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“Maybe the old way has worked so far. But in the long run, it burns people out. There’s a reason people are struggling to find cooks right now. Our industry is populated by young people. As they get older, they fall out of the trade because they can only take the abuse when they’re young and strong. How many of your cooks are thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four years old? Maybe the head chef and the sous chef—that’s it. We’re on course to really mess things up if we don’t start getting better at what we do.
I want things to change for the sake of this profession. When we started trying to change the culture at Noma, we did it for the sake of our own happiness. I didn’t expect that it would also make us a better restaurant. But it did. This has worked for us. I genuinely do see the improvement in the staff’s morale, in our guests’ satisfaction, in the quality of our creativity and execution.” Fantasies of a Happier Kitchen – Lucky Peach

Wouldn’t Unconditional Basic Income Just Cause Massive Inflation? – Basic Income – Medium

“I started to wonder: could training myself to read books again help me manage the digital information stress in the rest of my life? Could the cure for too much information be slower information? In the same way that snake venom can be used to produce curative antivenom, I wondered whether that old, slower form of information delivery—books—could act as a kind of antidote to the stress caused by the constant flow of new digital information. Whether my inability to sustain my focus—at work, home, and on reading books—could be cured by finding ways to once again sustain my focus…on a book.” How Making Time for Books Made Me Feel Less Busy – Harvard Business Review

5 Ways to Get Over a Book Hangover – Book Riot

“The reason startup founders can safely be nice is that making great things is compounded, and rapacity isn’t.
So if you’re a founder, here’s a deal you can make with yourself that will both make you happy and make your company successful. Tell yourself you can be as nice as you want, so long as you work hard on your growth rate to compensate. Most successful startups make that tradeoff unconsciously. Maybe if you do it consciously you’ll do it even better.” Why It’s Safe for Founders to Be Nice – Paul Graham


“In retrospect, this is a sick, twisted approach to life that teaches us to see ourselves as innately unworthy liabilities in constant need of saving. Some well-meaning Christians will protest this, arguing that being created in the image of God means that we are valuable creatures, but this masks the reality that in the evangelical mind, all personal worth is derivative. It says that in your own self you are completely unworthy, but that someone else is worthy, and you can appropriate that worthiness by proxy.” Evangelical Christianity and Low Self-Esteem – Love, Joy, Feminism

“Fear is the currency in most forms of religion.
“Fear not” and “Don’t be afraid” are words with no substance when the ones wielding them teach their students to be afraid. I know now that fear keeps people in a submissive state to those in power. Fear keeps people from being brave.
It was when I stopped being afraid that my religion began to crumble at my feet. It was when I stopped being afraid that I started questioning authority instead of submitting, which by the way, is the death blow to church membership and participation. It was when I stopped being afraid that I was finally willing to take risks, even if they meant I might fail.” Fear: the Currency of Religion – Rebekah Gilbert


““Hand on heart, I do think that Tom will be trans when he’s older. He talks about ‘when I start having medicine to make me grow a willy’,” Cassie says. But she is making sure he knows his options are always open. “When he’s 18, he might be really mortified that this ever happened. But the message deep down is still going to be the same: it’s OK to be the person that you feel you are, and if that changes, that’s all right as well. You want your children to be happy.”” Transgender children: ‘This is who he is- I have to respect that’ – The Guardian

7 Things ‘Fiscally Conservative, But Socially Liberal’ People Don’t Understand – Everyday Feminism

[Satire]”Concern among racists for the nation’s estimated 185,000 homeless people has risen sharply in the wake of the refugee crisis currently affecting Europe, with many taking to social media to say the government should be helping those in need within the UK, rather than those from other countries.” Racists Suddenly Deeply Concerned About Plight of Homeless – News Thing

Rentboy wasn’t my ‘brothel’. It was a tool to stay alive in this economy of violence – The Guardian

“I understand, I want to tell her. I get it, I want to gesture to the EBT card clenched in her fist. I have one, too. I’m poor, too, but the words die in my chest. A supervisor comes to the register and starts to take back her groceries. Bags of frozen vegetables, cans of soup, and a few boxes of cereal. A family-size bag of popcorn and a carton of off-brand ice cream. I look down at my own basket and realize our carts are almost identical: neither of us has the notorious steak or lobster. I want to laugh, in a hollow sort of way, because I know no one receiving public assistance can ever afford such a luxury. I swallow and feel the people behind me shuffle in place. They are laughing louder now, and I know they are annoyed. Intuitively, I know they want the woman in front of me to feel judged and humiliated. That could be me, I think, and I want to cry.” My life of insufficient funds: Why is admitting you’re on public assistance so painful? – Salon


“The controlling methods he used to keep me in place felt protective and the ways he debilitated me so that I became dependent felt like love and as though he cared.
Of course, back then I had no idea that what he showed me wasn’t love. I hadn’t worked out how to love myself and up until that point what I had seen as love was never true or healthy so I trusted, hoped and believed that his words and actions were genuine. I so badly wanted to be loved, as much as I hate to admit this. So I accepted it in whatever form it was shown.
This acceptance is what led me down the dark slippery slide to a vortex I now can only be describe as hell. The only difference being that every so often I was invited out to glimpse a sight of a glorious heaven.
It was partly because the rollercoaster ride from one to the other left me so dizzy that I was unable to walk in a straight line and far from this “beautiful disaster.”
It was also because I crazily believed that one day the ride might stop. My f*cked up thinking somehow thought the carriage would pull up alongside rose adorned gates. I would step out, dazed and confused, but loved.
And truthfully, that is all that would have mattered.” Sleeping with the Enemy – Elephant Journal


“It seems like what makes something self-care can change over time. Something that feels like self-care one day may not be in your best interest on the next.
What makes something self-care then, seems to be reliant on what you need in that given moment. And that’s what I would like to argue. Self-care is making sure your needs are met.
Self-care is the practice of treating yourself with enough respect that you honor and fulfill your own needs as they arise.” 9 uplifting and inexpensive ways to treat yourself – The Freedom Experiment

“#1 All-or-Nothing Thinking
When you’re caught up in this cognitive distortion, if you fall short of perfect, you see yourself as a total failure. There’s no middle ground. An example: “Because I was in too much pain to do anything other than the dishes today, the house is a total mess.” (If you’re not struggling with your health, you could substitute “too busy” for “in too much pain.”)
To counter this cognitive distortion, start with a dose of self-compassion for the difficulty you’re encountering—in my example, the amount of pain you’re in. This is a circumstance of your life that simply makes it impossible for you to do everything you’d like to do. No blame!
Then turn the thought around by focusing on what you did get done: “Given how much pain I was in today, it’s amazing that I managed to get the dishes done!”” How Distorted Thinking Increases Stress and Anxiety – Psychology Today

“If you ever feel like I did–inadequate, frustrated you are not up to your or someone else’s expectations (roll my eyes), imperfect (well, aren’t we all?), or unfinished–make yourself a list of all the things you have achieved for that day.  You might surprise yourself!” My List Grew? – Learning to Balance Life Changes

Chronic Illness & Pain

3. Anger
After we conclude that our pleading and bargaining is not going to change the diagnosis, anger sets in.
Anger is a necessary stage of the healing process. Feelings of anger may seem endless, but it is important to feel them. The more you truly feel anger, the more it will begin to subside and the more you will heal.  Your anger has no limits and it may extend to your doctors, family, friends and loved ones.
Anger is often felt later on when the illness and pain progresses, or holds us back from doing the things we would like.
Example: “This isn’t fair! I didn’t do anything to deserve this!” or “Just give me something that will make me feel better!”” The 7 Psychological Stages of Chronic Pain – Pain News Network

9 Common Symptoms of Fibromyalgia – Fibromyalgia Living

“Self-kindness challenges us to speak to and care for ourselves the same way we would for those we love. The only difference between compassion and self-compassion is who is receiving our tenderness. If a friend cancelled plans due to chronic pain, would I call them bad, unreliable, and not good enough? No! We are kinder to others than to ourselves. The tenderness we bestow on the hurting around us can give us clues about how we might care for ourselves. Let’s think of all the ways we actively care for those we love. We hug them, feed them, take them to appointments, and encourage them to rest. We have compassionate experience! We can do this!” When Chronic Pain Causes Shame, Practice Self-Compassion (guest post from @SoAngieWrites) – Counting My Spoons

Limits of Liberation: Building Resilience in Business – Grace Quantock

“That turn came in the form of consenting to surgery. I’ve been combatting Crohn’s for 22 years and up until last Tuesday, I had never had any surgical intervention thanks to always using food as medicine to some degree – not a bad run!
Early in the new year, though, I had to confront the reality in my very-much-ongoing healing journey that no amount of medication, clean eating, and stress management could address this current complication. I required surgery to deal with a chronic abscess resulting from fistulising Crohn’s Disease.” Bending, Not Breaking: My Consent to Surgery – Eat Heal Thrive


7 Tips for Savoring Savasana – Elephant Journal

“Chances are you’ve heard of some pretty serious controversy of late about the so-called miracle product, Green Pasture’s fermented cod liver oil (FCLO). But even if you’ve read all of the relevant posts about this cod liver crisis, you probably noticed the same confounding issue with every single one of them: despite a lot of numbers, quotations, and definitive statements, all of these pieces have been blatantly biased, and most of the claims made from either side are ambiguous and lacking in real, scientific backing. So, I wanted to pull together all of the evidence (and note the gaps herein) and present my readers with a fact-based perspective on this topic.” FCLO: Friend or Foe? – The Paleo Mom

7 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings – Wellness Mama

The relationship between hormones and female libido could not be more clear:
The better your hormones are balanced and the more rich your supply, the more robust your libido will be.” Hormones and Female Libido: Six Steps to Ultimate Pleasure – Paleo for Women

Regular Mealtimes Make You Eat More Healthily, Study Finds – TIME

“Dealing with an abnormal menstrual cycle? Has your period stopped completely for no clear reason? This article will help you recover a healthy period using diet and lifestyle changes – without resorting to birth control use.” How to Fix Your Period without Birth Control – Chris Kresser

Can Stress Cause Skin Problems? – The Spa Dr


10 Food Pairings That Make Surprising Nutritional Sense – Mark’s Daily Apple

Before Green Tea Was a Superfood, It was Feared as a Supertoxin – The Salt – NPR

5 Surprising, Clever Ways to Use Fresh Herbs – Yes and Yes


Purslane with Crispy Bacon and Blueberries – Autoimmune Paleo

Cheese Kale Chips: A Delish Super-Food & Super-Snack (Vegan Recipe) – Elephant Journal

Radicata Carrot Cake + Easy Paleo Buffet for Your Friends & Family! (real food, gluten free… and tasty!) – Radicata Nutrition

Fajita-Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins – Guest Post by Chelsea Gold – The Paleo Mom

Creamy Cilantro Lime Chicken (AIP/Paleo) – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Paleo Breakfast Muffins – Jay’s Baking Me Crazy

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