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“If you’re like most couples, you may not actually know. Many couples are very quick to assume that they’re on the same page regarding major relationship issues without ever actually talking about them. Communication is key to a relationship’s success, but it only helps if you’re communicating about the things that matterThere’s never a worse time to find out that you and your partner don’t feel the same way than when you’re facing major life events without ever having gamed out how you were planning on responding to them. What might be a minor issue to you may well be a relationship extinction-level event to her and vice-versa, and you don’t want to find this just in time to watch your years together go down the drain.
Instead, you want to have these 5 conversations as soon as is reasonably possible when your relationship starts to get serious. You may not be in perfect sync with one another, but by being able to talk about these issues – when they’re still an abstract instead of a very real issue – can make the difference between a relationship for the ages and an ugly break-up.” These 5 Conversations Will Save Your Relationship – Dr NerdLove

How Reading Fiction Can Help You Live a Better Life – LifeHacker

“But what pop culture fails to show is that you can, in fact, survive heartbreak. It may have felt like you lost a limb  – and that is a pain worth recognizing and working through. Unfortunately, every romantic comedy and drama in the universe (just about) defines the individual, particularly women, as an extension of their romantic partner. You are complete with another person; incomplete without. Under this direction, we are unable to recognize that the limbs we feel are missing are actually totally intact.
In reality, with or without another person, all of you is still there. We just aren’t taught to see that. We are not taught to value our own individual wholeness. If we were, we would stop needing things from other people. If we were taught to value ourselves, we would not need to predicate our worth on what others perceived of our value.” Pop Culture’s Portrayal of Love Is Killing Us – Disrupting Dinner Parties

Knowing Facts Still Matters (Even in an Age of Wikipedia) – Scott H Young


“Sometimes you hear this particular form of abuse called “JAQing off,” and the imagery that might have arisen in your mind is perfectly in keeping with what it seems like for the person doing it. Indeed, the person asking doesn’t really care a bit about what the target thinks; the question is only being asked to frame a bit of imminent proselytization. It’s a form of abusive behavior as well as hugely dishonest, but it’s a tactic that ex-Christians might get tripped up by very easily–we’re so used to being on the defensive! And we often feel that we have an obligation to convince our friends and loved ones that we deconverted for a good reason.
No matter what we do about the question being asked, we lose. If we answer, we quickly discover that the person asking it just uses it to draw us into an unwanted, unasked-for discussion about the validity of our decision to leave the religion (and our reason will inevitably be found invalid, I’m warning you now). If we don’t answer, we’re clearly scared of answering which must obviously mean our decision to leave wasn’t valid. So we often feel a lot of pressure to answer these insincere questions, likethis time we’ll find the magical way to convince that person that we did what we did for a good reason.” JAQing Off – Ex-Communications


“Ultimately, the most healing thing you can do is set realistic standards for yourself.
Attainable standards.
Fair standards.
Standards with room for mistakes.
Because everyone is human — and deserving of unconditional love.
And yes, that includes you.” Why Is It Easy to Be Nice to Other People… But Hard to Be Nice to Ourselves? – Owning Pink

9 Great Tips to Keep Your Perfectionism in Check – Ellen Bard


“That sounds pretty compelling, doesn’t it? It’s hard to argue against saving 50,000 lives a year.
But that’s not what the study showed at all. In fact, the following would be a more accurate report on the results of this study, couched in the context of what we know from other statin drug trials:

  • Out of 100 high-risk people taking a statin for five years, 98.2 will not benefit at all—but they will be exposed to significant side effects and complications, including muscle damage and diabetes.
  • The 1.8 people that do benefit will live an average of 6 months (and a maximum of one year) longer than those that didn’t take the statin. 
  • These results only apply to the people at highest risk for a future heart attack: middle-aged men who’ve already had a heart attack (aka “secondary prevention”). There is no compelling evidence that statins extend lifespan at all in men without pre-existing heart disease, or women with or without heart disease.”
    What the Media Isn’t Telling You About Statin Drug Trials – Chris Kresser

Guest Post by Angie Alt: Reshape Your Thoughts – The Paleo Mom

SIBO, FODMAPs and a Meal Plan Giveaway – Phoenix Helix

Guest Post: Juggling Healing Foods – Alt-ternative Autoimmune

Struggling to Get Fit? Add Potions Before Your Boss Fight – Nerd Fitness

How to heal autoimmune disease… another post on inflammation – Sarah Wilson


Guest Post: Paleo Apple Pie Cheesecake by Let’s Beat the Wheat – Paleo Parents

Dutch Apple Pie – He won’t know it’s Paleo

AIP Pumpkin Pie and Crust: Baked Version (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free) – Livin’ the Crunchy Life

Grain-Free Banana Mug Bread (AIP-friendly) – Provincial Paleo

Paleo and Vegan Persimmon Custard – Gluten-Free Vegan Love

Apple Pie Pudding (paleo & dairy free) – Meatified

Smashed Plantains – Health-Bent

How to Make Ghee in the Oven – Paleo Spirit

6 Flavored Salt Recipes – Mommypotamus

Primal Eggnog Recipe – Elana’s Pantry


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