Link Love (2015-01-31)


Oren Yakobovich: Hidden cameras that film injustice in the world’s most dangerous places – TED

“At the same time, cattle are key to the world’s most promising strategy to counter global warming: restoring carbon to the soil. One-tenth of all human-caused carbon emissions since 1850 have come from soil, according to ecologist Richard Houghton of the Woods Hole Research Center. This is due to tillage, which releases carbon and strips the earth of protective vegetation, and to farming practices that fail to return nutrients and organic matter to the earth. Plant-covered land that is never plowed is ideal for recapturing carbon through photosynthesis and for holding it in stable forms.
Most of the world’s beef cattle are raised on grass. Their pruning mouths stimulate vegetative growth as their trampling hoofs and digestive tracts foster seed germination and nutrient recycling. These beneficial disturbances, like those once caused by wild grazing herds, prevent the encroachment of woody shrubs and are necessary for the functioning of grassland ecosystems.” Actually, Raising Beef Is Good For The Planet – Wall Street Journal

Top 10 Backups Everyone Should Have (Not Just Computer Backups) – LifeHacker

“Indifference is simply not caring. Not really having an opinion or taking a side.
And no place is it easier to be indifferent than in acrappy job or a stale relationship.
When you look around your job and see a bunch of people who gave up caring back when Bill Clinton was President, it’s hard to want to try.
When your work feels nothing but menial, it’s hard to try and make it significant.
When you’ve been hurt too many times in relationships, why care?
And yet, indifference will cost you. Not the pain of heartbreak. But the pain of never truly caring about anything enough to give your heart that possibility.” Should You Even Care? – All Groan Up

“A piece of writing needs to start somewhere, go somewhere, and sit down when it gets there.”
“Taking things from one source is plagiarism; taking things from several sources is research.”
“A thousand details add up to one impression.”
“You cannot interview the dead.”
“Readers are not supposed to see structure. It should be as invisible as living bones. It shouldn’t be imposed; structure arises within the story.”
“Don’t start off with the most intense, scary part, or it will all be anticlimactic from there.”
“You can get away with things in fact that would be tacky in fiction — and stuck on TV at 3 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes the scene is carried by the binding force of fact.” Writing with the Master – The Magic of John McPhee – Tim Ferriss

Life Hacks: Improving Your Own Shit – Adult Mag


“Adam Lee made an excellent point about this:  Christians should be objecting to the basic principles of meteorology and tectonic theory because they both attempt to explain the mechanics of global happenings without referencing any deities. They should be outraged! And what about germ theory, or the theory of gravity? Why do they push back against the theory of evolution, which has become the most basic organizing principle of the life sciences, and not all the others? You won’t find Christians developing competing models of meteorology and weather prediction giving sufficient credit to God. In fact, most of them will probably check the weather forecast this evening before making their plans for the next day, but the weather man will likely say nothing at all about Yahweh in his forecast. How could they even listen to him? The Bible says nothing about high pressure and low pressure systems; it says Yahweh makes storms himself. Why hasn’t a more biblically faithful version of meteorology grown up? And why don’t half of all Americans subscribe to it?” Why Don’t We Have Christian Meteorology? – Godless in Dixie

“For thousands of years, religions have used shame as a method of control. It is easy to see how shame is detrimental to females in patriarchal religions, but it has grave consequences for males as well. We hear a good deal today about the shaming of women and girls, but we don’t hear as much about male shame. Male shame is all around us and starts at infancy. Its message is strong and consistent: males must act a certain way or they are not really male. Males must always be seen as distinctly different and superior to females. From male shame comes a wide range of behaviors designed to oppress women and ensure male dominance. Understanding the interplay and dynamics of shame makes it possible to explain much of the misogynistic behavior we see in the religious and non-religious alike.” Male Shame – Ex-Communications


I’m trying to unlearn many of the lessons of gender that I internalized when I was growing up. But I sometimes still feel very vulnerable in the face of gender expectations. The first time I taught a writing class in graduate school, I was worried. I wasn’t worried about the material I would teach, because I was well prepared and I was going to teach what I enjoyed teaching. Instead, I was worried about what I was going to wear. I wanted to be taken seriously. I knew that because I was female, I would automatically have to prove my worth, and I was worried that if I looked too feminine, I would not be taken seriously. I really wanted to wear my shiny lip gloss and my girly skirt, but I decided not to. Instead, I wore a very serious, very manly, and very ugly suit. Because the sad truth is that when it comes to appearance, we start off with men as the standard, as the norm. If a man is getting ready for a business meeting, he doesn’t worry about looking too masculine, and therefore not being taken [for granted] [seriously?]. If a woman is getting ready for a business meeting, she has to worry about looking too feminine, and what it says, and whether or not she will be taken seriously. I wish had not worn that ugly suit that day. I’ve actually banished from my closet, by the way. Had I then, the confidence that I have now, to be myself, my students would have benefited even more from my teaching because I would have been more comfortable, and more truly myself.
I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity. And I want to be respected in all of my femaleness because I deserve to be.” We should all be feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – TEDxEuston

Ten things an Irish woman could not do do in 1970 (and be prepared to cringe…) –

In defense of the Batman shirt, some HuffPost commenters asked: “What’s wrong with wanting to be a wife?” Nothing, Wade said. The problem, she explained, is that we “live in a world that defines women by their relationships with men, but not men [by their] relationships to women. … In this context, it is reminding people what the expectations are for women, and the expectation is not just that she will be a wife, but that she’ll be somebody important’s wife, and her identity will be defined by hisimportance.”
A similar Internet uproar erupted when Marvel sold a set of shirts that read “I Need a Hero” for girls and “Be a Hero” for boys. The message was all too clear: that girls need rescuing and boys are the ones for the job.” You Are What You Wear: The Dangerous Lessons Kids Learn from Sexist T-Shirts – Huffington Post

There’s a Rape Epidemic in America That No One Is Talking About: Debunking 4 Myths About Male Survivors – Everyday Feminism

“Consent is not for Irish women: once a person in Ireland becomes pregnant, their right to refuse or to choose medical treatment is null and void. Self-determination is not for Irish women: once a person in Ireland becomes pregnant, they may no longer choose the direction of their lives within our borders, and if they do not have the right to leave their borders their lives become the property of our state. And as of today, even the right to be laid to rest after our deaths is not for any pregnant person in this country.” Irish women are now incubators. Even in death. – Consider the Tea Cosy


I often feel:
I want a guaranteed outcome. I find myself manipulating the smallest moments or trying to will a specific end result so I can feel safe. Somehow, I believe that if I can predict an outcome everything in my life will be “OK.”
Like a perfectionist
I occasionally find myself believing that perfection will protect me. I get caught up in the belief that if I look perfect, act perfect and live perfectly, I can avoid the feelings of shame, judgement, or pain that are part of everyday life (no matter how perfect you are.) How to Move From “What Will People Think” to “I Am Enough” – Danielle Dowling

4 Questions That Can Revamp a Sensitive Soul’s Health – Tiny Buddha


How to stop stress from bringing you down – Exist

Stretching Your Health Care Dollars – Alt-ternative Autoimmune

What is Fulvic Acid? – Wellness Mama

8 Critical Health Reason for Getting Enough Sleep – Whole9

Doctors are NOT the boss of you – Slightly Lost Girl

What’s the Minimum Effective Dose for Optimal Health? – Mark’s Daily Apple

No One’s Power but Our Own: Paleo Sexist Woes, and an Invitation to rise Up and Road – Free the Animal

Constipation AKA Log Jam – Alignment Monkey

18 Sleep Tips That Can Change Your Life – Mommypotamus

Stop Doing Kegels: Real Pelvic Floor Advice for Women (and Men) – Breaking Muscle


Dark Chocolate and Citrus Macademia Balls – Mark’s Daily Apple

Avocado Carob Fudge Bars (AIP/Vegan) – Grazed and Enthused

How to Make Naturally Fermented Pickled Beets (and Why You Should) – LA Healthy Living

Guest Post: Beyond the Bite, Gingerbread Men – Paleo Parents

Raspberry Coconut “Cheesecake” – Paleo Non-Paleo

Traditional Wassail Recipe – Nourished Kitchen

Chunky Beef Stew (AIP) – The Primordial Table

Grain Free French Bread – Health Starts in the Kitchen

Brownie Eggnog Pumpkin Pie – PaleOMG

Spinach Brownies Revisited (Now It’s Nut-Free) – The Paleo Mom

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