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“While many jobs have a creative component, it’s also important to note that all of the creative occupations in the U.S. economy (e.g. artists, writers & editors, musicians, photographers, actors, dancers, designers, choreographers, journalists, marketers/public relations, etc.) only account for about 1% of employment. There has never been an economy filled with only highly creative or highly skilled people.” Should we be afraid, very afraid? – Basic Income – Medium

“If Pathways to Work is to succeed — and that is still unproven — it may well do so by making people accept any job whatsoever, thereby fuelling the growth in low-paid, temporary, part-time, insecure, zero-hours jobs, known generally as ‘precarious work’.
If the welfare office can guarantee a steady supply of workers for any job, there is no upward pressure on wages, and employers do not have to offer good conditions, training, or opportunities for promotion.
Altogether, this leads to a growth in a low-pay economy with a revolving door between work and welfare, which feeds into higher levels of inequality.” The Sociology of Unemployment: A choice between hard labour or destitution? – Irish Examiner

“You know what? I am sick and tired of people bemoaning low marriage rates while simultaneously making marriage sound like the most unattractive thing ever. Perhaps individuals like Venker should turn their marriage promotion gig over to happily married individuals in supportive egalitarian relationship—you know, people like me. What’s that, you say? Why yes, that’s right! I’m a Millennial! You know, one of those horrible terrible no good very bad selfish evil commitment-hating Millennials! And you know what? I can make a better argument for marriage any day than Venker can.” Proponents of Marriage Generally Make Marriage Sound Horrible – Love, Joy, Feminism



“Women are much more likely to be severely harassed in online spaces than men, and the harassment is much more likely to be sexually violent. A 2006 study by the University of Maryland found that when the gender of a username appears to be female, the user is 25 times more likely to experience harassment. That same study found that those female-sounding usernames averaged 163 threatening or sexually explicit messages a day.” Anita Sarkeesian interview: ‘The word “troll” feels too childish. This is abuse.’ – The Guardian

“If a woman is walking like she is on a mission, laser focused eyes and clutching her keys; she’s not interested in talking to you. In fact, if all of those things are present you are likely bearing witness to a woman who has just given herself a pep talk about getting to her car unscathed. She is specifically avoiding you right now. Headphones, head down, looking away instead of at you, these tactics are like armor. It’s purposeful. It says “no.”” Dear cat caller, – Erin Brown


“It is crucial to distinguish between the event and the outcome. There is nothing positive about trauma itself; we wouldn’t choose it, then or now. There is nothing beneficial about losing your mother or being shot in Pakistan. Nevertheless, we might be able to reap something beneficial out of the sorrow.
The good only comes from what we decide to do with it ― from our struggle that unveils what needs to change in us and in our society, from honing our ability to make meaning out of events that seem senseless, from not trying to rebuild an exact replica of what was lost, but to engineer a stronger, sturdier foundation for our life.
A crisis is not a cul-de-sac, but rather a watershed moment. What we do next matters: advance or retreat, take a turn south or north, run or hide, crawl or fly. We can avert our eyes or dig deeper, try harder or grow softer, close down or break open.” How to Bounce Forward After Trauma – Michaela Haas – Huffington Post

Contemplative practices “cultivate a critical, first-person focus, sometimes with a direct experience as the object, while at other times concentrating on complex ideas or situations. Incorporated into daily life, they act as a reminder to connect to what we find most meaningful.”” How to Find More Meaning in Life – Yes and Yes

Sex & Relationships

“The most essential thing to remember when involved with someone with a personality disorder is that to them other people are a major source of energy. If we imagine that we have an electrical cable that is connected to our core we can see how an abuser will plug in the feed to their core and drain every drop of fuel until we are empty.
If we do not offer them the connection, they will have no use for us and will look for the source of energy elsewhere.” Ending the Rollercoaster of Drama with a Narcissist or Sociopath – elephant journal

I Used to Be Codependent. Here’s How I Stay True to Myself in Relationships – Mind Body Green

“The reason it feels like you need to pee has nothing to do with urine or pressure on the bladder; it has to do with learning. When you were little and being potty trained, you learned to recognize the sensation of needing to pee. You had to recognize it in order to get to a potty before it was too late. It was an important and useful lesson.
Now your body is experiencing a new and different sensation; it’s geographically and neurologically adjacent to the need-to-pee sensation, so your brain is misinterpreting it as pressure to pee because that’s the only existing category that this new sensation seems to fit. But it is not the same sensation.” why it feels like you have to pee during intercourse – the dirty normal

First Comes Sex Talk With These Renegades of Couples Therapy – New York Times

Chronic Illness & Pain

Mental fatigue is just as draining as physical fatigue and there is a lot to be said for switching off. Activities that require a lot of focus and concentration can leave you feeling wiped out. Doing nothing is so valuable when you have a chronic illness– it’s important to look after the body as well as the mind.” The Value in Doing Nothing – February Stars

Fibromyalgia Pain and Your Brain’s Resources –

“4. “I wish I could lie around all day and do nothing.”
A friend said this to me over the phone; it’s stuck in my mind all these years because it hurt terribly at the time. It may sound as if it couldn’t possibly have been well-intentioned and yet, given the tone of voice in which it was delivered, I’ve decided it was. I’m sure that my high-powered, overworked friend was genuinely thinking, “Lucky you to have so much leisure time.”
When she said it, I was still so sensitive about being sick—including being worried that people might think I was a malingerer—that tears came to my eyes. I wanted to scream at her, “You have no idea how it feels to be stuck in bed and have no choice but to do nothing!” Instead, I mumbled something and made an excuse to get off the phone because I could feel the sobs coming—which they did as soon as I hung up.” 12 Things You Should Never Say to the Sick – Tricycle

When Exercise Recovery Becomes Harder to Handle: Troubleshooting Real Causes – Autoimmune Paleo

“What I wish I had known then, is that researchers have found the mind is way more powerful than we think. Imagining, or visualising doing exercises, can have almost as much positive effect on our bodies as actually doing the exercise. Numerous studies have found that, to varying degrees, visualising a workout increases muscles strength. This is really hopeful news for anyone living with or recovering from a chronic illness. If you are bed bound, recovering in hospital, or just having a bad day, the right visualisation strategy can stop your muscles from deteriorating.” Can Visualising Help Rehabilitation for Chronic Disorders? – Aroga Yoga

Symptoms of Chronic Pain – Prevention


An open letter to my friends: Your perfume is killing me! – Sarah Wilson

“Yoga provides people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes, and sizes, with their own practice. This is an opportunity to explore your own unique body. To find length, grounding, and opening with a sequence of poses that can and should be different for everyone.” Why You Don’t Need Flexibility to be a Yogi – Do You Yoga

Get Your SLEEP!!! – Everyday Paleo

“Deep breathing exercises are about the most natural and holistic self-care strategy you can find and the single most effective, beneficial technique we can use to relieve pain, stress and anxiety, achieve overall relaxation and help restore balance to the autonomic nervous system. It’s also non-toxic, costs us absolutely nothing, requires no prescriptions, equipment, visits to the doctor or health food store and is available to you at all times.
It produces soothing, relaxing and pleasure inducing alpha brainwaves, calms the excitatory neurotransmitters and stress response system and thus relieves anxiety and stress instantly. These alpha brain waves also stimulate the release of beta-endorphins, the bodies built in natural pain reliever, and stimulate creativity as well.” Deep Breathing Exercises – Holistic Help

How to Clean Your Face With Coconut Oil – Coconuts & Kettlebells

“But, just because we have refrigerators now doesn’t mean fermentation isn’t still a valuable practice! In fact, fermented foods offer some amazing benefits that can’t be obtained from other nutrient-dense foods. Including them in your diet can be a major plus for your health (and not to mention, they’re delicious)!” The Health Benefits of Fermented Foods – The Paleo Mom


What Are the Benefits of Green Tea? – Bulletproof Executive

“Growing medicinal herbs and plants at home is a must for every herb garden enthusiast. If you love to garden, the apothecary attitude of medicinal herbs may be a perfect transition for you! Use the ideas in this article to create an herb garden that is both delicious and provides positive health supplements.
With great herbs, you can make great anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting ointments and teas. With a little know-how, you and your family will be headed for better health.” Growing Medicinal Herbs and Plants at Home –


Watermelon Basil Shrub (A Drink!) – Autoimmune Paleo

Mashed Carrots with Crispy Leeks and Rosemary – Grazed and Enthused

Thai Green Curry (AIP-Friendly) – The Paleo Mom

Mexican Benedict, From Against All Grain – The Whole 30 Program

Maple-Sweetened Breakfast Crisp – Neo-Homesteading

Pot Roast with Bone Marrow Au Jus – Petra8Paleo

Paleo Morning Glory Muffins – Heartbeet Kitchen

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