Link Love (2015-01-03)


“We are constantly looking for the best ways to stay productive and make things easier, but we forget about the most valuable tool we have: our imaginations. As we get older we forget how to “play.” We forget how to open our minds and hearts in order to make life more fun and exciting, and our imagination goes by the wayside. Grown ups can play too, and they can play in a positive and productive way.” How to Motivate Yourself by Living Your Life Like a Movie – LifeHacker

How to Troubleshoot Online Dating – Dr NerdLove


“No matter what happened, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my thoughts, my wants, my needs were of no consequence. I didn’t matter. Only God and those He put in authority over me mattered, and there was no boundary I was allowed to set that would allow me any amount of autonomy.” I Belong to Me: Learning Agency & Autonomy Outside Christianity – Ex-Communications

Sex and Respect – Love, Joy, Feminism


“Know this: each and every starting point is exactly the same. You do not have to wait for the right one. Pick any spot. Start there. Don’t be too precious about the process. The process of living intentionally is going to be a bit messy. You might have some feelings. And that is totally ok.” The Self-Help Cycle & Taking Imperfect Action – Mara Glatzel

The Mindset Shift Required to Get What You Want in Life – Jennifer Twardowski


Leana Wen: What your doctor won’t disclose – TED

Get Healthy Like Mr Spock – Nerd Fitness

How to Keep Your Bones Healthy on a Paleo Diet – Chris Kresser

How to Support Healthy Skin Bacteria – Mark’s Daily Apple

Does the flu vaccine really reduce the risk of death in the elderly? – Dr Briffa

Busting myths and calming fears: A doctor answers questions about the IUD – Feministing


I Made Bread! AIP Chapati – Adventures in Partaking

Rustic Pear Galette (AIP Friendly) – Beyond the Bite

Paleo Magazine’s 2014 AIP Thanksgiving Meal Plan – Paleo Magazine

Homemade Baked Biscuit Twix – Peachy Palate

Paleo Pumpkin Pie – The Honeyed Quill

Paleo Pumpkin Cranberry Granola – Elana’s Pantry

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