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Knitting History 101 – Knitty

“I came out as INTJ because the amateur test administrator incorrectly told us to answer the questions based on what we usually do, instead of our natural preference. This skewed my result, but it also made me realize that when it comes to making and executing plans, I’ve come a long way. Organization and routine don’t come naturally to me, but I’ve worked hard—especially in these last few years—at cultivating those skills.” The tough love guide to planning ahead (if you’re not naturally a planner) – Modern Mrs Darcy

Jon Ronson: When online shaming spirals out of control – TED

“When children play, Osei Ntiamoah continued, they’re developing their language, math, and social-interaction skills. A recent research summary “The Power of Play” supports her findings: “In the short and long term, play benefits cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development…When play is fun and child-directed, children are motivated to engage in opportunities to learn,” the researcher concluded.
Osei Ntiamoah’s colleagues all seemed to share her enthusiasm for play-based learning, as did the school’s director, Maarit Reinikka: “It’s not a natural way for a child to learn when the teacher says, ‘Take this pencil and sit still.’” The school’s kindergarten educators have their students engage in desk work—like handwriting—just one day a week. Reinikka, who directs several preschools in Kuopio, assured me that kindergartners throughout Finland—like the ones at Niirala Preschool—are rarely sitting down to complete traditional paper-and-pencil exercises.” Why Kindergarten in Finland is All About Playtime (and Why that Could Be More Stimulating than the Common Core) – The Atlantic

5 Ways Frugal People Aren’t Cheap – DailyFinance

Religion & Modesty Culture

Modesty Culture Part 1: Introduction – “Whaaaat?” – Diary of an Autodidact

Part 2: How “Modesty Culture” Became a “Thing”

Part 3: “Modesty” in Practice

Part 4: The Concept of “Defrauding” and Rape Culture

Part 5: The Faulty Definition of “Lust”

Part 6: The Real Meaning of 1 Timothy 2:8-10

Part 7: Maybe Christian Women Should Buy Their Clothes at WalMart

Part 8: Sexism and Misogyny

Part 9: Inconsistent Application of Rules


“I’m of the opinion that basic income is not only an existing right of citizenship (not yet recognized) but that it must be seen to be so in order for UBI to succeed. The problem is that welfare programs are divisive. By treating people differently, by giving help to some and not to others, we divide ourselves artificially. We see that in every comment about “makers and takers”, or “strivers and shirkers”. To get past this, we must do as Alaska does with their dividend, and provide cash equally to all, regardless of income. That’s how we eliminate artificially created divisions. It’s time we acknowledge we’re all in this together, rich or poor, male or female, majority or minority. We all share the same basic needs.” Interview: Scott Santens talk universal basic income, and why the U.S. could adopt it by 2035 – Futurism

Navigating Gender Norms with my Transgender Daughter – Everyday Feminism

“It’s kind of curious isn’t it? Here we are worrying people will work less if we guarantee a basic income, and the reality of the situation is that people are presently working too much, and it is costing all of us. Combine this with the fact there’s 3 people seeking every 1 available job, and the obvious solution is that we actually want people to be able to choose to work less, to free up more positions for those seeking jobs who are currently being excluded from the labor market.” Why Should We Support the Idea of Unconditional Basic Income – Working Life – Medicum

Relationships & Sex

7 Dating Behaviors That Will Benefit Your Marriage – Eligible Magazine

“He reads over my shoulder when I write about him, occasionally vetoing but mostly watching my understanding of him take shape on the page. This is freeing for me. I think we have had repeat miscommunication over the years because his feelings are so intense he doesn’t believe I could grasp them. But now he sees me spell them out. Not just the feelings but the causes and my feelings and dedication and love for him. This is a great affirmation for him and reminder for me. We will get through this.” Our Life With Autism – The Honeyed Quill

9 Surprising Problems that Could Destroy Your Marriage – FamilyShare

“Sometimes we feel like we’re rushing through life so fast that we’re missing out. You try to prioritize exercise and meditation, but self-care is often the first thing to go when the chaos rises.
Trying to keep all the balls in the air can mean you aren’t seeing what’s right in front of your face. You and your partner might be drifting apart. Here’s what you need to know to bridge distance:” How to Protect Your Relationship When You’re Drifting Apart – Mind Body Green

The 8 Most Overlooked Threats to a Marriage – Huffington Post


Thus began my transformation from negative to positive. Through speech. Through meeting my own needs first.
Once I saw how affected I was (constantly shaking, crying, afraid, enraged, hurt) by a lack of boundaries in my relationships, I started that hard work of cleaning my social closet. I discovered that multiple relationships in my life– with friends and family–were toxic. I gave myself permission to step away and work on my self-confidence and joy before considering reengagement with those people. Some I told I needed space. Others, I ghosted, drifting out of their lives to avoid further toxicity.
I began to look for positive in the world. I reframed negative thoughts into positive statements. It was a lot like looking for shapes in clouds.” You Are What You Emotionally Eat – The Honeyed Quill

10 Simple Ways to Prioritize What You Love – Simplicity Relished

“I wish we could talk about sadness without making it weakness. Or talk about weakness without making it shame. I wish we didn’t feel like we had to live up to a one-way narrative about success.
Maybe what we need is something more like this: the landscapes of our selves are vast, and contain more than we can ever imagine in a single moment. So sometimes we live in the forest. Sometimes we live in the open air. Sometimes we are on the edge of one, looking into the other. And while the trees that are our memories of other pain can block out the sunshine, they can also shelter us from the worst of the rain.
State dependent memory. We remember things better when we are in the same state as when we learned them. We have been in this forest before. It has been dark and it has felt like there was no way out. And yet, here we are again. Having left and returned, left and returned.” How we feel is where we live: life, landscapes, and maybe a treehouse – Consider the Tea Cosy

The Truth About Your Uncertain Life Path & Purpose – Zen Habits

“I’ve learned that I can save myself a lot of needless stress and anxiety if I catch myself before I start spinning stories that go beyond my direct experience.” Stick to the Facts to Keep Stress and Anxiety at Bay – Psychology Today

Chronic Illness & Pain

Licorice Root Benefits Adrenal Fatigue & Leaky Gut – Dr Axe

I spent two years fighting the horrible intruder before I realised I could be at peace with its presence in my life without that meaning I had given up or given in.
When people or books told me I had to reach a point of acceptance of the illness, I thought they meant surrender to it.
But acceptance is not about surrendering to the illness or pain, it’s about letting go of the struggle around it. Surrendering to what is so, but not making that a good or bad thing.
It’s just what’s so.
I was ill. That’s what was so.” Is CFS Your Enemy or Ally? – Get Up and Go Guru

Do You Have These Fibromyalgia Symptoms of Systemic Dysfunction? – ProHealth

“You WILL spend hours in waiting rooms, you WILL have to listen to too many more ticking clocks (I seriously HATE ticking clocks – I’ll write about that some time), you WILL have to try more medications, you WILL suffer more symptoms, you will probably add another chronic illness or condition to your ever-growing list. You will go through more shit.
But, if you learn to hold the hands of Patience and Persistence you’ll get through, you’ll continue to grow stronger and you’ll lead a life that’s emotionally healthier and with that, experience many wondrous moments.” The Two Friends That Support You Best on the Medical Merry-Go-Round (And the Blighters that Bring You Down) – Who’s That Lady

Why Do Women Get More Autoimmune Diseases? – Artem Vitale

“The healing journey is not easy. It requires you to die to your old self, to be open to new possibilities, and to take full responsibility for your life. It’s a primal and often solitary journey. If you embrace the challenge and stay the course, you’ll find gifts you never thought to ask for. Natural treatments are not always well known, the path is definitely not straight, but healing is possible and victory over dis-ease is very sweet. — Mary Ruddick, BA, CNC” Twelve Years, A Dozen Diseases, One Sweet Victory – Healing is Freedom

9 Candida Symptoms & 3 Steps to Treat Them – Dr Axe


Oregano Oil Benefits Superior to Prescription Antibiotics – Dr Axe

“Studies by Stitchlinks, the brainchild of Betsan Corkill, have explored how knitting and other crafts can improve low self esteem, help with stress, fear, anxiety and worry and give people a rewarding, purposeful occupation – and a route out of social isolation and loneliness.  Stitchlinks encourages and promotes the use of therapeutic knitting and stitching through their research – working with clinicians and therapists to explore how craft can really make a difference to stress, anxiety, depression, dexterity and pain management.” Time to Talk Day: the health benefits of knitting – LoveKnitting

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome: Dawn of the Walking Dead – Dr Lam

“Each foot is made up of 33 joints, 26 bones and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, and it is loaded inside and out with sensors. Researchers at the University of British Columbia made a huge discovery in 2002: 104 unique, ultra-speedy “mechanoreceptors” on the sole. They measure pressure and indention, which together tell you how to balance.
“These plantar nerves help you make microsecond adjustments that keep you upright and stable,” says New York-based podiatrist Emily Splichal, who runs barefoot training certifications for medical professionals through her Evidence Based Fitness Academy. “Ever wonder what putting on shoes and socks does to this vital input? It blocks it — and forces the bigger, less-precise sensors in the ankle and lower leg to do the job instead.”” Barefoot running may be over, but here’s why barefoot training is still smart – LA Times

Don’t Be Afraid to Squat Low: Seven Reasons to Squat Deep – Poliquin Article


Easy & Smart Freezer Tip: Label Food Container With a Dry Erase Crayon – Organizing Homelife – The Kitchn

““I didn’t have any eggs, so I replaced them with a banana-chia-flaxseed pulse. It turned out terrible; this recipe is terrible.”
“I don’t have any of these ingredients at home. Could you rewrite this based on the food I do have in my house? I’m not going to tell you what food I have. You have to guess.”
“I don’t eat white flour, so I tried making it with raw almonds that I’d activated by chewing them with my mouth open to receive direct sunlight, and it turned out terrible. This recipe is terrible.”
“Could you please give the metric weight measurements, and sometime in the next twenty minutes; I’m making this for a dinner party and my guests are already here.”” Every Comment on Recipe Blogs – The Toast

Five Useful Cooking Techniques No One Teaches You – LifeHacker


Pressure Cooker Recipe: Kerala Coconut Chicken Curry – The Kitchn

Cauliflower Fritters from Paleo Home Cooking – Paleo for Women

Paleo Meatloaf with Shallot Gravy Recipe – AIP Option – Paleo Cajun Lady

Homemade Ginger Tea Recipe – February Stars

Slow Cooker Orange Ginger Pork (Paleo/AIP) – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Banana Crunch AIP  Cookies – Cook It Up Paleo

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