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“This is one of the things that makes basic income to appealing — as income inequality deepens in the U.S., it strains existing safety nets. The need for existing entitlements go up, while our ability to pay for them decreases.
Which leads to the question: How do we pay for it all? This is where most red flags are raised, because since the gains of automation go to the rich, the most logical funding would come from that capital. So most proposals for funding basic income come down to some form of taxation on the very wealthy. One recent proposal put the total cost of a poverty-level basic income at about $2 trillion.
But as Santens puts it, this titanic form of redistributing wealth isn’t about playing Robin Hood — it’s based on the principle that if technology advances to make people obsolete, everyone should share in the benefit. This is where basic income activists and futurists get a little high-concept, calling into question basic economic principles like the concept of money.
“It’s not about stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, it’s about a minimum amount of access to resources,” Santens told Mic.
But we wouldn’t need a radical overhaul of the economic system in the Western world to enact basic income. We’d just need to vote it into law.” After Robots Take Our Jobs, This Is What the Economy Will Look Like – Mic

Our puppy Freya is probably more likely to answer to “little monster” than her name: Petese – Robot Hugs

“Occasionally, I’ll get an email from a reader who isn’t asking for advice so much as they are asking for permission. And nine times out of ten, what they’re asking for is permission to break up with their significant other… because they can’t manage to convince themselves that they need to. One of the most perverse aspects of being human is how hard we fight against our own best interests. Our brains are prone to a host of psychological effects and fallacies that convince us that we shouldn’t finally pull the trigger and end that toxic relationship, even though it’s making us miserable.” Why It’s So Hard to Break Up With Someone (Even When You Need To) – Dr NerdLove

Maintaining a Relationship with Difficult Parents – Love, Joy, Feminism


“But do you know what happens if we take guilt out? The vicious cycle disappears! After all, I masturbated regularly from age seven through age twelve with no guilt whatsoever and there was no vicious cycle. I would masturbate when I felt like it, once or twice a week at times, once or twice a month at other times, and that was it. No guilt, no obsessing over it, none of that. It just . . . was. It was a thing I did, and it made me feel good, and, well, that was it. And once I stopped believing masturbation was sin, when I was nineteen or twenty or so, the vicious cycle disappeared again. I masturbate sometimes. The end. Like seriously, that’s it.
In other words, this vicious cycle is created entirely by the belief that masturbation is sin, and is in no way inherent to masturbation at all. There’s no “addiction.” Sexual desire and sexual feelings are a natural part of life. I mean, does the fact that we have a biological need to eat mean we are addicted to eating food? We have a biological need for relationship and connection to other people as well. Is that addiction?” Masturbation: A Selfish, Addictive, Vicious Cycle – Love, Joy, Feminism


Gay marriage. The subway. And a 7-year old. – Rachel Scott Yoga

“But what Amethyst points out in her comment is that the comparison is disingenuous for another reason—it has the actors exactly backwards. If you wanted to make an accurate analogy, you would ask whether a Nazi baker should have to sell wedding cakes to Jewish customers, and whether a white caterer who is a member of the KKK can decline to serve black events. That rather turns things around, doesn’t it?” That Jewish-Baker-Swastika-Cake Analogy Is Backwards – Love, Joy, Feminism

Trailer for the whitewashed Stonewall movie looks even worse than expected – Feministing

“Yes, the curious logic of the MRA dictates that feminism and the fight for women’s liberation has actually resulted in equal and opposite systemic harm being done to men. Cast even a cursory look over arguments between MRAs and feminists and you’ll be treated to a laundry list of complaints – some genuine and some imagined – intended to demonstrate the heinous oppression apparently inflicted on men today. Misogyny and misandry are treated by MRAs as interchangeable things, with the latter being widely viewed as ‘just as bad, if not worse’. As Newton discovered, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and so it is that MRAs view the battleground of sexism. Or, as the little girl in It’s A Wonderful Life might put it, everytime a bell rings, a family court judge kidnaps a man’s children from him.” Your guide to understanding ironic misandry – Daily Life

If Male Musicians Were Described the Same Way as Female Musicians – HeadStuff

Beauty & Body Image

“But in the past 25 years, the apparel industry, the entire global economy, has undergone a complete transformation. The way our clothes are made and distributed and thrown away is barely recognizable compared to the way it was done in the ’90s. And yet our playbook for improving it remains exactly the same.
This year, I spoke with more than 30 company reps, factory auditors and researchers and read dozens of studies describing what has happened in those sweatshops since they became a cultural fixation three decades ago. All these sources led me to the same conclusion: Boycotts have failed. Our clothes are being made in ways that advocacy campaigns can’t affect and in places they can’t reach. So how are we going to stop sweatshops now?” The Myth of the Ethical Shopper – The Huffington Post

“A book about sex, particularly one filled with as many “aha!” moments as this one, is going to be enough for plenty to pick it up. If you’re interested in beauty and physical appearance on top of that, The Sex Myth has even greater wealth. Hills skillfully lays out the ways that sex has become entwined with people’s images, including how we use appearance to give a managed vision of sexuality. Not that we’re directly advertising our presumed sexual interests on our bodies (though some do). But as Hills points out, it’s easy to overlook the intersection of sex and identity when we tick all the socially approved boxes. Looking like a sexually desirable woman might be on my agenda at times, but I’d never taken the connection between self-presentation and sex farther than that. That’s an easy place for me to reside in because I’ve got plenty of sexual permission: I’m a heterosexual, partnered, cisgendered white chick who isn’t just monogamous but isserially monogamous, so it’s presumed I have the sexual experience a woman in her 30s “should” have. There’s not a lot of deviance I’m forced to hide, ameliorate, or justify. But of course my sexual self-presentation asserts itself beyond my appeal: I dress in women’s clothes, I have long hair and wear makeup, I reveal enough skin to show that I’m not uncomfortable with the mere idea of sex, but not so much that I push the line of “slut.”
In other words, I look “normal,” which files me into a bin with plenty of other compliant-looking women. Looking “normal” is certainly no guarantee of actual compliance (thank heavens), but you wouldn’t know that from looking at the pile of knee-length skirts and tasteful kitten heels lying in our wake. Sex, looks, and normalcy: Humans walk a fine line here to avoid falling on the “wrong” side, and women have more experience in navigating that line than men. (There is no male equivalent of “lady on the streets, freak between the sheets.”) We’re educated in how to look good but not like we tried too hard, how to advertise our sex appeal without looking aggressive. In the same way, the Sex Myth has men and women alike attempting to appear a carefully calibrated line of “normal”: sexually deviant enough to be interesting but not so deviant as to actually be labeled perverted, ready and willing at all times but without any whiff of desperation. It’s a variation on the sexual double bind for women that has existed for centuries, with the twist that it does its policing under the guise of liberation. As Hills writes, “sex doesn’t need to be actively suppressed in order to be controlled.”” Sex Appeal, Beauty, and Normalcy: Rachel Hills’ “The Sex Myth” – The New Inquiry

“1. Our “bad” selfies help us “exercise our radical self-love muscles by asking us to actively challenge the hyper image consciousness that forces us to believe we must be ‘perfect’ or ‘pretty’ to be valuable.” Society is constantly bombarding us with the message that who we are is wrong. When we post these photos, we are interrupting this narrative. And in doing so, we are empowering ourselves to know that we are beautiful, even when society wants us to think that we are not, and we are showing others that they are beautiful, too.” Bad Picture Monday: Loving Yourself Right Now – The Body Is Not An Apology

“Going grey is inevitable and it leaves you with two options. One, dye your hair to cover the grey, or two, embrace the natural change. In my experience, most women progress from option one to option two over time, colouring their hair until they’ve had enough of the expense and effort it involves. Whatever you choose, there is no right or wrong. It’s a personal decision.” Beautifully Grey – You Look Fab


“I don’t believe in regret, I told a friend, but my one regret is that I have but one life. By which I mean that growing older has meant the understanding of doors closing, sometimes permanently, as I choose which of the doors ahead of me to open.” Know this when you make choices. – Esmé Weijun Wang

12 Mantras to End Your Day Feeling Like You Are Enough, Have Enough and Do Enough – Abundant Mama

Chronic Health & Illness

“What happens in the vagus nerve, it turns out, doesn’t stay in the vagus nerve. The longest of the cranial nerves, the vagus nerve is so named because it “wanders” like a vagabond, sending out fibers from your brainstem to your visceral organs. The vagus nerve is literally the captain of your inner nerve center—the parasympathetic nervous system, to be specific. And like a good captain, it does a great job of overseeing a vast range of crucial functions, communicating nerve impulses to every organ in your body. New research has revealed that it may also be the missing link to treating chronic inflammation, and the beginning of an exciting new field of treatment that leaves medications behind.” 9 Nervy Facts About the Vagus Nerve – Mental Floss

“The whole experience has reminded me of an important message. What we need to heal isn’t just ‘rest’, quality ‘relaxation’ is far more important. My ‘shut down’ strategy seemed very restful, but it wasn’t nearly relaxing enough and I was ignoring another very important element to healing too: the lymphatic system cannot work without movement; inactivity needs to be paced with gentle movement and stretching.” Responding to a Crash: Rest just isn’t enough on its own! – ME/CFS Self-Help Guru

“Don’t feel bad if you have to cancel our plans at the last minute. I’ll understand.”
I used to force myself to keep commitments even if I was too sick to leave the house. Invariably, it led to a bad “crash.” I’m much better now about cancelling plans if I have to, but I still feel bad about it unless those plans were made with one of my “it’s okay to cancel” friends.” What Those With Chronic Pain or Illness DO Want to Hear – Psychology Today

“What’s the vagus nerve and why should you care about it? Research on the vagus nerve, which runs from the brain to the stomach, has been coming fast and furious in the last few years since I’ve been reading up on it. The nerve, hereafter referred to as the VG “interfaces” (I quote wikipedia here) with parasympathetic control of the heart and digestive tract.
In short, it’s pretty freaking important because it joins the heart, brain and stomach, which really explains just so much I’ve been trying to work out over the years. I’ve been holding off on sharing all this with you guys because researchers are churning out studies at an alarming rate, each day bringing a slew of new ideas into my inbox. Basically the vagus nerve affects how our brain signals the stomach: research now shows that faulty vagal messaging to the stomach can prevent us from experiencing satiety, thereby causing us to overeat; it affects the rate at which our heart beats, it plays a role in psychiatric disorders, it may be involved in POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), it’s helping Alzheimer’s patients, reversing rheumatoid arthritis, and researchers definitely believe that it’s a mega player in epilepsy.” The vagus nerve inflammation connection – The Low Histamine Chef

“The key is, without dopamine, the decision can’t get from the frontal lobe to the action parts of the brain. Dopamine levels can be knocked back by pain, drugs (including the prescribed ones), depression, poor diet, and — of course — overuse.
People who have crippling pain have to make exponentially more decisions than those who don’t. Every action is measured against an internal set of standards that don’t exist for normos: how much pain will lifting that cost me? That car door — which way should I turn my hand to minimize damage when I pull it? How many function-dollars do I have left in my body’s account — enough to do laundry _and_ shower? Or should I do just one? If so, which one is more necessary?” Life, CRPS & Everything: Dopamine, poverty, and pain – The Lighter Side


10 Aloe Vera Benefits – Why You Need them in Your Home – Natural Living Ideas

So, is my cell phone harming my health?
The bottom line is that we don’t know. As you’ve seen, there’s quite a bit of research on the safety of cell phones, but the results have been varied and inconclusive. Additionally, the biological mechanisms by which cell phone radiation could cause these adverse health effects are only just beginning to be understood, and until a clear mechanism exists, we can’t draw any conclusions from the epidemiological data we have.” Are Cell Phones Dangerous to Your Health? – Chris Kresser

15 Uses for Diatomaceous Earth – Mommypotamus

“Am I saying Adrenal Fatigue doesn’t exist? Not necessarily. These people are certainly ill. And there are likely other factors that can contribute to these symptoms. What I am saying, though, is that there are an awful lot of people out there who are restricting themselves into illness, and there are an awful lot of gurus who are encouraging this behavior through hyper-focus on food quality and dismissal of the relevance of calories. It is irresponsible. For some people, perhaps MANY people, simply increasing calorie intakeis the first and most important step toward recovery. Distressingly though, the Adrenal Fatigue treatment protocols I see being sold on the internet rarely address adequate calorie intake, and in fact frequently discourage any attention to calorie intake while alsoimposing further dietary restrictions on people who already eat restrictive diets. This is a huge mess people! We’re moving the wrong direction! We should be increasing the variety and richness of our diets whenever possible, and ensuring that our bodies are getting not only the nutrients but also the calories necessary to support our activity and a healthy weight.” Adrenal Fatigue as a Cover for Starvation – Go Kaleo

How to Create a Perfect Sleep Environment – Wellness Mama

“Well, there you have it. White rice isn’t evil. Brown rice isn’t so great – unless you prepare it properly through fermentation or you’re a mouse. Personally, I’m going to make my life easy and eat my white rice – cooked in bone broth and topped with butter.” Is White Rice Bad for You? – Holistic Squid

Benefits of of Coffee: What Your Brain Does on Caffeine – Bulletproof Executive

“Who doesn’t want a head full of thick, shiny hair? In women, it’s a sign of beauty and radiant health, and in men it’s often considered a reflection of their masculinity – men who start to go bald often feel that their manliness is somehow threatened. Browsing the “hair care” aisle in CVS shows what modern beauty standards recommend for any kind of hair problem: endless pots, bottles, and spray cans of soaps, shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, relaxers, and styling products. But for truly healthy hair, it might be time to spend less time focusing on what you rub on your head, and more time on what you put in your mouth.” Paleo for Healthy Hair – Paleo Leap

Biohacking Tip #6: What’s Actionable? – Petra8Paleo


Here’s the Buzz on Yaupon, America’s Forgotten Native ‘Tea’ Plant – The Salt

19 Delicious Turmeric Recipes to Spice Up Your Life – Recipe Roundup – The Kitchn

How to Throw a Freezer Meal Prep Party – Mommypotamus

How to Grow Turmeric Indoors – Container Garden 101

How to Freeze Tomatoes – The Prairie Homestead


Lox & Everything Sweet Potatoes – Autoimmune Paleo

Sauce Pissenlit/ Dandelion Pesto (Paleo AIP/ Vegan /Garlic-free) – Provincial Paleo

Mini Peach Cobblers (AIP/Paleo) – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Pulled Pork Wraps with Lime Basil Pesto and Pickled Shallots – The Paleo Mom

Blueberry Chicken Salad – It’s Me, Charlotte!

Cornish Hand Pies (AIP, Paleo) (Guest Post) – Eat, Heal Thrive

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