Faithful Provisions

The Best Coconut Flour Chocolate Chunk Bars – Ambitious Kitchen

Chocolate Coconut Bars – A Few Short Cuts

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