Link Love (2016-01-16)


“HARO and CRHE point to the reality that homeschooling fails some children colossally. This is because homeschooling is only as good as the parents it relies on, and the resources those parents have to offer. In the hands of parents like Claire’s, homeschooling can be a powerful tool promoting children’s wellbeing. In the hands of parents who lack the resources or knowledge to provide an education, on the other hand, homeschooling can leave children with severe educational deficiencies. And in the hands of controlling or abusive parents, well, the story may be far, far worse.” Guess What This Boston Magazine Article About a Harvard-Bound Homeschool Grad Neglected to Mention? – Love, Joy, Feminism

Mummy Brown and Other Historical Colors – Veritable Hokum

“Are you still on disability? Are you back to work yet? – I get this question so many times during a week it makes my head spin.
I’m not back to my IT consulting job.
But I do have a job.
An extremely important job.
Probably the most important job I could ever have.
My full-time job is getting my body healthy so I can fully participate in life. I may not technically go to an office everyday, but my job is a 24/7 labor intensive position. If I screw up performing my duties I personally pay the consequences.
My main job functions include: carrying out my daily rituals, ensuring that I feed myself nutritious secondary food, and paying special attention to my primary food which includes (but not limited to) my relationship with myself, with my family and friends, loving and creative work, staying active and carrying out my life’s purpose.” “Are You Back to Work Yet?” – My Job While On Long-Term Disability – It’s Just A Bad Day

Top 10 Skills We Wish Were Taught in School, But Usually Aren’t – LifeHacker

“Even if an 1890s version of Chrisman, or of her husband, would have lived a comfortable and privileged life, they could not have lived it in a vacuum, as the 2010s Chrismans are attempting to do. The social world around them would have demanded that they take some kind of a stance on the mores and ideologies dominant at the time. Would you accept the fact that immigrant children in your town worked in a factory, or protest against it? If you’re female, would you drop your education when your family thought you’d had enough? These are choices that the sealed world of the Chrismans’ re-enactment doesn’t demand of them.” Vox Victorians: Sarah. A. Chrisman’s Essay on living like Victorians is preposterous – Salon


“Attempts to describe this constellation of groups as “quiverfull” run into serious definitional problems. While quiverfull rhetorics pervade many if not most of these overlapping circles, the number of families that give up birth control entirely is small, and even these don’t generally use the term “quiverfull” to describe themselves. One might argue that this subculture is better termed “patriarchal” than “quiverfull,” but even then I am given pause when I remember my mother’s experience at the Above Rubies conference she attended, and when I think of all of the letters the Pearls receive from women who desperately want to leave their childbearing up to God only to face resistance from their husbands.” A Quiverfull of Definitions – Love, Joy, Feminism

“I wrote recently about some of the many definitional issues surrounding the term “quiverfull.” If you have not already read that post, you can do so here. But in this post I want to go farther and argue that we need to be calling the Duggars ATI, not quiverfull, because their primary identification is with Bill Gothard’s Advanced Training Institute and their quiverfull beliefs stem from that organization. More generally, I would argue that accuracy demands that we be clear about what leaders and what organizations any given Christian homeschooling family follows. This is because umbrella terms like “quiverfull” or “Christian patriarchy” erase and blur distinctions that can be critically important.” A Case for Calling the Duggars ATI Rather Than Quiverfull – Love, Joy, Feminism


“But beyond the issue of abortion, the 8th amendment also has a huge impact on the care that pregnant women receive in Irish maternity services. This is the hidden impact of the 8th amendment, that often women only become aware of when they are consumers of maternity services, and their care and bodily autonomy is compromised where there is an actual or perceived conflict between the mother’s health and the right of the foetus to be born alive.” The 8th Amendment and Maternity Care – Parents for Choice

Mike Huckabee (Apparently) Thinks the 14th Amendment Applies to Fetuses, but Not to Black People – Love, Joy, Feminism

“We shouldn’t want a better underclass. We should want no underclass, a world in which there might be some inequality but deep poverty is a thing of the past. A decent society shouldn’t try to build a better aristocracy. It should try to achieve a reasonable and rising standard of living for all.” The case against equality of opportunity – Vox

5 Reasons We Need to Stop Making Jokes About Men Who Have Been Raped By Women – Everyday Feminism

“I find that we as a society use the term “crazy” in a very lazy way. The same is true of similar terms, such as “insane.” We use these terms as a sort of catch-all when there are generally far more specific and accurate words available for what we are describing. We use the term “crazy” when we could use other terms, such as illogical, lying, ignorant, uninformed, bigot, toxic, rude, self-centered, egotistical, smug, selfish, pompous, self aggrandizing, entitled, misinformed, misled, confused, absurd, fraud, obtuse, shallow, or extremist.” No Ableist Slurs, Please! – Love, Joy, Feminism

Beauty & Body Image

A lesson I’m trying to learn at the moment: “There is no “wrong” way to have a body.
Understanding these truths will allow you to pursue improvements to health and fitness from a place of self-love, empowerment, and personal revelation. You will be able to make decisions about the food you consume and the fitness you perform based on the feedback your body is giving you, and what is going to nourish your body and make you feel energized, strong, and fulfilled.
Having the mindset that you need to “get your body back” often means changes are pursued from a place of self-hate or shame. Feeling shame or guilt for the way you look, what you ate, or the workouts you didn’t do typically results in trying to make your “wrongs” right with punishing actions, like food restriction, overexercising, or mental chastising. Often times, these behaviors are damaging to both physical and mental health, and come with incredibly ugly consequences.
Happiness is not a weight or shape, and the body you “had” is not superior to the body you have now.
Knowing that you are worthy, right now – in this moment, gives you the freedom to work with your body when pursuing health. It means giving yourself the flexibility to eat more or rest when needed, and doing workouts that you actually enjoy – not just doing the ones you think you “should” do.” An Open Letter to Women Who Say “I Just Want My Body Back” – Coconuts and Kettlebells

H&M Sister Brand “& Other Stories” Launches First All-Transgender Campaign – Papermag

“Pregnancy hasn’t always been so popular. Up until the 1990s, to be “with child” was considered shameful, and women went to great lengths to conceal their “condition.” In addition to trying to avoid discrimination in the workplace, women hid their pregnancies for as long as possible. Any indication of a woman possessing sexuality was seen as shameful, especially if she was pregnant — the ultimate proof that she was sexually active (even if she was married). Fashion trends reflected this cultural view, exemplified by tent-shaped dresses and unflattering maternity muumuus.” The Evolution of Pregnancy: From Shame to Post-baby Bodies and Kim Kardashian West – Adios Barbie


“Basically, you grew up in your childhood learning to feel comfy with only a certain level of happiness. Maybe you grew up used to eighty percent happiness. Or only seventy-five percent. Or seventeen percent. When this concentration shifts—even if it’s upwards—you will then start to feel twitchy, because this new zone feels so unfamiliar. As a result you might instinctively want to do something self-sabotaging, so you can shift your happiness concentration back down, down, down, down, down to your familiar zone—your “masochistic equilibrium.” Or, as mentioned above, you might simply choose situations right from the start which bring you a familiar level of pain, so as to match the “masochistic equilibrium” you grew up with.” Why people self-sabotage their happiness – Karen Salmansohn

10 Ways to Communicate Our Truths in a Loving Way – Elephant Journal

“Brené quotes Charles Feltman, author of The Thin Book of Trust, who describes trust as “choosing to risk making something you value vulnerable to another person’s actions.” Meanwhile, distrust is deciding that “what is important to me is not safe with this person in this situation (or any situation).”” How to Cultivate Self-Trust: Advice from Rising Strong by Brené Brown – Becoming Who You Are

Why don’t we take our own advice? – The Guardian

“Tears are a stress reducer that heal our bodies. For both men and women, they are a sign of strength, not weakness.
There are times when the body needs to release pent up emotions so they don’t physically manifest as fatigue or pain.
To stay healthy and release stress, I encourage my patients to cry.
Tears are your body’s release valve for stress, sadness, grief, anxiety, and frustration. Also, you can have tears of joy, say when a child is born or tears of relief when a difficulty has passed.
I’m always grateful when I can cry.” The Power of Tears to Heal – Elephant Journal

Chronic Illness & Pain

If You’ve Ever Searched for a Diagnosis, You Need to Read This – Patientworthy

“In September of 2012, I opened a new chapter in my blogging by talking about vulnerability and how it is so important to story telling and human connection.  I absolutely believe that and understood that concept looong before I ever started blogging in 2009.  Even though I believe that and am actively working here to form deep human connections, specifically around the struggle of illness and the journey to health, it is still sometimes really tough for me to be truly open and vulnerable.” Insecurity: What Happens Behind the Scenes – Autoimmune Paleo

Coping with Insomnia in CFS – Conquering Fear Spiritually

“Autoimmunity is tricky. Once our immune system ramps up into overdrive, it takes time for it to calm back down. While we hope a flare will pass quickly, sometimes it takes a couple of months before we feel “back to normal.” This doesn’t mean we need to troubleshoot. Really, we just need to give ourselves time. This is an opportunity to focus on something else. It’s easy to get obsessed with autoimmune healing, where every free minute is spent researching the science of our disease or the latest intervention. Do you have hobbies and interests outside of autoimmune healing? If not, it’s time to get some. Freeing ourselves from worry can be an important step toward feeling better.” Navigating Setbacks – Phoenix Helix


5 Health Strategies You Can Learn From Your Dog – ProHealth

“Apitherapy is the art of using bee products – everything from honey to venom – to have more energy and to control your biology. Modern science is now discovering the power of bee products, but we’re hardly the first people to use bees as a source of natural medicine. In fact, apitherapy may be one of the oldest biohacks around; its origins trace back to ancient Greece, Egypt, and China [1].” Apitherapy: The Many Benefits of Bee Products – Bulletproof Executive

Is There Lead in Bentonite Clay? – Wellness Mama

“At the clinic I rarely met women, young or old, who understand their fertility and what happens during the menstrual cycle. They all know about the blood, although not always why they bleed. But few know anything about what happens between periods. No one has told them.
Why have we kept this information from young women? Why do we tell them they can get pregnant any time of the month? If it’s to encourage young people to use protection when they have sex, it doesn’t seem to work. We have given out countless morning after pills (emergency contraception pills) to young women who tell us they always use condoms except that once when they didn’t and guess when that one time usually is? You got it, just at their most fertile time. They have no idea when that is or how their body can clue them in about it.” What We Need to Teach Young Women About Their Bodies – Ruth Miller – Huffington Post

7 Childhood Activities that Can Make You Healthier and Happier – Mark’s Daily Apple

“I am a skeptic, known for my criticisms of stretching.1However, I do enjoy stretching, and even I believe that diligent stretching can increase flexibility, because that’s the one effect of stretching that research has backed up. So for thirty days this summer I optimistically2 stretched my hamstrings — an experiment in the “lab of me.” I was truly disciplined: four full minutes of intense stretching per leg, per day. I did every stretch in a piping hot steam room, which is usually considered an ideal circumstance for stretching, whether that is true or not. What happened?” Stretching for Flexibility, A Personal Experiment – Pain Science

15 Ways to Be Kind to Your Adrenals – Mommypotamus


Carrot Ginger Muffins (gluten free, grain free, paleo) – Savory Lotus

Citrus Herb Meatballs (AIP/Paleo) – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

My Paleo Inside-Out Bread Recipe – Sarah Wilson

(Paleo) Cinnamon Roll In a Mug – The Iron You

Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe – Mommypotamus

Pork Meatballs in Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Butter Sauce – Fresh Tart

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