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9 Ways We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible – Everyday Feminism

“When Helen Linehan found out in 2004 that there was something fatally wrong with the 11-week-old foetus she was carrying, she was advised to have an immediate termination, because doctors knew there was no chance that the baby would survive longer than an hour after birth.
The foetus had a condition known as acrania, which meant that its skull had not closed over the brain. Although it probably would have survived inside the womb, it would not have lived once it was born, and doctors were clear that termination was the only option. Accompanied by her husband, Graham – writer of the television comedy series Father Ted, Black Books and The IT Crowd – she had an abortion three days later in a hospital near their home in London. “It was terribly sad and devastating, but it was handled well,” she said.
Some months later, they moved back to Ireland, where they discovered that, had they been living there during this first pregnancy, Helen would have been forced to carry the pregnancy to term, or face a 14-year prison sentence for procuring an illegal abortion.” How heartbreak led Graham and Helen Linehan to campaign for abortion in Ireland – The Guardian

Feminism at the End of the World – Jezebel

“It didn’t matter to social welfare that at least half the people in the room were just there because they were worried about what would happen if they didn’t show up. It didn’t matter that they had put people out on a day’s notice. And it definitely didn’t seem to matter that a lack of qualifications isn’t the reason why many of us are out of a job right now.
I’ve said it before, but I want to say it again: I’m not grumbling because of an attempt to get people into work. Like I said, from what I’ve learned this morning it sounds like a great programme. And I’m not grumbling because of an idea that I’m somehow better than people who need this kind of thing. I’m under no illusions that a university education makes me better than anyone else. What I am annoyed about is this: that if you’re out of work, your time is seen as having no value. And that so many of us go along with these things because we’re afraid.
I’m annoyed, because talking about this means admitting where I’m at: I’m one of Those People. The ones you hear about mooching off the state instead of doing something useful with their time. I’m annoyed because of this fear I have that anything other than gratefulness is seen as entitlement– the worst thing for a millennial to show, right?” Courses, schemes, and who is valued: a letter from social welfare – Consider the Tea Cosy

Carly Fiorina lied about Planned Parenthood video: GOP-debate fact-checking – Slate

Beauty & Body Image

Ask Dr NerdLove: I Hate My Body and I Don’t Know What to Do – LifeHacker

“It turns out, I’d been wrong all along. I didn’t have to dedicate my life to becoming smaller, but just had to learn how to make clothes that fit me as I am now. It turns out that in many ways sewing your own clothes is a radical act; a chance to escape the constraints of the fashion industry, whether in style or size, and an opportunity to express yourself exactly, rather than choosing from someone else’s expressions. Your physical dimensions become simply a numerical input and not a value judgment. And trust me that you’ll never look better than when you’re wearing something you made, in a fabric you love, in a size that fits.” Sewing my clothes is an escape from fashion’s dictates. I no longer hate my body. – Jenny Rushmore – The Guardian

29 Lessons I’ve Learned About My Body in 29 Years – Adios Barbie


“It is absolutely true that there are children out there who are being taught to see themselves as better than others and as above the rules, but this is not the result of praise and validation. Instead, it is the result of parents teaching them that the rules don’t apply to them, and a failure to communicate respect for other people and other children as well. Praising your child is not going to turn them into a selfish monster. Teaching your child that other children don’t have value and that they are above the rules, on the other hand, just might.
I see my children’s eyes light up when I tell them that I believe in them, that I love them, that I value them. My words set lifelong patterns for how my children will see themselves. I tell my children that they have worth, that their ideas matter, and that they have the power to create change, and they believe me—and that is powerful. We need to inspire our children, not take them down a peg. The world will do enough of that on its own. And when the world does knock our children down, we need to be there to support them, to walk through it with them, and to help them grow and learn through it. We are to be our children’s cheerleaders, and mentors.” No, Praising Children Will Not Make Them Selfish – Love, Joy, Feminism

“Two important lessons I’ve learned about loving as a complex, deeply feeling being are:
1. Maintaining integrity, rather than changing myself to please others or expecting my partner to change to fit my needs, is essential and
2. Relationships are crucibles where intense heat and clashing expectations cause the people involved to evolve
Now, at first glance that sounds like two contradictory lessons. One, I have to be myself and not change for anyone and two, I have to be open to changing in a relationship. The fascinating thing about employing both of these practices is if I maintain my own values and learn how to self-validate then I can participate in a relationship fully without fear of losing myself. I can be me AND be OK with someone different from me.” Loving and Growing as a Sensitive Soul in an Intimate Relationship – Brenda Knowles

“But part of what they don’t teach in sex ed classes is that you will want novelty, too. Just because you’re having amazing sex with your partner doesn’t mean that you won’t be interested in banging someone else. The desire to sleep with other people doesn’t go away forever just because you’re in a relationship with someone, but it also doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your relationship when you find yourself eyeing Sheila over in Accounts Receivable. Similarly, it doesn’t mean that you’re not doing your job just because your partner is imagining what it’d be like to sneak off into the broom closet with that Joseph Gordon-Levitt look-alike she’s noticed at work.
This doesn’t mean that either of you is about to (or is even interested in trying to) turn fantasy into reality – a boner isn’t a mandate to be fulfilled – but how much heartache could we avoid if we were taught that these feelings are natural when we’re learning about the birds and bees?
Sex is complicated and messy2 enough when you’re crossing your fingers that you get everything else right. It takes an education to become a masterful lover. Teaching the right lessons means the difference between a disappointing encounter and sex that everyone enjoys.” What Men Should Have Learned in Sex Ed – Dr NerdLove

Chronic Illness & Pain

Day 10: 31 Days to a Better CFS Life – 10 Ways to Nurture Yourself – Get Up and Go Guru

“Sure, I’m on disability. Sure, I can’t do everything I’d love to do… BUT let’s be real. I’m legit like the busiest person on disability. And if there’s something I want to do, I’m not going to let anything hold me back from doing it! I’m an active person. I love to attend concerts. Traveling is my favorite thing to do – I’d give up a huge closet to live out of a suitcase. I’m the most motivated and determined person you’ll ever meet. I’ve started laying the groundwork for a very profitable business. I’ve started writing a book and have about 4 other book ideas floating in my head. I’ve taken my situation and really made the best out of it. How would people realize that even though I do have limitations, we could still have a very real, very active, very normal relationship?” Why Was One of the Best Things I’ve Done on Disability – It’s Just a Bad Day

10 Things I’ve Learned Through My Invisible Illness – Chronic Mom

“Cannabis has been used to help treat the inflammatory symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis for years. Despite anecdotal success, past research offers little insight into the mechanism involved in treating the condition with cannabis.
A recent study to be published in Rheumatology does just that, suggesting that the benefits could be attributed to activation of the CB2 receptor.” Study Shows Cannabis May Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis – Medical Jane

20 Tips for Living Well With Chronic Pain and Illness – Psychology Today

“I often found myself wondering why I was feeling so poorly when “I hadn’t done that much”. The truth was, I had actually done quite a lot without realising it. I was guilty of ignoring the small daily tasks when pacing because I felt like they were things that I should be able to do without issue. Why? Probably because they are the things that healthy people take for granted and don’t have to think about. I resented the fact that getting up, washed and dressed would drain me so much. I didn’t want to let the simple act of getting ready stop me from being able to do other things.
Now I am learning that I can only do so much in one day and that includes all those little things that I previously didn’t want to take into account.” What the Hell Is Pacing Anyway? – February Stars

Pregnancy and POTS: Experiences & Resources Part 2 – Stop POTS (and Dysautonomia!)


The Diet We’re Meant to Eat, Part 3: How Much Meat versus Veggies? – The Paleo Mom

“Magee is not alone in her assessment of the craft’s palliative affects on the mind. Knitting has been called the “new yoga” for good reason. Famous for its relaxing, meditative qualities, knitting increasingly is being used in hospitals, clinics, schools and even prisons to help people lead healthier, happier lives. And there’s data to prove it.” The Truth About Knitting and Crochet… They Are Good For You! – Craft Yarn Council

RUA Rib Thruster? – Nutritious Movement

“Whether something ends up in Group 1, 2A, or 2B depends only on the strength of the evidence, not the degree of risk. If a compound has been confirmed beyond doubt to increase breast cancer risk by 2%, it goes in Group 1. If a compound has a reasonable but not overwhelming amount of evidence suggesting that it increases breast cancer risk by 25%, it goes in Group 2A. The second compound is likely more dangerous and confers greater risk than the first compound.” What Does the WHO Report Mean for Your Meat-Eating Habit? – Mark’s Daily Apple

7 Ways Magnesium Improves Your Brain – Dr Jockers

“The book proposes that we can reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal distress cheaply and effectively by taking three steps:
-We need to spend more time on the floor – in the natural postures of sitting, squatting, kneeling
-We need to be good at standing erect from the floor – this is a basic skill requiring a host of muscles to coordinate in work together
-Our feet need functional rehabilitation – shoes are sensory deprivation chambers!” Floor Living – Conditioning Research

5 Benefits of Walking With Your Dog – Positively


Check out my tips #22 and #41: The Perfect Cooking Class for Beginners: 103 Food Bloggers Reveal the Lessons They’d Teach – Learning to Cook Food

“When making make-ahead-and-freeze casseroles in the past, I’ve always been disconcerted by the fact that I’m putting all of my 9×13’s out of commission in the freezer. But I’ve recently learned a new tip that’s liberated me to freeze many, many casseroles with just one pan:” A Helpful Tip for Make Ahead and Freeze Casseroles – The Kitchn

“But the most distinctive thing about this tea is the way it’s poured. The tea maker begins by pouring the first glass from two to three feet above the tray. He then pours that glass of tea at the same height into the next glass, and then the next, creating a frothy head in each glass. Then the original inch or two of tea goes back in the teapot for more boiling. Before serving, he may taste the tea a few times, seeking optimal flavor.” Many Cups of Tea: The Business of Sipping in Western Sahara – The Salt – NPR


Sweet Potato Tater Tots – Popular Paleo

Smoky Sage Punch – Serious Eats

Pumpkin Spice Granola – Autoimmune Paleo

Teriyaki Stackers – Popular Paleo

Egg-Free & Nut-Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies – Against All Grain

Matcha Tea Latte – Kale & Chocolate

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On Writing and Limitations

On “Jokes” and Domestic Violence

Born to Win by Dr Kevin Leman

From Coping to Thriving by Hannah Braime

February 2016 Quick Reviews



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