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“What underlies a question like this is that it’s okay to force people to work by withholding what they need to live, in order to force them to work for us. And at the same time, because they are forced, we don’t even pay them enough to meet their basic needs that we are withholding to force them to work.” If we no longer force people to work to meet their basic needs, won’t they stop working? – Scott Santens

How to Choose Furniture that Will Work in Any Space – Yes and Yes

“There aren’t many of us who don’t have some bad habit we’d like to quit: smoking, sweets, shopping, nail-biting, porn, excessive checking of phones or social media, other distractions …
The problem is that we think we don’t have the willpower, faced with past evidence of failure after failure when we’ve tried to quit before.
We don’t think we can quit, so we don’t even try. Or if we do try, we give ourselves an “out,” and don’t fully commit ourselves.” A Brief Guide to Quitting a Bad Habit – Zen Habits


Chilly at Work? Office Formula Devised for Men – New York Times

“It also means that male readers need to do a much better job of reading outside their gender. According to researchers from Queen Mary College in London “four out of five men said the last novel they read was by a man, whereas women were almost as likely to have read a book by a male author as a female. When asked what novel by a woman they had read most recently, a majority of men found it hard to recall or could not answer.” We Really Need to Stop Buying Books By Men – Dame Magazine

Millennial Men Aren’t the Dads They Thought They’d Be – New York Times

“As a society, we do a very very poor job recognizing the significance of emotional abuse. Very poor. Bruises tend to be our standards for abuse. Well, you know what? Some of the people I know who are most impacted by the childhood abuse they suffered were never hit by their parents. Let that sink in for a moment. Emotionally abusive parents can turn a child’s home into a living nightmare, toying with their children’s very minds.” The State of Children’s Rights in Our Society Is Abysmal – Love, Joy, Feminism

Your Handy Guide to What Most People Really Mean When They Cry ‘Censorship’ – Everyday Feminism


“Yet, I know from my work as a life coach – and from personal experience overcoming a wide list of trauma and disease – that even the most impossible situations have solutions. Sometimes the way out doesn’t look like you expected it to, or even wanted it to. And it certaily doesn’t appear when you most need it. But it’s still a way out!” 12 solutions when you don’t know what to do – The Freedom Experiment

10 Choices That Will Guide You to a Regret-Free Life – Danielle Dowling

“…True self-trust exists in finding your own distinction between “I’m not ready” and “I need to be really honest with myself about the fact that I am freaking out and I need to summon everything that I’ve got if I want to proceed.” Choice, ambition, & holding fear in your loving hands (Mara Glatzel) – Esmé Weijun Wang

Chronic Illness & Pain

Make a Place for Your Illness – Healing Well

“But it’s not the spontaneous and genuine compliments that get to me. It’s when someone tells me I look good after hearing that I’m having a really rough time of it, as if looking good is going to make up for the fact that my body is falling apart.
It’s when I’m honest about my health, only to be met with a brief but awkward silence followed by a platitude about my appearance.” I Have an Invisible Illness – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Tell Me I Look Good – Everyday Feminism

Am I Not Good Enough Because I Have Chronic Pain? – No One Gets Flowers for Chronic Pain

“While clinical lore is that perfectionists are more prone to the development of chronic pain, it may just be that perfectionists are more likely to seek care for their chronic pain. Reason? Perfectionists with chronic pain are more prone to behavioral exacerbations of pain as well as anxiety and depression” The Perfectionist and Chronic Pain – Institute for Chronic Pain

Dissolving the Myth of Chronic Illness and Laziness – FibroTV


10 Primal Foods You Aren’t Eating Enough Of – Mark’s Daily Apple

“For years doctors and dentists believed that malocclusion (teeth that don’t line up correctly) cause pain in the TMJ. However, newer research shows that while structural abnormalities may be part of the picture, this disorder is also associated with biological, behavioral and cognitive factors.” Jaw Pain: The Multifactorial Nature of TMD – Chris Kresser

The Secret to Fast and Permanent Keratosis Pilaris Treatment – Paleo for Women

“This habit leads directly to headaches, TMJ, & fatigue. It increases the risk of neck pain, joint degeneration, disc herniation, fractures and osteoporosis in the vertebrae of the neck. It also increases your risk of choking, and messes up the blood supply to your brain as well as interfering with your endocrine system (did you know your thyroid gland is in your neck?). Not awesome.” Healthy Habit Challenge #2 – Move Your Head Back Where It Belongs – Movement Revolution

Lifestyle Interventions for Depression – Psychology Today

“Faecal transplantation is emerging as the medical treatment of choice when it comes to clearing out antibiotic resistance and difficult to treat infections involving bacteria such as Clostridium Difficile.” Faecal transplants may help treat clinical depression – Irish Times

How to End Motion Sickness Before It Starts – LifeHacker

“It seems intuitive that we like to spend time outdoors, but science has now identified some of the reasons we actually NEED time in a more natural setting. In fact, there is a term for this- Ecotherapy – that refers to the various physical and psychological benefits of being outside.
A 2009 study found that the closer someone lived to a green space or nature area, the healthier that person was likely to be. In fact, those who lived closest to a park, nature preserve or wooded area were less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression.” The Health Benefits of Nature (EcoTherapy) – Wellness Mama

8 Ways to Add Movement to Daily Life – Whole9


Ginger Tea – Anti-Nausea Recipe – Meghan Telpner

Ham and Cheese Cauliflower Pizza – I Quit Sugar

Blueberry Basil Dressing (AIP, Paleo) – Eat Heal Thrive

AIP Paleo Strawberry Balsamic Chicken Recipe – Paleo Cajun Lady

Turmeric Tea Recipe – Meghan Telpner

Banana Chip Bars (autoimmune paleo) – AngelSlice

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