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“It’s about the way that humans see the world and how until we have a way to describe something, even something so fundamental as a color, we may not even notice that it’s there.
Until relatively recently in human history, “blue” didn’t exist, not in the way we think of it.” What is blue and how do we see the color? – Business Insider

The Positive Perspective – The Gottman Relationship Blog

How do you feel when you hear people complaining about their parents?
Bemused. Heartbroken. Caught between wishing I had a parent/parents to moan about and knowing if I did I’d probably be bitching in just the same way without thinking about it for a second! I try to remind myself of the latter, especially when I’ve had the 20th FB post about Mother’s Day.” True Story: I Lost Both My Parents Before I Turned 30 – Yes and Yes

5 Critical Online Dating Questions Answered – Dr NerdLove


“A super-powerful being, real or imagined, who had the power to stop earthquakes or avalanches but chose to concentrate his power on saving just a handful of people and animals, after the death of thousands is not really that much of a hero and certainly does not deserve any gratitude. Even if convinced that there is a God watching over their families, and that this God chose to save them while thousand others perished, it is no time to thank God for sparing a few lives. Thanking God in the aftermath of a fatal tragedy is selfish.
If any human being had the power to stop such calamities but chose not to, we would without hesitation, demand that such person be tried for crime against humanity. It is therefore disgusting that believers find it so difficult to hold their precious Skydaddy to such moral code.” Natural Disasters are certainly not a time to thank God! – Yemmynisting

Christian Reconstructionist Gary DeMar Compares the Gay Rights Movement to ISIS – Love, Joy, Feminism


Amy Schumer Takes On The Bill Cosby Sex Scandal On ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ – Huffington Post

“Every time I hear someone say “traditional marriage” and “hundreds of years” or “millenia,” I think of one thing and one thing only. In “traditional” marriage, I was property. Yes, me, this human being sitting right here—property. Because I am a woman. Under “traditional” marriage, I was a piece of property to be handed from one man to another. I was to obey, to serve, to cease to exist as a separate legal entity, subsumed into my husband’s person.” Any Time I Hear Someone Say “Traditional Marriage” – Love, Joy, Feminism

3 Sexist Ideas About Women’s Roles That Impact the Way We Treat Them as Survivors – Everyday Feminism

“Now, the bad news: Couples slide back into more traditional roles when they have kids, and they often don’t even notice it. A survey of self-described “egalitarian couples” indicated that before kids, the female and male partner shared housework about equally. Nine months after having a baby, they still said they shared housework equally, but when researchers actually monitored their at-home labor, they found that women had added an average of 22 more hours of child care a week, while men added just 14. And while women were doing the same amount of housework and the same amount of paid work as they were pre-baby, men cut their housework by 5 hours a week.” Marriages Are More Equal Than Ever – Until You Have Kids – Cosmopolitan

Looking for Proof of Male Privilege in Your Daily Life? Here Are 7 Undeniable Examples – Everyday Feminism


“One of the major sources of dissatisfaction and stress in our lives is our ongoing desire to control what happens to us—to get what we want and get rid of what we don’t want. I refer to this type of desire as the state of “want/don’t-want.” I thought it would be interesting to see just how much control we have over our circumstances. With that in mind, let’s start complaining about our lives!” Constant Complaining: Does It Serve Us Well? – Psychology Today

Why Grounding Is Difficult for Highly Sensitive People + What to Do About It – Mind Body Green

“In it’s clearest form, how to get through is about how to survive. It is also how to heal and to grow from the seeds left in the ashes of the painful fire that burns in us, even though we pretend to be inflammable.” Healing, compassion and how to get through – The Freedom Experiment

Chronic Illness & Pain

9 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue – WebMD

“But then there is this illness. This chronic, relentless, imposing, hungry disease that makes Kubler-Ross’s Five Stages of Grief a condiment to my daily issue du jour. It’s never ending. And now, it’s become so difficult for me to actually write. Cognitive function is on the decline. Coming up with words, making sense, tying things together…all those things that for a lifetime have come so easily, now take so much work.” When Chronic Illness Makes You World Weary: A Guest Post – Psychology Today

Ways to Optimize Your Chance of Sleep When You’re in Pain – The Princess in the Tower

“You’re also at a clinical disadvantage if you happen to be a woman. In one study, LaChapelle discovered health care professionals feel more anger and annoyance when female patients complain about pain, whereas men elicit greater sympathy. “The stereotype is that men are more stoic and stronger than women, so if they complain, it must be really bad.” You can see the outcome of these attitudes in pain treatment, too, she says, because men are more often prescribed pain medications, like opioids, while women are given psychological meds, like sedatives, for the same condition. This is especially irritating considering that new research from Stanford University found women feel pain more intensely than men (women’s pain levels are 20 percent higher overall). So basically the message is women feel it more but should complain about it less.” The scary truth about our pain problem – Chatelaine

Relaxation Rehabilitation Part Two: The Great Big Fear – Grace Quantock

“Have you ever felt like the woman in this picture?  By the time you are ready to leave the house you have already used up all your energy?  I have.  So, I’m trying new and different methods to more successfully deal with these things.” 12 Ways to Simplify Your Grooming and Dressing Routines While Chronically Ill – Laina Laughing

Chronic Pain Can Be Lonely: Nine Ways to Reconnect – Goalistics


5 Reasons to Love Soap Berries + How to Use Them – Naturally Loriel

“An organized spice rack means a spice rack you actually use, one where each ingredient is more valuable because you see it and want to put it to work. It’ll help you spice your food smarter and more often, and if you put in the effort to buy high quality produce and meat, well, your spices deserve the same degree of attention.” How to Clean Out Your Spice Cabinet and Organize It – For Good – Serious Eats

Yoga Poses for a Happy Neck – Sweaty Nation Magazine

“But unlike marijuana use – which outside of memory impairment shows very little in terms of severe physical damages – long-term use of alcohol has extremely serious consequences. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 5.8m American women have some sort of alcohol disorder and 26,000 women die from alcohol related causes annually. Deaths related to cannabis are so rare that German researchers claimed to find the first two cases just last year.” Ladies, you might want to swap the bourbon for a bong – Jessica Valenti – The Guardian

Heal You Gut, Heal Your Brain – Chris Kresser

“The EWG also found that “the average fragrance product tested contained 14 secret chemicals not listed on the label. Among them are chemicals associated with hormone disruption and allergic reactions, and many substances that have not been assessed for safety in personal care products.”” What’s In Your Perfume or Cologne? – doTERRA Blog

7 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Magnesium – Mind Body Green


Sweet Potato Tarts with Caramel Drizzle – Autoimmune Paleo

Paleo Cinnamon Rolls – A Girl Worth Saving

8 Yummy Ways to Eat Kefir – GNOWFGLINS

Raspberry Scones (AIP) – Cook It Up Paleo

Iced Bulletproof Coffee – Bulletproof Executive

Cauliflower and Leek Mash – Holistically Engineered

Caramel Apple Coconut Macaroons (Grain/Dairy/Refined Sugar Free/Vegan) – The Urban Poser

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