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“Once upon a time, before you were born, there was a Golden Age. You didn’t need an amazing resume to find a job. Even the lazy and ignorant got hired. And best of all, pay kept going up. One man working an ordinary job could support his entire family in middle class splendor. And he didn’t have to work all that hard. Office workers left on the dot of five and factory workers got paid overtime. Getting drunk at work, if not de rigure, was certainly commonplace. And still everybody made more money than his or her parents. Everybody lived better than they had dreamed possible when they were kids.” A New Golden Age Part I: Why Your Grandparents Lived Larger Than You Do – The Los Angeles Review of Books

“And yet, much as modern St Patrick’s Day often has little to do with Irish heritage, the claim that American and Irish resistance to British colonialism sprung from the same source can be complicated.  The links between Ireland and the American Revolution were much more complex.  In addition, as the following will show, the American Revolution had a far greater impact on Ireland than Ireland had on the American Revolution.” Ireland and the American Revolution – Journal of the American Revolution


“Fempathizing is that thing we do to try to make a guy feel like he’s really doing just great when he’s actually teetering on the edge of the asshole pool. It’s also the overly cheerful soothing of some random insecurity a guy felt entitled to hand us.” What Is Fempathizing? 5 Ways to Recognize This Act of Internalized sexism – Everyday Feminism

No, Abortion Is Not 86% of Planned Parenthood’s Revenue – Love, Joy, Feminism

“This, again. On Thursday, American headlines were yet again dominated by news of yet another mass shooting, this time at an Oregon community college. Yet again, worried parents, friends, and partners made anxious phone calls, rushed to the scene, prayed. Yet again, the shooter was an aggrieved young man with easy access to firearms. Yet again, the president of the United States expressed his grief and his hope that we will do something about our country’s chronic and lethal gun disease — he seemed wearier this time, though, surely knowing that if mass shootings of elderly churchgoers and elementary school children couldn’t get Republicans in Congress to budge on basic gun control, a slaughter at a community college probably won’t do the trick either.” How Can You Call Yourself “Pro-Life” if You Do Nothing About Gun Violence? – Cosmopolitan

Little Old Lady Annihilates Subway Slut-Shamer – Distractify

“The most recent story about Facebook with my byline is Women, LGBT least safe on Facebook, despite ‘real name’ policy. In it, I revealed the company’s practice of taking user ID on the pretense of verifying identity ‘to keep its communities and users safe’ and then publishing information not voluntarily provided by the user without consent. It detailed the findings in a new report on harm done to domestic violence victims, A Glimpse From the Field: How Abusers Are Misusing Technology, which found Facebook to be the source of harm in 99% of cases – the epicenter for abuse, due to its ubiquitousness and lack of anonymity. The report found that Facebook is the most misused social media platform by abusers, period, and Facebook is a key place for attackers to access information about victims or harass them by direct messaging or via their friends and family. The respondents included national domestic violence programs, sexual assault programs, law enforcement, prosecutor’s offices and civil legal services. The primary mitigation against this harm from leading organizations such as the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) is advice to victims to never use, share or show real names or “real” information on the victim’s account. The victims on Facebook of this harassment were estimated at over 23 million female Facebook users as of June, 2015.” Why I’m sitting at home crying on a Saturday… – Violet Blue

Relationships & Sex

I believe that “female complexity” – especially with regard to genitals – is a myth.
I believe we have constructed this myth over the course of centuries and decades. Throughout Western history, men have been considered normal. But women have been abnormal, deviant, tempting and even devilish. (Trust me, I study religion for a living.) Men have been the status quo. Women have been The Other.
Men’s bodies have been acceptable, and women’s bodies have not. Men’s bodies have been studied extensively and treated well, and women’s bodies have not. Men’s bodies have been applauded for their ability to rape, dominate, and insemniate, and women’s bodies have not.
Men’s pleasure has been and today continues to be thoroughly studied, advocated, and glorified. Think of all of the pop culture references to oral sex performed on men. Think of ‘milk shakes’ bringing all the boys to the yard. Think of Christina Aguilera in Eminem’s Slim Shady and who she gave head to first.
Think of all the drawings of penises you see scribbled over journals, lockers, graffiti walls, and even people’s faces when they pass out drunk. Think of being asked to join the “pen 15” club when you were in junior high school. Think of the way in which it is acceptable to say “penis” in public, but everyone kind of lowers their voice when they say “vagina.”
Think of all the Cosmo articles about how to please your man. Think of the expectations placed on your ability to perform oral sex on a man, starting from a young age. I very, very clearly remember a good friend of mine disappearing behind a factory with a boy to pleasure him when we were twelve years old. Twelve! She did not receive sexual attention from a man in a loving manner until years later. I also remember the high amount of pressure placed on me and my girlfriends as we began journeys into sexuality and adulthood, and needed to give our partners oral sex or else we were prude. I am by no means saying that the way we behaved was awesome. Nor am I saying that we need to stop teenagers from being sexual. Not at all. Neither  is the case.
But what I am trying to demonstrate is that in our culture, male pleasure is very significant, and the male reproductive organs are much more acceptable than the female.” The Myth of Female Sexual Complexity – Paleo for Women

3 Skills Taught in Couples Therapy that All Couples Can Benefit From – Psychology Today

“Within relationships, sometimes you have to communicate awkward things to the other person. It’s also very normal for things that weren’t issues in the first heady rush of “You like me? I also like you!” to become issues the more time you spend together. The best approach, I’ve found, is to be very brief and direct. “Boyfriend, so glad you’re coming over tonight. Could you rinse off after you run?”” #759: U R NOT 2 PICKY IF U HAVE PREFERENCES – Captain Awkward


“Researchers also find that Denmark’s egalitarianism plays an important role. For example, a 2009 study by Robert Biswas-Diener and colleagues found that while rich Americans and Danes were equally happy, what really made the difference is that low-income Danes were much, much happier than their American counterparts. This is consistent with findings that high levels of equality translate into happier societies. Unsurprisingly, egalitarianism is also a core value of hygge, according to anthropologists. In this way, perhaps, the rules governing private life in Denmark translate into the kind of public gains cited by Bernie Sanders.” The Secret to Danish Happiness – Huffington Post

The Surprising Benefits of a Quiet Ego – Quiet Revolution

Chronic Illness & Pain

When caregivers need care: Supporting the people that you rely on – painACTION

How often do you pause to question how your treatment protocol is benefiting you? How often do you think about the ways in which it isn’t? It is great when we find something that helps us to feel better but the unfortunate truth is that things can change. Just because something helps us in the beginning, it does not mean it will continue to benefit us in the long-term. The frustrating thing about fibromyalgia is that we often have to take a dynamic approach to managing our symptoms.” The Importance of Regularly Assessing Your Fibromyalgia Treatment Protocol – February Stars

Day 20: 6 Benefits of Writing to Help Manage CFS / ME – Get Up and Go Guru

“Many empaths or Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), may have a syndrome called adrenal fatigue and not even realize it. The theory behind this condition is that the adrenal glands can’t keep up with outside stress so the hormones such as cortisol that normally keep them energized begin to get depleted.” Strategies for Empaths to Relieve Adrenal Fatigue – Elephant Journal

Self-Injections 101 – National Psoriasis Foundation


Top 25 Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits – Dr Axe

“But with turmeric, it’s all about the curcumin…the bioactive ingredient in this golden root. And with curcumin, there are totally ineffective ways of eating it…and effective ones!” You’ve been eating your turmeric all wrong! – Sarah Wilson

The A-to-Z Guide to Leading a Primal Lifestyle – Mark’s Daily Apple

“Phytochemicals are compounds in plants that, while not techinically considered essential (meaning you must consume them to stay alive), are absolutely vital for optimal health and disease prevention.
Phytochemicals are responsible for giving many fruits and vegetables their rich colors and unique scents, like the deep red of tomatoes or the aroma of garlic. They’re also a big reason why unprocessed plant foods (fruits and veggies in whole food form) are found to be disease-protective in study after study. Certain phytochemicals have the ability to slow the growth of cancer cells, help regulate hormones, prevent DNA damage, protect against oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and induce apoptosis (death) in damaged cells (like a spring clean-up)—just to name a few of their beneficial activities.” The Amazing World of Plant Phytochemicals: Why a diet rich in veggies is so important! – The Paleo Mom

The Truth About Mammograms (And Whether You Should Get One) – Everyday Feminism


Ask the Food Lab: Can I Make Stock in a Pressure Cooker or Slow Cooker? – Serious Eats

“Root vegetables are rich in nutritents, anti-inflammatories and high in fiber. You are familiar with potatoes, carrots, onions, beets and radishes, but there are others like celeriac, jicama, turnips and rutabagas that will delight everyone at the table.
Root vegetables are from the ground and absorb toxins from the soil so buy organic.” Find your Roots – Ancestral, Medical and Root Vegetable Recipes – Second Nature Care

Ask Well: A Myth About Refreezing Foods – The New York Times

“Coffee lovers may have noticed a new offering in their local cafés. Cascara is a tea-like drink with a fine, fruity flavor and plenty of caffeine, and it’s popping up everywhere.” Cascara ‘Tea’: A Tasty Infusion Made From Coffee Waste – The Salt – NPR

Simmering Stovetop Potpourri for Fall – Mommypotamus


Sweet Potato Pie Cheesecake – Autoimmune Paleo

How to Make a Paleo Frittata – Popular Paleo

Paleo Garlic Knots (GF, AIP, Yeast Free) – Food and Sunshine

Ginger Honey Switchel Recipe – Wellness Mama

The Best Paleo Chicken Pot Pie – Paleo Hacks

Apple Pie (Two Variations, AIP and Standard Paleo) – The Paleo Mom

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