Link Love (2015-12-05)


The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t – NY Times

“The most practical suggestion came from a vet who uses a “Quality of Life Scale” to periodically assess his elderly patients. He keeps a record of the various scores given for pain, hydration, hygiene, mobility, and general enjoyment of life. Every six months or so, he repeats the questionnaire, allowing owners to see for themselves an objective measurement of the gradual deterioration of their pet. This process helps owners prepare for that final farewell, making it easier to see clearly when quality of life has deteriorated to the point where the numbness of death seems preferable.” How do vets decide when euthanasia is the right choice? – Telegraph

First womb-transplant baby born – BBC

“Well, why do we need to do this? Why aren’t people getting paid enough? What’s the core issue? I think people aren’t getting paid enough because they can’t really ask for more out of fear of getting nothing at all. They have no individual bargaining power. All negotiating power is in the hands of those offering the jobs and not those looking for them. Outside of unions, we can’t say “No” to the terms of employment offered by employers. As long as our primary concern is that of paying for our basic needs like food and rent, all we can really say is “Yes”.” Minimum Wages vs. Universal Basic Income – Scott Santens – Huffington Post


“More times that I can count, fundamentalists assured me that all I had to do in order to be saved was to accept Jesus as my personal savior. They conveniently left out the fine print, which is required for believers to be considered truly saved in their camp. When one observes fundamentalists, the fine print quickly comes into focus:” Fundamentalism’s Unwritten Rules – Republic of Gilead

“The official story is that the Rankin County School District had to “let me go” for as yet unstated reasons which had nothing—nothing at all, you hear?—to do with the fact that my principal discovered I was a closeted atheist. My mid-semester removal from my history class and subsequent reassignment to a math class was totally unrelated to the day my principal confronted me about my atheism, listing for me several topics I was to avoid because, and I quote, “There’s talk in the community that you told your students you’re an atheist.” That wasn’t the case, by the way. When my students asked me that question, I changed the subject, which was all the answer they needed. But surely that had nothing to do with this, right?” My School System Really Doesn’t Get What the Establishment Clause Means – Godless in Dixie


The ‘saddest bride I have ever seen’: Child marriage is as popular as ever in Bangladesh – The Washington Post

“Sexism, bullying and rage continue to plague many high-adrenaline, male-dominated kitchens. After Burnham went public this June, many rallied around her to decry rampant misogyny in the restaurant industry. Restaurant owner Jen Agg went further: the proprietor of Toronto’s Black Hoof and Rhum Corner organized “Kitchen Bitches,” a conference with the tagline “Smashing the Patriarchy One Plate at a Time.”
The goal, according to its website, is “to change the antiquated, ridiculous notion, still held on to by far too many, that women don’t belong in kitchens or leadership roles in restaurants.” It’s happening Thursday in Toronto.
Panelists hope to challenge a sexist kitchen culture by talking about it and building new norms.” Female chefs take a stand against sexist kitchen culture – The Globe and Mail

Just Because It Doesn’t Affect You Personally Doesn’t mean It’s Not Oppressive – Everyday Feminism

“In so many ways. When we choose to do nothing about the suffering around us we are part of the silence that kills. When we act without awareness of the underlying causes, we can do more harm than good. When we do not understand that our choices about our food, clothing, and the products that we consume are effecting people and cultures around the world, we are actually contributing to the atrocities. That is not to say that each of us is entirely responsible…but understanding that our choices do matter is crucial and our individual choices can effect the collective profoundly.” Trading Girls for Cows: FGM, Human Rights & Cultural Tradition – Elephant Journal

8 Common (But Easily Fixable) Ways We Erase Non-Binary People from Society – Everyday Feminism

CW child sexual abuse: “While Ferraro’s defence was littered with psychological reports citing his intellectual disability and lack of maturity at the time of offending, it was Mr Look who said he was dragged through the wringer under police examination.
“I have been scrutinised and interrogated every single step of the way,” he said.
“At every point, my story is questioned, gets broken down, gets dismissed and put under a magnifying glass – why can’t I provide dates and times? Why didn’t I stop it sooner? Why am I making trouble now?”
“I didn’t know as a seven-year-old getting molested by a family member that I was meant to be keeping a diary.
“I didn’t know I was meant to be documenting it all… I was too busy being petrified.”” Waroona child sex victim Tristan Look speaks out: “Where’s the justice?” – WA Today 

How the Standard for Gender Equality in Culture Became Known as the ‘Bechdel Test’ – The Atlantic

Beauty & Body Image

Reader Request: DIY Alterations – Already Pretty

“Why does this matter?
Because, how free can we feel – or be – if we restrict our very bodies, by our own choosing?
Because I’m doubtful that women who can’t take a deep breath, and whose underwire is digging into their ribs, are able to give their full energy to what they feel called toward. What would we do or say differently if we could move more freely?
It also matters because in a thousand ways, women conform to and compete within a system that we did not make and that was not made for us. Professional dress is one tangible reflection of this.” let’s talk clothes – Tara Sophia Mohr

Orphan Black: Tatiana Maslany on Rejecting Hollywood Beauty Standards – People

“stablishing visibility in the classroom requires us to unapologetically occupy space with our bodies, voices, and ideas. Every time we worry more about the way our arm jiggles or how we could sound bossy, we are less inclined to raise our hands, venture an answer, or engage in classroom discussions. Your instructors might mistake shyness, self-consciousness, or silence for apathy and write you off as either uninterested, unprepared, or both. We stop competing for access to debates, inadvertently creating a space that favors male voices. We prioritize making statements about who we are with our appearance instead of with our words.” Speak Up: Recalibrating the Relationship Between Body Image and Assertiveness – Adios Barbie


#735: “A work-friend wants to drastically escalate the closeness of our friendship. How do I (nicely) rebalance things between us? – Captain Awkward

“At the time, I had no idea what to say, so I said nothing. I didn’t realize that I had the option of telling my therapist that I don’t appreciate being spoken to that way and that this way of working together just doesn’t—well—work for me.” 6 Strategies for Setting Boundaries With Your Therapist – Everyday Feminism

How to Approach Women (Without Being Creepy) – Dr NerdLove

“Setting boundaries is essential if we want to be both physically and emotionally healthy.
Creating healthy boundaries is empowering. By recognizing the need to set and enforce limits, you protect your self-esteem, maintain self-respect, and enjoy healthy relationships.
Unhealthy boundaries cause emotional pain that can lead to dependency, depression, anxiety, and even stress-induced physical illness. A lack of boundaries is like leaving the door to your home unlocked: anyone, including unwelcome guests, can enter at will. On the other hand, having too rigid boundaries can lead to isolation, like living in a locked-up castle surrounded by a mote. No one can get in, and you can’t get out.” How to Create Healthy Boundaries – Positively Positive


Are the Stories you Tell Yourself Helpful? Really? – Becoming Who You Are

“Everyone is so busy these days. It gives us our sense of self-worth; if we’re busy, we’re successful, we’re accomplishing things, we’re important, and we’re needed.
As a result we can often be too busy to notice if we are happy, and potential moments of joy pass us by.
We think happiness arrives at a point in the future when our lives become perfect, with a backdrop of fireworks and fanfare, without any disasters or annoyances. But happiness generally doesn’t come in the form of winning the lottery or marrying from Brad Pitt. It’s often more subtle and smaller.” How to Find joy in Every Day (Even the Hard Ones) – Tiny Buddha

you are the power you don’t give away – Justine Musk

“So now I am embracing my unravelling. I have been declaring; “Take from me all that is not real. I no longer want it. Strip me down to my bare bones so I can feel my soul. Release all the blocks that stand between me and who I really am. Take it from me. I no longer want anything impure or unreal. Show me what is real about this life and help me feel it and live with it in my heart every day.”” My Journey of Unravelling + How Yoga Is Cracking Me Open – Connie Chapman

We Should Never Be Afraid to Tell Our Stories, Someone Needs to Hear Them – Elephant Journal

Chronic Illness & Pain

The terms cure and recovery can be controversial when you mention them in relation to fibromyalgia. People will often use these terms interchangeably but to me, they have two very different meanings. As those of you who read this blog on a regular basis will know, I am doing all I can to get my fibromyalgia symptoms back under control and I am working towards feeling as well as I possibly can. In other words, I am trying my best to recover from fibromyalgia. I fully believe it is possible to recover from fibromyalgia. Yet when I talk about what I am doing to help myself feel better, I hesitate to use the word recovery. This is simply because I worry that people may misinterpret what I mean. I do not want anyone reading to believe that I am searching for a cure or trying to cure myself. This is because I am not; I personally do not believe there is a known cure for fibromyalgia. So today I am reclaiming the word recovery. I am owning it and I am going to tell you what I consider to be the difference between the terms cure and recovery. You may agree or disagree with what I say and I encourage you to share your own views in the comments.” Is It Possible to Cure or Recover from Fibromyalgia? – February Stars

10 Things to STOP Doing to Yourself With Fibro – Fibromyalgia Support Group

“With chronic pain, for every leap forward, there’s often a stumble backward. Sometimes just an inch, other times what seems like miles. Recognising and embracing this interplay between progress and set-backs, and knowing that it is actually part of the process can bring a little peace because progress doesn’t always require a steady, consistent ascent toward perfection.” When Life Stops Because of Chronic Pain – Finding Hope & Purpose In Spite of Pain – The Princess in the Tower

On Finding What Works – Field Notes on Healing


My Top Five Ways to Stay Healthy When You Work at a Desk – Movement Revolution

“‘Health’ and ‘nutrition’ are buzzwords at the moment. It seems like you can’t turn around without someone in the media having an opinion on what you should (or shouldn’t) eat.
And, it’s a bit of a minefield.  We all have to eat, so everybody has a view.
But here’s the thing, what’s right for you might not be right for me.” How to Be Healthy – 6 Steps You Can Implement Today – Joanna Frankham

7 Restorative Yoga Postures for Rheumatoid Arthritis – Rheumatoid Arthritis Natural Treatment and Diet

“Although serotonin is well known as a brain neurotransmitter, it is estimated that 90 percent of the body’s serotonin is made in the digestive tract. In fact, altered levels of this peripheral serotonin have been linked to diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.” Microbes Help Produce Serotonin in Gut – Caltech

8 Tips for Beating Insomnia and Improving Your Sleep – Chris Kresser


I’m delighted to support Warm Leaves – the Kickstarter for monthly deliveries of tea world wide – not just in the US.
Having worked with one of the founders, I have no doubt that each tea has been selected carefully with an eye for quality and excellence.  Warm Leaves: Adventure Through the World of Loose Leaf Tea by Henrik & Effy – Kickstarter

40 Days of Gluten Free Lunches – The Paleo Mama

“Spices go beyond adding flavor to your food, some have medicinal properties that naturally heal and rejuvenate your skin. These same spices, more often than not, are potent digestive aids and antioxidants that can help you fight oxidative stress and heal your gut. Many even contain high levels of anti inflammatory agents and nutrients that will not only have your skin looking and feeling great in no time, but drive down systemic inflammation which is a leading contributor to a wide variety of chronic illnesses including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.” Raid Your Spice Cabinet for Glowing Skin! – The Spa Dr

1,000 Years Ago, Caffeinated Drinks Had Native Americans Buzzing – The Salt – NPR

“Turmeric’s benefits have since been well documented in the medical literature, and curcumin — one of the most well-studied bioactive ingredients in turmeric –  has been found to promote health and protect against a wide variety of health conditions.
It actually exhibits over 150 potentially therapeutic activities, including anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity, as well as potent anti-cancer properties that have been intensely studied.” What Might You Gain By Drinking Golden Milk? – Mercola

The Do-Not-Freeze-These-Foods-List – The Kitchn

“For the past few weeks, I’ve been cooking nonstop with wine, both red and white, to explore the effects of their flavor on a dish. I’ve compared light reds to big, tannic ones; fruity, tart whites to buttery ones that have spent plenty of time in oak barrels; off-dry (read: slightly sweet) wines to dry ones; cheap wines to expensive ones; and long cooking methods to quick ones.* What I’ve found is that while certain characteristics of a wine will have an impact on the final dish, in most instances those differences are relatively subtle. In many cases, it makes little to no difference at all.” Should You Really Only Cook With Wine You’d Drink? The Truth About Cooking With Wine – Serious Eats


Full Moon Chocolate – Elephant Journal

Avocado Oil Mayonnaise – Nourished Kitchen

Strawberry Ginger Ice Cream Sundae – Autoimmune Paleo

Blueberry and Goat Cheese Hand Pies – My Heart Beets

How to Make a Candida-Friendly Smoothie – Fork and Beans

Sweet and Spicy Grilled Salmon – Coconuts & Kettlebells

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