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“Wilson then takes a turn towards the troubling. Using the garden metaphor for a woman and her body, Wilson strips away the agency of that woman and dismisses enthusiastic consent as important to relationships. Women who find their husband’s sexual advances as intrusive are “hanging a sign out on the garden wall that reads in large letters, ‘No trespassing.’” But, and this is the troubling part, “But of course a husband is never trespassing in his garden, though he can be made to feel as though he is an intruder” (89, emphasis added). With this one sentence Wilson completely disregards as possible the concept of marital rape. A husband can never be intruding on his wife’s body, because his wife’s body is his. Wilson then shifts blame on a wife who is being coerced into sex with her husband: while the husband’s sexual coercion is not sinful, the woman’s reluctance — which makes her husband “feel as though he is an intruder” — is sinful.” Sexual Coercion as Redemptive: Nancy Wilson on a Wife’s Sexual Duties – Homeschoolers Anonymous

The Pope’s Unforgiving Message of Forgiveness on Abortion – The NY Times

“Yes, we can’t change the fact that some people will “get a sickness,” but we can ensure that all people have unfettered access to the healthcare they need. Yes, we can’t change the fact that some people will “have a spouse leave,” but we can ensure that single parents have access to childcare and that stay-at-home spouses have the resources and training to reenter the job force if they need to. Yes, we can’t change the fact that some people will “get fired for no good reason,” but we can ensure that there are unemployment and job training programs to tide them over and help them back into the workforce.
There is a big difference between the unfortunate things that happen to us as individuals—a sickness, a spouse leaving, a lost job—and structural inequalities that hold back entire groups. When Rupert mentions “the war on classes” and issues of “fairness in employment and housing and opportunity,” what he’s talking about is social justice. We can’t stop people from getting sick, having a spouse leave, or losing a job, but we can work toward a more just society.” Christian Blogger: “Life Will Never Be Fair” – Love, Joy, Feminism

“Sure, Hell 2.0 is a kinder, gentler eternal damnation. And I suppose many will embrace it because it resolves the tension they feel between the cruel torture they read about in the Bible and the real-life people they encounter in their daily lives. When you try to imagine real people being burned alive at the hands of an angry God (whom you’re supposed to love and adore), something just doesn’t compute. That’s why an alternative vision of Hell which differs so dramatically from its original form appeals to so many. That’s why people who don’t even believe in purgatory will so easily and unreflectively embrace a conceptualization of eternity which logically depends on it. Whenever they think through these things deeply enough to encounter the incongruity of it all, something goes “pop” and they revert back to trusting that it all works out somehow.
Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess. But then again, maybe it’s okay to lose some sleep over these things once in a while. Because you instinctively know they’re not right.” Hell 2.0: Same Eternal Punishment, Now With Fewer Flames! – Godless in Dixie


“Living in a patriarchal society that is deeply intertwined with a cis hetero standard means that traditional ideas of what men’s and women’s bodies “should” look like, and how they should be presented in the world, often go unquestioned.
As a result, it isn’t surprising that a lot of kids will have gender bias around appearance and body image. But calling out bias when you see it and making space for your kids to express themselves in a range of ways will go a long way towards challenging an oppressive culture.” What to Do When Your Child Believes Gender Bias – Everyday Feminism

“Why am I writing this? Because I want to be a part, however small, of the campaign to change abortion legislation in this country. Because if my daughters ever come to me and say they are pregnant when they don’t want to be, I don’t want them to have to get a boat or a train or a plane. I want to mind them at home where I can put my arms around them and give them a hot water bottle. I want to support and love and care for them every step of the way. I want to respect their choice. I want them to have a choice. Because most countries in Europe give women that choice. Just not the one in which I live.” Róisín Ingle: Why I need to tell my abortion story – Irish Times


“Somewhere in relationships, between kids, society, fulfilling individual and conjoined dreams, it becomes easy to miss the person you love the most.
Not miss them in a way that your heart strings long for them in their absence, but miss them in a way that though you’ve spent all day with them, they may as well have been a piece of furniture you sat on and didn’t even notice the pattern of.
Somewhere, we begin to miss the spirit behind the person and only see what roles they are or aren’t fulfilling to meet our own needs.” The Difference Between “Seeing” Him & Seeing Him – Elephant Journal

“Practice not picking up the phone if you don’t want to take a call.
Practice not answering the door if you weren’t expecting visitors.
Practice cutting a conversation short when it’s going nowhere.
Practice asserting yourself positively, too. “You look great today!” “You did a good job on this.” “I really appreciate the ride.” “You made my drink just right.” “I am really happy to see you.” “Thank you for introducing me to that organization.” “I loved that book you recommended.” “I really liked going on a date with you, let’s do it again sometime.” It’s all part of not sitting on your feelings.
Pay attention to how it feels when you say “no” to someone. What are your anxieties? How does the other person react, relative to your anxieties? What’s hard about it? Does it get easier over time? Do you find yourself apologizing a lot? Negotiating an adult relationship with parental figures is rarely easy for anyone, but I think you have been particularly trained and groomed to never disappoint people (i.e. your parents), and that it’s unrealistic to go from “Sure, whatever you need” to “Have you considered the hotel?” with your family without some practice in realizing that disappointing someone is not the Worst Thing In The World. ” #741: Visiting parents and a short “Boundary Practice” course – Captain Awkward

“1. I don’t matter anymore.
I do matter. I make my own list of priorities. I don’t want to raise a martyr. I want to raise a woman who believes in her own value. So I behave like I matter. Even though I had a baby. We both get to matter.” 5 Things I Will Not Teach My Daughter About Motherhood – Erin Brown


15 Quotes on Meditation and Mindfulness from Jon Kabat-Zinn – Sarah K. Peck

“So I say, give up on trying to do it all. Simplify. Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t try to have the most perfect life you can create.
Instead, make your days count.” How Not to Do It All – Zen Habits

4 Easy Ways to Stay Present and Grounded – Elephant Journal

“Idiot compassion is a great expression, which was actually coined by Trungpa Rinpoche. It refers to something we all do a lot of and call it compassion. In some ways, it’s whats called enabling. It’s the general tendency to give people what they want because you can’t bear to see them suffering.
Basically, you’re not giving them what they need. You’re trying to get away from your feeling of I can’t bear to see them suffering.
In other words, you’re doing it for yourself. You’re not really doing it for them.” “Idiot” Compassion – Elephant Journal

How to Create a String of Success – Mark’s Daily Apple

Chronic Pain & Illness

How to Put Rheumatoid Arthritis into Remission – Mercola

“This is a big issue for women and families affected by POTS, and the topic I get the most questions about.  Being that POTS affects mostly women of childbearing age, and there are very few resources out there, and even fewer research articles, this is not surprising.   I have heard from patients that their doctors are telling them not to have kids, which is heartbreaking, and the science just doesn’t back that up for MOST women with POTS.  POTS already robs us of so many things- don’t let it rob you of kids (if you want them)!  If you  don’t have any life threatening genetic diseases that can be passed on, are not on any medications that keep you alive that would damage a baby, and really want kids – there is no reason not to consider it in my opinion.   It is a very personal decision.  Your underlying cause of your POTS is a HUGE consideration, as well as your functionality and support system.  Of course consult with a doctor about anything medical, as I am not one. ” Pregnancy and POTS: Experiences and Resources Part 1 – STOP POTS (and Dysautonomia)!

8 Rheumatoid Arthritis Medication Side Effects – Everyday Health

“This year, as my two-year healing diet anniversary approached, something surprising happened. Instead of feeling grateful, I would find myself crying for no reason, carrying a sadness I didn’t understand. It took me a while to realize it was a deep grief over not being cured. Intellectually, I had accepted that there was no cure, but my body still held onto that wish. Approaching the magic GAPS “2 year” mark brought it to the surface. In spite of my healing, in spite of my progress, I can’t shed RA like a snake sheds its skin. It’s part of me now, and that’s hard to accept. I remember that excruciating pain very well, and when you know your body can do that, I don’t think you ever get over the fear of it happening again.  I’m 95% better, which is an impressive statistic. RA used to be a scream inside my body, and now it’s only a whisper. I AM grateful for that, but it’s a scary whisper.”The Difference Between Reversing Autoimmune Disease and a Cure – Phoenix Helix

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in 14 Easy Steps – Hope for COPD


Tips for Choosing Minimalist Boots and Winter Shoes – Soft Star Shoes

“Our totally body movement often tends to boil down to what we do for a bout of exercise each day. Trying to extract all of your movement needs from one or two hours of daily exercise is like trying get all your dietary needs from a single daily meal crafted from the same handful of foods every day. This approach just won’t do.
In light of this data on active sedentarism, it is clear that the solution to our movement deficiencies lies outside of our time dedicated to exercise. We all need to become more physically active throughout the day, and move more of our parts in varied ways, in order to provide the mechanical inputs (i.e. movement nutrition) your body needs to thrive.”13 Ways to Move More Throughout the Day (Even While at Work) – Mark’s Daily Apple

The Benefits of Soaking Nuts and Seeds – Wellness Mama

“Antiviral herbs inhibit the development of viruses. They can be used to treat infections without caution because they’re harmless and typically cause no or few side effects. Many antiviral herbs boost the immune system, which allows the body to attack viral pathogens. This can be even better than attacking specific pathogens, which antiviral drugs are designed to do, because pathogens mutate over time and become less susceptible to treatment.
Not only do antiviral herbs fight viral infections, boost the immune system and work asflu natural remedies, but they have a number of other health benefits, such as cardiovascular, digestive and anti-inflammatory support.” Antiviral Herbs Boost Immune System & Fight Infection – Dr Axe

Why Getting Fit Isn’t the Best Exercise Motivation (and 10 Better Reasons to Move Today) – Mark’s Daily Apple


Refreshing Chai Tea Smoothie Recipe – Paleo Newbie

Real-Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies – Against All Grain

Moussaka – The Radical Homemaker

Jeff’s Grain-free Banana Bread Muffins – And Here We Are…

Avocado Stuffed Chicken Wrapped in Bacon – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Paleo Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe (AIP Option) – Paleo Cajun Lady

Ginger Beet Kvass Recipe – Mommypotamus

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