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“Common threads run through the stories: authoritarian settings where rule-following and obedience reign supreme; counseling techniques that emphasize victims’ own culpability; male leaders with few checks on their power; and, in the eyes of many Christians including Tchividjian, a perversion of the Bible to justify all three. “When you have this motley group of many denominations, this independent environment, and then this distortion of scripture, that’s an environment where abuse can flourish,” Tchividjian says. “But we’ve never been forced to deal with it on a Protestant-wide basis.”” The Next Christian Sex-Abuse Scandal – The Prospect

“It is disconcerting, but it’s more than that. This isn’t just a simple “mistake.” Someone at some point thought it sounded good to say that Jesus quoted more from Genesis than any other book and didn’t bother to double check it. There’s no way you get from the reality that only one of Jesus’ dozens of quotes from the Old Testament come from Genesis, or the reality that only 7% of his references to Old Testament books are from Genesis, to stating that Jesus quotes from (or references) the Old Testament more than any other book unless your intent is to deceive.” Everything You’ve Heard About How Often Jesus Quoted Genesis Is Wrong – Love, Joy, Feminism


Straight Outta Compton: Another step in the legacy of erasing Black women – Feministing

“Inspiration porn operates from several assumptions, the key ones being:
1. That any time disabled people do anything “normal” people can do, it’s totally amazing, like our lives are so horrible and difficult and awful that any achievement is a shock (even as the memes or posts fail to acknowledge disability rights and accommodations that would facilitate achievement)
2. That all of us could “overcome” if only we tried harder! And if we fail to overcome, well then,it is all our fault. Even when some of the reasons we might fail involve able people creating barriers.
3. Exceptionalism as a “standard”: This guy is an inspiration because he’s exceptional, but heshould be the “norm.” Which takes us back to #2.
Those assumptions are false taken on their own and wildly nonsensical taken together, which reveals the absurdity and objectification at the heart of inspiration porn.” Dear Able Friends: I Am Not Your Inspiration Porn – Everyday Feminism

You want the poor to have more money? Well, doh! Splash the cash – The Register

“Forcing your children to address adults by their last names whether those adults want them to or not is not a sign of respect. When I introduce my children to an adult, I first ask that adult what they would like my children to call them. This is what respect looks like. I do not want to be addressed as Mrs. Lastname. It makes me sound like my mother-in-law, and it puts more distance between myself and kids than I want. But Larkins doesn’t care. She would make her kids call me Mrs. Lastname regardless of my wishes. That is not respect.” What Happened to Teaching Kids to Respect People’s Name Preferences? – Love, Joy, Feminism

4 Reasons Why Asking Asian People ‘Where Are You Really From?’ Is Racist – Everyday Feminism


“Our culture reveres the efficient, productive, less emotional individual. If you’re a busy person who juggles socializing with aplomb, you are golden in the United States. The more reflective person who is OK with stillness and solitude, is often deemed selfish or lazy or anti-social. Even though, that is how they connect with their intuition and build self-awareness. Even though, that is how they re-charge in order to tackle the mundane doing and chatting required in society. Even though, after a fulfilling retreat  in solitude, these individuals often emerge with enthusiastic warmth and love for those in their circles.” Beyond Introversion: Are You a Highly Intuitive, Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Being? – Brenda Knowles

The Vicious Cycle of Self Destruction & How to Get Out of It – Elephant Journal

“Processing is different to complaining in that it’s constructive and helps us make sense of the situation. In other words, it’s effective complaining (N.B.: we don’t want to complain about the same things repeatedly if we’re not going to do anything about them).” How to Complain Effectively (and Actually Change Something) – Becoming Who You Are

Guest Post: How Consumption Influences our Creativity – That Hummingbird Life

“Self-love is often mistaken for selfishness. This is not true. It has been proven time and again, if you cannot love yourself, you will never be capable of loving another. After all, if we do not value ourselves, how can we ever honestly honor someone else?
Self-love is different from being egocentric or narcissist. It means to care for oneself, set boundaries for oneself, being truthful to self, trusting and forgiving oneself. Self-love requires tremendous courage. Have the strength to be who you are in the world that is desperately trying to change you and in return the world will love you.” 4 Reasons Why We Should Indulge in Self-Love – Elephant Journal

Chronic Illness & Pain

SHINE Protocol: Nutritional Support Simplifying Nutritional Support in Fibromyalgia / M.E. & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – ProHealth

“My point is this, your story is your own and it is your right to keep it or share it with whomever you choose, but if keeping your illness a secret is coming from a place of pride and its causing you anxiety or isolation, it may be time to release yourself from the burden of secrecy and be honest with the people around you. Not everyone will respond positively, but you may just find the support and community you need.” Telling the Truth About Chronic Illness – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Could you have chemical intolerance? What next? – Sarah Wilson

Chronic illness is a full-time, all-encompassing job. One that requires us to focus on our health, what we’re consuming, what we’re not consuming and what we’re grateful for Every. Single. Day. And it’s almost like the universe knows when we start taking things for granted because it shows up knocking on our door with some wonderful outwardly showing symptom.” No Rest for the #Spoonie – It’s Just a Bad Day

Yoga Appears to Reduce Pain and Improve Mood for People with Arthritis – Neuroscience News

“As someone with a chronic illness, I sometimes still feel like I’m out of place, not because the disability movement hasn’t accepted me, but because many others with chronic illnesses reject the label, despite getting short-term or long-term disability insurance, ending up in the hospital, or experiencing discrimination for their illness. While I respect anybody’s right to use whatever label they choose, I feel like detaching oneself from the disability rights movement does more harm than good to our goals.” I Have a Chronic Illness. Here’s Why I Embrace the Label ‘Disabled’ – Huffington Post

Day 3: 31 Days to a Better CFS Life – 5 Ways to Control Our Thoughts When in Overwhelm & Despair – The Get up and Go Guru


Floor Living: Sitting on the Floor – Mark’s Daily Apple

“No — you do not need a stretching habit, per se, to keep your muscles from shrivelling up. Nearly any movement is sufficient to prevent that (see previous section). Although it’s better than nothing, getting out of the chair to stretch specifically is simply the wrong tool for the job. A little static elongation of muscle tissue just does not constitute adequate stimulation to be an antidote for all the effects of four hours of sitting per day, let alone eight or twelve.
What you need is a similar-but-better concept I call “mobilizations”: repeated, rhythmic elongation and contraction of muscle tissue. For instance, when most people get up from a long sit, they will instinctively stretch their arms backwards, opening up the chest, and a few will then close the chest as well, flexing the same muscles they just stretched.
That’s the perfect thing, the right impulse — you just need to do a bit more of it. Repeat! Doing it once pulls your chest and upper back muscles away from the brink. Doing it ten times in a row a few times a day is mobilizing. Basically: light exercise, emphasizing the range of motion of the joints that need it the most after sitting in a chair.” Sitting Too Much? The Trouble With Chairs – Pain Science

Discover Elderberry for Your Health – Dr Axe

“She explained that eating too much refined sugar—which is found in most sweets, sodas, white breads, and pastas, virtually all “fat free” and “low fat” snacks, fruit juices, yogurts, energy drinks, most Starbucks drinks (including many coffees), sauces (ketchup, BBQ sauces, mayo, pasta sauces), and countless other packaged foods—has now been shown to make us cranky, make us make rash decisions, and make us stupid. My friend’s point was clear: Just because I’m thin and my blood tests show no sign of diabetes, it doesn’t meant the amount of refined sugar I’m eating isn’t negatively effecting my health.” How Giving Up Refined Sugar Changed My Brain – Fast Company

10 Paleo Ways to Stop Menopause and Hot Flashes for Good – Paleo for Women

“Hanging is a heavily loaded movement. If you are having issues with your joint stability, exercise can help. Hanging can help, too, but after you’ve done some groundwork. The key to developing stability is finding the best exercises. Or actually, there aren’t “best” exercises, there’s just learning about anatomy and movement, and then your anatomy and how you are moving, and putting all that information together so that you know how to modify everything to make it beneficial (strengthening and stabilizing) and not detrimental (overloading your ligaments).” Hypermobility (and 12 Steps to stronger, more stable shoulders) – Nutritious Movement

Weighing in on the Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) Controversy – The Daily Lipid


Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe from the Paleo Takeout Cookbook – Mommypotamus

Spiced Pear Smoothie – Dr Mark Hyman

Wild Salmon with Nectarine-Cucumber Salsa – Autoimmune Paleo

Sweet & Spicy Roasted Carrots and Parsnips – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Paleo Breakfast Sausage-Cabbage Bake with AIP Option – Paleo Cajun Lady

Pineapple Banana Nice Cream – Biohackers Recipe

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