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Tea Tuesday: Cold Weather, Gogol and the Rise of the Russian Samovar – NPR

“They reported feeling a loss of identity,” he says. “When objects become possessions, when we use them a lot, they’re potentially capable of becoming an extension of ourselves.” When digital natives born today grow up to be toddlers who are crying because a parent takes their iPad away, Clayton says that could leave us with interesting questions: “Are they upset because they can’t play their game? Or are upset because they don’t have the iPad, the object, the possession?” Here’s How to Battle Your Smartphone Addiction – TIME

Don’t be fooled by a know-all – The Guardian

“That’s the important thing to remember when considering taking one day to consolidate and deal with buildup. It’s not that any of these things in isolation, or even in combination, are more important than your big projects, it’s that by getting them out of the way, you can give your big projects the time, focus, and attention they need.” Take a Day to Clear Everything – Tynan

If you really want to save energy at home, forget about your light switches – Vox

“Having healthy friendships, ones where you can actually be close and foster intimacy is an unquestionably good thing. One of the dangers with traditional, toxic masculinity is that it literally hurts people – having few close friends is as dangerous for your health as smoking. Being friends with people of any gender who have similar interests and who are similarly less inclined to follow the isolating dictates of traditional masculinity is a good thing, both emotionally and physically. Trying to force yourself into a lifestyle and personality that isn’t you – especially in an attempt to prove how alpha you are – is a great way to develop very shallow social circles and to find yourself feeling isolated and alone even when you’re surrounded by people.
Defining your masculinity by who you’re friends with isn’t just unhealthy, it’s absurd. Being friends with geeks doesn’t make you unmanly, nor does being friends with mostly jocks and lumberjacks make you a man’s man. Be friends with people based on mutual respect, not on where they put you on the MAN-SPECTRUM. Finding your emotional truth, being able to express those emotions healthily and having intimate friendships isn’t “beta”. It’s being true to yourself, rather than trying to put on a performance of masculinity.” How Do You Find Your Masculinity? – Dr NerdLove

Rana el Kaliouby: This app knows how you feel — from the look on your face – TED


“Early marriages are unwise for a number of reasons, but for individuals like Chapman or other commenters on these threads, early marriage solves a number of problems—it helps ensure that girls maintain their virginity before marriage, and that they do not have the time to become independent or get ideas. Instead, they are passed from father to husband, and expected to submit to male headship either way. This is a problem, especially in the Christian homeschooling world, where girls’ life experiences may be limited in the name of “sheltering” and “protecting” them, and it’s something that should be soundly condemned.” Is Child Marriage Wrong if the Parents Consent? – Love, Joy, Feminism


“And in building their database, they learned a boatload about how harassment works in gaming. They found that 87% of all online abusers are usually people with positive ratings in the community who are “just having a bad day.” After they’re reported just once, 91.6% of those users never return to those behaviors.” The World’s Most Popular Video Game Fights Racist Harassment With Artificial Intelligence – Mic

Woman Lifts Weights, Continues Being a Woman – The Toast

“Two hundred fifty years of slavery. Ninety years of Jim Crow. Sixty years of separate but equal. Thirty-five years of racist housing policy. Until we reckon with our compounding moral debts, America will never be whole.” The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates – The Atlantic

“One day, while I was walking to the DFAC (dining facility) to get a lunch, a friend of mine decided to impart some “knowledge” about me. She told me that I needed to be more careful about my clothing choices because people were talking. In fact, they had been talking about my choice of clothing since I had arrived in the unit back in May of 2013.
Because I was deployed, I knew she wasn’t referring to my booty poppin’ club dress. No, she was referring to my workout pants, athletic tops, blue jeans, and sweaters. (I am deployed to a non-hazardous zone, which has allowed me to bring along a small amount of civilian clothing.) Purple capri stretch pants, short-sleeved athletic top, Joe’s “curvy” jeans, and a polka-dot sweater seemed to be the new Look-At-What-She’s-Wearing clothing line in question.” Soldier or Slut: Body Shaming in the Military – The Body Is Not an Apology

Beauty & Body Image

“What can you do?  What if you are saddened by the lack of healthy movement and whole food eating behaviors in the people around you?  What if you are super into health and find it really discouraging how few people share that value?  Then I suggest doing something proactive and positive!  Start a walking group at your job.  Get your company to provide healthy snacks in the break room as a part of a employee health initiative.  Become the kind of group fitness instructor that highly encourages all body types to join in and work hard.  Be the kind of person who promotes wellness and not shame.  And the primary thing you can do– the thing I looked back to as I began this journey, is love people where they are at and role model healthy behaviors in yourself.  Including working on your own inner voice and turning off the judgments that contribute to other’s personal body-hell.” Body policing as health activism – Erin Brown


You can choose to want less – Yes and Yes

“When I started editing my items in 2011, my objective was to curate a selection of perfect items. If I was to favour quality over quantity, owning only few items, they had to be perfect, didn’t they? So I made lists and started spending time and energy searching for the perfect leather jacket or the perfect tea pot. Only, this mindset lead to many purchase mistakes – assuming more expensive would be more perfect for example, or making unnecessary upgrades under the pretext of getting closer to perfection.” On Perfection – The Nife en l’Air

How do You Talk to Yourself? – An Introduction to Mindfulness – Joanna Frankham

“Changing the narrative is about engaging in conversation with yourself and owning your space 100%. Living a life on autopilot offers a narrative that is driven by everything but you and your desired outcomes. A life driven without clear intention of producing desired life outcomes is not even a dress rehearsal. Last time I checked we have one life here on earth and at least a dress rehearsal is in order to truly live. Question your status quo and manifest your life because there is a miracle status waiting for all of us if we ask ourselves what that outcome might be. I believe everyone is a miracle and by questioning the status quo I am certain you can find yours. Namaste.”Guest Post by PaleoBOSS Lady – Living Consciously and Changing the Narrative – The Paleo Mom

7 Strategies for Dealing with Toxic People – Zen Habits

“While having to take antibiotics is never ideal, there are many cases where it is absolutely necessary, and don’t worry – the situation is far from hopeless. It will take some time and effort, but there are many things you can do both during and after a course of antibiotics to minimize the damage and encourage regrowth and diversification of your gut flora.” What to Do If You Need to Take Antibiotics – Chris Kresser

How Optimism Helps Manage Stress – Autoimmune Paleo


8 Signs You Need to Eat More Carbohydrate – Paleo for Women

“This is a prime example of the work that needs to happen if you want to move better. Your movement (or lack of movement) is literally written on your body, and you can change it, but to do so you must be vigilant!
You need to become a detective – always trying to figure out your own movement habits and how they relate to your disease and injury patterns.  This requires mindfulness, attention, and a knowledge of your own body – all skills that one cultivates with an intelligent movement practice such as Restorative Exercise™.” Change Your Habits; Change Your Health – Movement Revolution

Dairy and PCOS: 6 Reasons to Avoid Milk and Cheese – Health Light Balance

“When you’ve worn high heels for decades—silver metallic heels, sparkly heels, and mismatched heels because one of them went missing and then reappeared in my sister’s diaper—parts of your body change shape. Your calf muscles shorten and your Achilles tendon thickens. These changes make high heels easier to wear, but they make wearing flats hard on the body. Which is why it is essential that you follow these steps to transition out of your heels safely.” Dear Barbie – Katy Says

How Contact Lenses Change the Eye’s Microbiome – The Atlantic


Lavender Lemonade – Against All Grain

Pressure Cooker Kalua Pig – Nom Nom Paleo

Bruschetta Eggs – And Here We Are

Strawberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream – Wellness Mama

Lemon Ginger Basil Iced Tea – Paleo Grub

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