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“Briggs titled the film Present Perfect, because it speaks to the idea that these two groups of people — preschoolers and the elderly — only have a few years to overlap in their lives. The preschoolers have their whole lives ahead of them and virtually no experiences, the elderly have rich histories and only a few years left. They come together to share that unique time in one’s life — the beginning and the end. It’s such a beautiful idea.” This Is What Happens When You Put a Preschool in a Nursing Home – Scary Mommy

It’s Not Your Relationship That’s Abusive, It’s Your Partner – Here’s Why That Distinction Matters – Everyday Feminism

“Reading in general helps with empathy, but literary reading amplifies this effect. By reading a challenging book, you’re not only becoming a smarter person, you’re also become more empathetic. Literature is not always easy, but by attempting to tackle harder books, we create new connections in our minds that we might not have otherwise.
Like opening a window to let fresh air into your home, literature opens up our minds to the myriad ideas that we wouldn’t be able to experience on our own! So after you finish your magazine or paperback thriller, reflect on its contents. Take a moment to analyze the experiences depicted as if they were your own. And in choosing your next book, make it a tough one.” Are You Reading the Wrong Books? What Science Is Saying About Fiction Readers – The Literacy Site Blog

Morning Habits that Are Killing Your Daily Productivity – Medium

“But ultimately, we trust the leaves. We trust our eyeballs. The plant is thriving or it’s not. It’s healthy or it’s not. Our efforts are working or they’re not.
We never think to ourselves “This plant is defective because it isn’t thriving in the spot Google SAID IT SHOULD THRIVE.” We don’t just keep forcing a certain arrangement because it “SHOULD” work. We can see plainly that it isn’t working. Who cares what the plant book says?” When did we start trusting “experts” over our own eyeballs? – Renegade Mothering

The Economics of Tidying Up – The Atlantic


“It began when Kallio found a lump on his breast just three months after a mammogram. He had a second mammogram, then a biopsy and, when weeks went by without receiving any test results, he just assumed everything was fine. That changed when he suddenly got a phone call from the doctor who performed his biopsy — and who was not his primary physician.
“She said to me, ‘Hi, I was just curious how you were doing with your diagnosis.’ And I said, ‘What diagnosis?’ She sort of spurted, ‘[Your doctor] hasn’t called you yet?'” Kallio remembered.” This Trans Man’s Breast Cancer Nightmare Exemplifies the Problem With Transgender Health Care – Huffington Post

“Perhaps we should divide bathrooms by sexual orientation rather than by gender identity. You get to choose the bathroom of the gender you are not sexually attracted to. (This becomes a bit of a problem for bisexuals.) Or maybe we could, you know, just acknowledge that bathrooms are places where people go to relieve themselves, and not places they go to try out their pickup lines?” Minnesota Senator Forgets Lesbians Exist – Love, Joy, Feminism

“For example: More than a dozen women had accused Bill Cosby of drugging and assaulting them before Hannibal Burgess’s comments brought the issue into the national spotlight last year. And as the list of women who’ve come forward with disturbingly similar accounts has ballooned since then — toping 25 publicly and 48 privately at this point — there’s remained a subset of resolute Cosby defenders who are holding out for “proof” — real evidence, ya know, not just the testimony of dozens of women over 40 years.” Bill Cosby admitted he got drugs to rape women – now can we believe it? – Feministing

“But wait! Didn’t Starnes say there was a gag order? Isn’t telling the Kleins they can’t talk about their beliefs a violation of their freedom of speech? Isn’t that separate from the issue of denying service to same-sex couples? No, actually, because the judge did not in fact bar the Kleins from talking about their beliefs, he only barred them from advertising that their bakery will not serve gay couples. Because, as we know, refusing service based on sexual orientation is against Oregon law.” The Truth about the Sweet Cakes Bakery Gag Order – Love, Joy, Feminism


“And that got me thinking about this: what if fearlessness is important not as a goal to work toward, but as an indicator of what your soul longs for?
Fearlessness is not something to achieve. It’s something to pay attention to, when we are graced by it.” On Fearlessness – Tara Sophia Mohr

6 Benefits of Practising Mindfulness Outside of Meditation – Psychology Today

But it’s all a lie, and I know that. It’s the lie the patriarchy has been telling us for hundreds of years to keep us silent and to keep us from changing the accepted structures and heirarchy. It’s a lie we’ve been fed again and again, since childhood, and we don’t know how to change it because we’ve received so many wounds over it, we’ve learned to hide our hearts and keep our deepest loves secret.
Imagine if we could rise out of the shame and the fear and truly believe in what we love to do.” That thing you love to do? It is not trivial. – Heather Plett

Chronic Illness & Pain

“Sure, it’s super easy to slap a “defect” sticker on your chest and go cry in the corner. Hating yourself is about as natural as all the other symptoms of chronic illness — weight gain, constant pain, fatigue — but this is (maybe) one of the only symptoms you can wake up and shake off every day. Go to therapy. Learn to cope a little more every day. Making peace with your disease is something you have to do because…” 5 Ways You’re Not ‘Living’ With Chronic Illness – Huffington Post

Clutter and Depression – Declutter Your House

“I’ve done my share of denying that I’m chronically ill. It’s tempting to pretend that I’m as healthy as can be, but when I ignore my limitations by staying out too long or by insisting on engaging in activities that are beyond my energetic abilities, invariably, I land in bed for days. And so, I’m working on giving up pretending. It’s not good for me physically or emotionally.” Denial Only Makes Chronic Pain and Illness Worse – Psychology Today

Has Antibiotic Overuse Caused A Celiac Disease Epidemic? – Chris Kresser

“In a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching, researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist. That such vessels could have escaped detection when the lymphatic system has been so thoroughly mapped throughout the body is surprising on its own, but the true significance of the discovery lies in the effects it could have on the study and treatment of neurological diseases ranging from autism to Alzheimer’s disease to multiple sclerosis.” Researchers Find Missing Link Between the Brain and Immune System – Neuroscience News


Healthy Habit Challenge #1 – Relax Your Pelvic Floor – Movement Revolution

“You might think, then, that fluoridated water’s efficacy as a cavity preventer would be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. But new research suggests that assumption is dramatically misguided; while using fluoridated toothpaste has been proven to be good for oral health, consuming fluoridated water may have no positive impact. ” Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review Shows – Newsweek

Confessions of a Calorie Counter: 3 Steps for Intuitive Eating – Health Light Balance

“If you’re new to barefoot shoes you might like to to check out some of the links in the resources section first to get a bit of background.  I particularly like this article which describes the five key features to look for in barefoot shoes, and this one which has some more information about how to transition safely into barefoot shoes.” Best women’s barefoot walking shoes – baredsoles

Find the right “gentle routine” for your skin! – Real Food Liz

“I’ve very passionate about the necessity of sleep for health. In the last 50 years, the average amount of time that Americans sleep each night has decreased by 1.5–2 hours. That’s a staggering amount of sleep—equivalent to a full month of continuous sleep every year—that we need but are not getting. From what we know about how lack of sleep affects our brains, hormones, and immune system, this may be the single greatest contributor to chronic illness in general. That’s right, sleep, and not diet. Not activity level. Not stress. Sleep.” Sleep Requirements and Debt: How do you know how much sleep you need? – The Paleo Mom

Vitamin K2: 9 Uses and Benefits – Wellness Mama


Iced Honey Matcha (AIP/Paleo) – It’s Me, Charlotte!

15 low-FODMAP AIP breakfasts – petra8paleo

Cream of Avocado Soup with Crab Meat – Autoimmune Paleo

Blueberry Mint Aqua Fresca – The Blenderist

Iced Green Tea with Mint & Ginger – The Kitchn

Peach Cucumber Salad Recipe – Wellness Mama

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