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“When people are doing a physical task, it’s easy to assess how hard they are working. You can see the physical movement, the sweat. You also see the result of their work: the brick wall rising, the hole in the ground getting bigger. Recognising and rewarding hard work is a pretty fundamental human instinct, it is one of the reasons we find endurance sports so fascinating. This instinctive appreciation of physical hard work is a problem when it comes to managing creative-technical employees. Effective knowledge workers often don’t look like they are working very hard.” Are Your Programmers Working Hard, Or Are They Lazy? – Code Rant

Here’s What Really Happened at That Company That Set a $70,000 Minimum Wage –

“I want to be very clear that I am not saying that every criticism is merited, or that being willing to be wrong means being always wrong. I’m also not saying that there aren’t actual witch hunts. (There are, though that’s a topic for another post.) What I am saying is that I have seen allegations of “witch hunts” used to shut down well-meant and thoughtful criticism without equally well-meant and thoughtful consideration. I’ve seen allegations of “witch hunts” used to discredit honest attempts at communication. And that’s a problem.” Rejecting Witch Hunts and Embracing Criticism – Love, Joy, Feminism

Ontario newborn bleeds to death after family doctor persuades parents to get him circumcised

“And then I started grilling cab drivers. I’m sure they were speaking in support of their own interests, but they had a lot to say. Here’s what they told me:Uber drivers have a tough time making a living; they’re responsible for their own cars, fuel, benefits, maintenance, tolls, and certain insurance as well as the kickback to Uber that takes a substantial slice out of every fare they pick up. They may or may not know where they’re going, and they may or may not be driving cars that are safe. Uber consistently squeezes its drivers as tightly as it possibly can; new drivers are paying an even higher cut to Uber than the first generation did.” Getting Over Uber – Backchannel


I could’ve written this word by word about my childhood experiences.
“I’m serious when I say that having to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night was a serious problem for me. I was so profoundly frightened. I would lay in the bed with the covers over my head and my eyes tight shut, afraid I might see a demon if I opened my eyes. I was terrified. But alas, my bladder was such that I couldn’t fall back asleep when it was full. Eventually, terrified, trembling, I would slip out of bed and make a mad dash for the bathroom, do my business, and then run back into bed and pull the covers back over my head.” Demons and the Consequences of Feeding Children’s Fears – Love, Joy, Feminism


8 Things I Am More Afraid Of Than Trans Women In The Ladies Room – Consider the Tea Cosy

“When we speak of organ or tissue donation in children and adults we say just that, kidneys or liver or skin grafts. Even face transplants. We do not call them body parts we use their anatomic terms. When fetal tissue is donated for medical research (much in same way a kidney or a liver is donated) a rational person interested in accuracy would say just that, “fetal tissue” and “donation.” Those with agendas other than accurate reporting and health care use the term baby parts, specifically harvesting baby parts to go for a maximum illusion of morbidity as if the medical care at Planned Parenthood were really a sequel to Robin Cook’s Coma. My BFF George Will, ever the wordsmith, took it to the next level calling Planned Parenthood a “meat market.”” The media also bears a lot of responsibility for the Planned Parenthood shooting – Dr Jen Gunter

Tone Policing – Robot Hugs

“She may be busting out the “now we know” language, but this conspiracy theory that holds that women don’t choose abortion but are tricked into it by sex cultists has been popular in anti-choice circles for a long time. Yes, they really do believe that women who schedule abortions show up and are surprised when they doctor is like, “Tah-dah! You are no longer pregnant.”
This claim that women do not choose abortion, but are coerced into it, was drafted for politically convenient reasons. Anti-choicers realize that by claiming that abortion is “murder”, they are arguing that 3 out of 10 women in the United States should be in prison serving a life sentence—or even, by their own measure, be slated for a death sentence.” What’s behind the conspiracy theory about “coerced” abortions – Raw Story

Women, LGBT least safe on Facebook, despite ‘real name’ policy – Engadget


“Vulnerability. This is going to get all head-bendy, so buckle up, Dorothy, because Kansas is about to go bye-bye. The best way to protect your heart is to be vulnerable easily, trust often, and not build high walls or fortresses around yourself. There’s a thing I’ve seen happen where people say, “I’ve been mistreated, so I am not going to trust easily. I’ve learned my lesson. I will not let people close to me.” And what happens? They get hurt and mistreated again. And again. Why? Because when you build a fortress around your heart and hold everyone at arm’s length, kind, respectful people say, “Oh, you’re not letting people close. Okay. I will respect your boundaries,” and then don’t get close to you. Who does get close? People who don’t respect boundaries. People who bulldoze through your walls. Who is most likely to mistreat you? People who don’t respect boundaries. So what happens? You get mistreated. And you build even bigger walls, until finally you’ve put up so many walls only a full-blown psychopath can get in. What’s the solution? Vulnerability. Invite people in easily, expect kindness, and assume good intent. That doesn’t mean being codependent or having no boundaries, of course. There are evil people in the world, and it’s important to pay attention to others and to learn how to identify the ones who might mistreat you. Have healthy boundaries, absolutely. Don’t allow yourself to be treated badly.. But don’t start out assuming everyone will treat you poorly.” Some thoughts on finding love – More Than Two

How you talk to your baby now can impact his or her social skills later – The Washington Post

“Whether the illness happens to you or your partner, it requires that you start getting intentional about the things you really want in your life.
It took about 57 agonizing steps for us to create a new sexual relationship. The process was convoluted because we were that deep in chaos. And because there is very little useful information available to help people in our situation.
Along the way we each had to do a tremendous amount of personal work. In fact, most of the work was individual. Getting ourselves sorted so we could find our way back together.
But looking back, we agree that the process boils down to just three steps.
Four, if you count keeping a sense of humour~.
The steps:

  1. Get Sex Positive;
  2. Conduct a Needs Assessment; and
  3. Experiment.

Whether you are dealing with a chronic health issue or are perfectly healthy, the same three steps apply.” 3 steps for Hacking Sexuality – petra8paleo


“Self-care has to fit your particular needs and longings for it to belong to you, and be something that nurtures you. The other side of the coin is: It has to serve and fit into your actual life — the one you already have. Get off of Pinterest and look around.” The Myth of Bubble Baths – Christy Tending

“Darling, you start with where you are. You always start with where you are and work from there no matter what stage you’re at or how much work you’ve already done.”
And this really couldn’t be truer, not only for our health, fitness, and what’s going on in our bodies, but for everything else in our lives as well.
You see, for many years now I’ve been doing a lot of work on my body, on myself, and on building businesses, and although a fascinating journey, at times it’s not easy.
There’s always a temptation to want to be further along the road than we already are, to have it all figured out, be stronger, more balanced, ‘fixed,’ and have everything feeling amazing.
And we can sometimes tell ourselves that when we reach a goal we’ve set, or we finally get something we’ve wanted for a while, that we’ll be ‘sorted’ or happy or things will perhaps seem easier.
But we’re forgetting that every time we shift, every time we unwind, and every time we strengthen and then let go of something, there is always something new that will require our attention, because we’re never ‘done.’” Let Yourself Off the Hook: It’s Okay to Be Right Where You Are – Tiny Buddha

“My kid said, “I think that’s too hard.” No whining, no complaining: just a simple statement of fact. I wasn’t bothered by it.
But the tutor reflexively fired back with, “It’s too hard right now.”” It’s hard right now – Modern Mrs Darcy

“While driving home from my six-hour writing stint at the library, I realized a room of one’s own is more than four walls and a door that belongs to you.  It is the ability or space to accomplish something, to spearhead your own project without outside interference.  It is a sense of purpose gained from doing work derived from your own being.  I spent hours at the library (definitely not my own room) and felt satisfied with my efforts and ideas.  I felt full but not heavy.  I was ready to be with everyone.” A Room of One’s Own – Brenda Knowles

Chronic Illness & Pain

Combination of Physical Therapy, Psychological Support Works to Significantly Reduce Fibromyalgia Symptoms in Adolescents – PT in Motion

“In our interview Dr. Diana Driscoll of POTScare shares how she and her family overcome Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and mast cell activation (MCAS/D) thanks to her groundbreaking research into the vagus nerve. Don’t miss the end of our chat where Dr. Driscoll shares information on a supplement she has created just for us as well as details on her new project: a practice offering comprehensive diagnostic testing.” Dr. Diana Driscoll Interview: Vagus Nerve and POTS/Mast Cell Activation – The Low Histamine Chef

Chronic Fatigue Natural Cures – Dr Axe

“Though closely related to the immune system in both function and role in the body,  the lymphatic system tends to get the shorter end of the stick in the scope of America’s health and medical system.  The term “lymphatic” is originally derived from “lymphaticus,” a word meaning “connected to water” from the Latin language.  It is no surprise then, that the main function of our lymph system is to transport clear fluid throughout the body that aids in a variety of important detox mechanisms.  As a subset of our circulatory system (of which is a large network of vessels and organs that oversees blood, nutrient, oxygen, gas, and hormone distribution) the lymphatic system regulates fluid retention, digestion, blood purification, and various responses to infection and inflammation throughout the body. Overall, the lymph system is truly the foundation behind health from the inside out.” The Untold Story of the Lymphatic System – Beyond the Bite 

The Benefits of Bad Weather: A Winter Love List Challenge – Grace Quantock


Paleo Eggnog Cupcakes Recipe – Paleo Hacks

Holiday Roast (Guest Post by Russ Crandall) – The Paleo Mom

Homemade Eggnog Recipe – Mommypotamus

Pulled Pork Tostones (Paleo / AIP) – Heal Your Kitchen

Watermelon Salt Water Taffy – Forest and Fauna

Lacto-fermented Garlic and Dill Pickles – Salixisme

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