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How a Dog Actually “Sees” the World Through Smell – Brain Pickings

“I’ve written before about toxic and abusive relationships before, but one of the keys is simply: how do you feel about your partner? Do you feel like you can never do anything right and that they’re always blaming you for things that go wrong? Are they always undermining you, cutting you down, reminding you of how useless you are or how you should be grateful that you’re with them? Do you feel like you have to apologize for them to others because they “don’t understand”? Do they make you constantly question your own judgement and worry that you’re overreacting or making too much out of an issue? Are you afraid of them? These are all signs of abuse. You know this. Your own Spidey-sense was telling you this was a bad scene. But let’s be honest here: it’s understandable that you brushed off your own alarm bells. Women are socialized constantly to question their own judgement, to believe their instincts are wrong and to give people the benefit of the doubt.” Ask Dr NerdLove: How Do I Know When It’s Abuse?

My [22/F] boyfriend [25/M] is hiding all my stuff and I have no idea why – Relationships – Reddit

“I’ll list here Marie Kondo’s most significant rules, but I do encourage you to pick up the book (downloading means no additional physical clutter) or get it from the library, because her Eastern philosophy is critical to understanding why the rules work and why they make sense (and will seem a bit wacky to some Westerners). Her book also helps with the emotions around decluttering things like gifts people have given you, or important paperwork.” The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Psychology Today

21 Surprising Statistics that Reveal How Much Stuff We Actually Own – Becoming Minimalist

“Wash by hand or run the dishwasher? Spouses and roommates have long been divided over the question of which uses more water and electricity. And it’s just complex enough to make for a good argument among those inclined to debate the issue. The short answer is that running a new Energy Star dishwasher loaded to capacity is the best, most efficient method of doing the dishes. It’s also the least time-consuming. But efficient hand-washing is a close second in terms of electricity and water use, particularly if your only other option is to use an older machine. And whether or not you own a dishwasher, you can clean your plates more efficiently by scraping rather than rinsing. Read on for the full details.” The Great Dishwasher Debate – NRDC

5 Insane Statistics on the Challenges Facing Millenials – All Groan Up


8 Things You Should Never Say to an Asexual Person – Everyday Feminism

“Let’s try for one more premise, shall we? Let’s make the assumption that science makes its best progress when it has the widest pool of possible scientists to pick its best people from. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If everyone who could be a scientist has the chance to be, and will have their talents nurtured if they make that choice, then it’s far more likely that our pool of scientists will be as good as it can possibly be. Every time we narrow down that pool of potential, we cut ourselves off from people who could do good and important work, and bring something unique to the endeavour.” – Tim Hunt has resigned. This is good. This is not about revenge. – Consider the Tea Cosy

Discrimination against students of color rampant in Louisiana school district – Southern Poverty Law Center

“Some studies have shown that upwards of 90% of victims of revenge porn are women. And while it’s absolutely essential that any victim, regardless of gender, can get justice, the gender breakdown of this phenomenon points to something more sinister at play.
The viewing of women’s bodies as objects and commodities, as well as the tendency to shame women for their sexuality, largely plays into the targeting of women through cyber sex crimes like revenge porn.” 6 Reasons Why Revenge Porn Is Really F*cked Up (And How One Woman Is Pushing Back) – Everyday Feminism

Beauty & Body Image

“Selfies are often criticized as the ultimate expression of narcissism, but I approach them as self-portraits, unstudied and imperfect, that function for me as a path to accepting how I look, both in pictures and in real life. For me this starts with making memories with my girl. I’ll take her swimming even when I’m not comfortable with how I look in a bathing suit. I can skip the make-up for running errands so we both know I’m not obligated to “put my face on” before leaving the house. We will bake cookies together, and I’ll eat one too. And in the coming years, when someone asks, “Do you want me to get a photo of you two together?” I will say yes, over and over again. I’m staying in the picture.” The Selfie Project: Staying in the Picture – Adios Barbie

I Recreated Disney Princess Hairstyles With Senegalese Twists, Because Girls With Braids Can Have Fairytale Fun Too – Bustle

Although I started out aiming for a certain look, what I was REALLY after was happiness, confidence, and self-respect.
Wanting to look good can be a strong and positive force in getting us started and keeping us moving forward. It was for me. And I’m sure it is for MANY Nerd Fitness Rebels. ” Is it Vain to Want to Look Better? How Far Is Too Far? – Nerd Fitness

The Slow Fashion Movement – Not Just a Label


How to Live: 32 Attempts at an Answer – Medium

“I firmly believe that we are not our inner critics, that the inner critic voice is one strand of us, a fear-based strand that is not the core of who we are.
One way to think of it is this: most of us hear our inner critic thoughts in this form, “You aren’t good at that” or “You aren’t ready” or “If you do that, people will realize you don’t know what you are talking about.”
In all those statements, notice that there is a speaker and then a “you” that the speaker is addressing.
So here’s the question: who is the “you” that is listening to that critical voice? Who is the critic talking to?
If you were your critic, there would be no separate you for the critic to address its remarks to.” a question to ask yourself today – Tara Sophia Mohr

10 slow and difficult steps to moderate success – Alexandra Franzen

“I need to schedule time to be unscheduled, I need to force myself to wander, I have to reassure myself that staring into space is as useful as staring into my laptop.” Secret of Adulthood: Sometimes, You Have to Work Hard to Be Lazy – Positively Positive

Five Minutes of Mindfulness Magic – Psychology Today

Chronic Illness & Pain

DWP, dealing with department work and pensions, DWP Disability, DLA, ESA – Grace Quantock

“The human–pet connection is one that researchers continue to explore. Over the past few decades there have been numerous studies examining the role of pets in our health, and more are underway. It’s possible that pets could eventually become an integral part of arthritis treatment, or they may maintain their current status as helpful furry friends. Whatever the future holds, there’s no question that for now, pets like Tony are making a big difference for people like Karen Alvarez. “I could probably do it without him,” Alvarez says, “but I’m glad I don’t have to.”” The Power of Pets – Arthritis Self-Management

Travel Food Tips While On AIP – Autoimmune Paleo

“Despite these working theories of why I feel as if I have the flu 24/7, as of this writing, there’s no proven cause and no cure for CFS. This is not surprising, given that so little money is allocated for research into this debilitating illness. Why? One reason is the absurd name. As others have pointed out, calling it, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” is like calling Emphysema, “Chronic Cough Syndrome,” or Alzheimer’s, “Chronic Forgetfulness Syndrome.”” The Stigma of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Psychology Today & The Stigma of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome II: Readers Respond – Psychology Today

Bioethics Expert Calls for a National Strategy to Address Chronic Pain – KUMC

“New research is revealing that many cases of depression are caused by an allergic reaction to inflammation.  Tim de Chant of NOVA writes: “Inflammation is our immune system’s natural response to injuries, infections, or foreign compounds. When triggered, the body pumps various cells and proteins to the site through the blood stream, including cytokines, a class of proteins that facilitate intercellular communication.  It also happens that people suffering from depression are loaded with cytokines.”  Inflammation is caused by obesity, high sugar diets, high quantities of trans fats, unhealthy diets in general, and other causes.” New Research Discovers that Depression is an Allergic Reaction to Inflammation – FEEL Guide

3 Essential Skills for Moms with Chronic Illness – Our Small Hours


25 Easy Ways to Help the Environment: A Beginner’s Guide – StyleCaster

“”Even if you’re meeting your physical activity guidelines, you cannot undo the risks of prolonged sitting,” said Gavin Bradley, director of the campaign group Get Britain Standing, one of the authors of the new guidance. Bradley, who spoke during a telephone interview while walking, said officials estimate the average Briton sits for more than half of their working hours. His group is expanding its campaign to other countries including the U.S. on Tuesday and is pushing for more people to have access to a desk that allows them to stand.” Don’t take a seat: Panel says workers should stand for about 2 hours a day, even with exercise – Calgary Herald

How to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension – Fit for Real Life

“We usually think our mind is in control and telling our body what to do. But there is a lot of scientific evidence that shows the chatter between mind and body goes two ways, and the body is an integral part of how we think. In the new book How the Body Knows Its Mind, Prof. Sian Beilock provides the latest scientific evidence about the body’s influence on our psyche, drawing on work from her own laboratory and from colleagues around the world.” Mind-body connection not a one-way street – Medical Xpress

Coffee Naps: The Bulletproof Power Nap, Explained – Bulletproof Executive


Paleo Banoffee Pie – Ari Eats

Rosemary Aioli and Kaleidoscope Fries – Mark’s Daily Apple

Guest Post by Joy-Filled Nourishment: Mint-infused Blackberry-Raspberry Lemonade (Autoimmune Protocol-Friendly) – The Paleo Mom

Mason Jar Mayo: Easy 2-Minute Mayonnaise – Neo-Homesteading

Superfood Scavenger Salad (AIP & WahlsPaleo+) – Petra8Paleo

Gluten Free / Paleo / AIP Sticky Legs Recipe – Paleo Cajun Lady

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