Link Love (2015-09-12)


FAQ on How to Become an Idea Machine – James Altucher

“Because the truth was, despite it all, I loved him – and that love was not enough.
We need to let go of this notion that it’s harrowingly romantic to work through a relationship that doesn’t feel good, that we should stick with someone who doesn’t serve our higher selves.
And because the emotional connection of love isn’t a binding contract, you can love someone and still let them go.” 5 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Think Your Partner is Toxic – Everyday Feminism

Sip It Slowly, and Other Lessons From the Oldest Tea Book in the World – NPR

“Mariana  Brussoni is  an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia in public health and pediatrics, and lead author of a major report on the health benefits of “risky” play. The study determined what Free-Rangers feel in their (once in a while broken) bones: Too much supervision and safe-to-the-point-of-stultifying play spaces prevent kids from getting the kind of exercise and life skills they need.” Kids Allowed to Engage in Unsupervised “Risky Play” Develop Skills that Help Later in Making Smart Decisions About Sex and Drugs – Free-Range Kids

How to Attract a Conscious Man – Jayson Gaddis


“Good intentions are nice, but Christians use the idea as a magical shield that protects themselves from all criticism. They mean to do well. They want to be loving. Therefore the rest of us have to let them do whatever they want to do to us, even to the extent of controlling our lives and warping our country’s laws to accommodate their increasingly strident and unreasonable demands.
When someone makes a clumsy mistake out of good intentions, the rest of us know it because such a person accepts loving correction immediately and amends the behavior. Someone who keeps making that same clumsy mistake, or demands to be allowed to make that mistake because his or her intentions are thought to be pure, is someone who maybe doesn’t have quite the good intentions being claimed.” Thought Crimes: Good Intentions, Meaningless Atonement, and Magic Shields – Ec-Communications

The Charleston Shooting and Christian Persecution – Love, Joy, Feminism

“Even if I didn’t have my dad around, or had never had him around, what an unproductive and patronizing line of reasoning this is!  If you’re suggesting that lacking a good father figure accounts for a lack of belief in God, are you then prepared to accept the corollary, that the only reason other people do believe is because they had good fathers? Do you really want to minimize their faith in that way, predicating claims of divine transcendence on family dynamics?  Because if you are, you’re not really getting away from Freud’s line of reasoning after all. I’m not sure you’ve thought through this very well.” Do People Become Atheists Because They Had Bad Fathers? – Godless in Dixie


‘The True Cost’ documentary tallies global effect of cheap clothes – LA Times

“So, if we really want to increase understanding with others, if we want to strive towards strong allyship, and if want our feminism to have its most profound and long-lasting impact, we must address the shortcomings in our approaches to communication.
We must engage in effective dialogue.” 6 Strategies Every Feminist Needs for Effective, Change-Making Dialogue – Everyday Feminism

About Rachel Dolezal the Undercover Sista and Performing Blackness – Awesomely Luvvie

“Dini goes on to mention how the Young Justice stories were much more teenager-oriented but the trend is to hit younger audiences with the newer shows. He said, “They’re all for the boys, we do not want the girls! I mean, I’ve heard executives say this, you know, not where I am but at other places, saying like, ‘We do not want girls watching these shows.” When Smith pointed out that was a strange move because, well, women are 51% of the population, Dini said, “They don’t buy toys. The girls buy different toys.”” Warner Bros. Animation Takes Issue With Girls Watching Their Programs – The Mary Sue

Beauty & Body Image

“And yet, what does weight gain really say about me?
It doesn’t say anything about my character.
I gain weight when I am stressed.  I gain weight when I fall in love.  I gain weight when I build muscle.  I gain weight when I get ready to menstruate.
All weight gain says to me is that something in my emotional life might need addressing.  Either that, or it says that my body is changing in a normal way, as a normal response to outside stimuli, positive and negative.
It doesn’t say that I’ve failed.” Does Weight Gain Make You a Failure? Sunday Self Love Challenge – Health Light Balance

The Psychology of Selfies: Why We Love Taking and Viewing Face Photos – Buffer

2. Realize that changing your body will never make it more perfect than it already is.
Why is it that women always seek to desire things of their body that aren’t natural? Why is it that you would want a darker skin while you have a light one, or lighter one when you have a dark one? Why is it that you can get so focused on removing every single hair on your legs while hairs are just a natural result of the way our body grows and functions? Why do you reject what is naturally given to you? Every tiny hair is just there, carrying out its function until someone randomly decided that it would be more feminine for it to not be there. What nonsense do you tell yourself? How can removing parts of the female body result in being ‘more feminine’? I always wished I had big, dark, curly eyelashes. The reality is that mine are very short and light. But what nonsense to even think such idle thoughts! My eyelashes perfectly catch my sweat, raindrops and they protect my eyes from getting hurt. What else should they be, apart from being exactly what they are?” How to feel beautiful – Magical Daydream


“When caring for yourself turns into distracting or numbing or avoiding, it’s time to pause.  It’s time to check in with yourself — what are you really craving in those moments?” Self Care vs Self Comfort: What do you really need? – Stratejoy

21 Loving Ways to Connect More Deeply With Yourself – Connie Chapman

“When we ask “Aren’t you scared?” what we’re really saying is “You’re doing something I wouldn’t do. We’re now going to talk about all the ways I feel nervous about decisions and behavior that doesn’t affect me or the reasons I wouldn’t do what you’re doing.” I’m not scared – Yes and Yes

Choosing Happiness Doesn’t Mean You Should Settle – Jennifer Twardowski

“Make enough small dreams happen enough times, and you’ll find yourself living your dream life BIG time.” Dream small, start big – The Freedom Experiment

Chronic Illness & Pain

“Sometimes, even the most well-meaning of my friends will forget that my disabilities actually have an impact on my daily life. On occasion, even my disabled friends are guilty of this oversight.” 5 Things Even the Most Well-Meaning Non-Disabled People Forget- Everyday Feminism

Pain Management Tips for Summer Driving – Chronic Body Pain


The Inflammation From A1 Milk is Mind-Boggling – Lara Briden

“When I wrote about my struggles in last week’s newsletters, I was anxious and nearly terrified about sharing it with you.  Vulnerability is not something I do well  But the outpouring of love, and the realization that many of you who read Nourished Kitchen also struggle with depression, or know someone who does, assured me that this is a subject we desperately need to talk about.
I’ve put together some of the most effective tools I’ve used in managing my own depression, which is a multifold approach including therapy, lifestyle changes, supplemental amino acids, light, exercise, and more, and I hope it is helpful to you, too.” Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes for Depression – Nourished Kitchen

How and Why You Should Nap – Mark’s Daily Apple

“Those who ponder about whether there is “enough food” are missing the bigger picture. Corporate America can generate lots and lots of calories, as the American obesity epidemic has shown. Anyone can walk the streets of our country and understand that it is possible to over-eat and nutritionally starve. But if we address the quality of our food, I believe we’ll quickly discover that we need considerably less quantity of food. If we need less, there will be more to go around. Further, rather than fixating on generating more calories to feed the world, I worry about how much we waste of the animals that are giving their lives up for our nourishment. If we focus on that issue – how to make each animal fully count – the theoretical concerns become practical.
By changing the way we work with our food, and empowering more people to grow it, we can gain a whole lot more nourishment than most realize is possible. We can lower our food costs and still pay a fair wage to the farmer. We can simultaneously feed more people and push the factory farming system toward the obsolescence it deserves. Best of all, we can learn to use the treasures we have been overlooking to generate new abundance.” Livestock Farming: Scourge of the Planet, or Victim of Bad Research? – The Radical Homemaker

Adrenal Fatigue: Remedies, Supplements & Recovery – Wellness Mama

“A properly working leptin system leads to better metabolic performance, brain function, mental sharpness, memory, coordination and it can even affect the regulation of mood and emotion. (1) (2)  But when it’s been hijacked, it can lead to obesity.” Reset Your Leptin Sensitivity and Master Your Metabolism – Bulletproof Executive

The Secret Behind Paleo and Weight Loss Plateaus – Paleo for Women


Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Frappe – Real Food Foragers

Cream Stew – Provincial Paleo

Perfectly Paleo Potstickers – Stress Free Paleo

Herb & Fruit Infused Water Recipes – Wellness Mama

Paleo Gingered Peach Pie – Foraged Dish

Cauliflower Tortillas – Stress Free Paleo

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