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Last weeks haircut was in preparation for the ‘Pet Portrait’ photo-shoot held at our local MAXI ZOO IRELAND last Saturday. We all had a wonderful time. Many thanks to FromMe2You Gift Card ‪#‎FromMe2You‬ ‪#‎MaxiZoo‬


What Happens When Inmates in Solitary Confinement Blow the Whistle on Their Abuse? – VICE

“Copenhagen is known as a cyclist paradise, a place where the bike is treated equally, if not preferentially, to the car. There are long-running cultural reasons for this—the Danes are into bikes, period—but also more structural factors as well. One of those is how the city justifies its cycling investments relative to other modes of transport.” How Copenhagen Became a Cycling Paradise By Considering the Full Cost of Cars – Co.Exist

David Bowie: Time to Mourn or to Call Out? – Aida Manduley


Because White Supremacy & Misogyny Are Violence – Micah J. Murray

“What’s interesting is that because I made the observation that it was only men who made goofy comments on my original post, combined along with the obviously satirical cartoon, people accused me of being sexist. Oh, and promoting violence.” The Reasons Reverse Sexism Doesn’t Really Exist – Rachel in the OC

Don’t Believe in Voting? Fine. Vote Anyway. – Consider the Tea Cosy

“The contrast between these women’s projects, and their approaches, could not be more stark. When I look at Alaoui’s photographs, I find myself drawn into the lives of her subjects. Her style of photography, her approach to her projects—it feels as though she is working to give the men, women, and children she looks at through her lens a voice. I get a very different feeling when I look at the photographs in Balogh’s series. Instead of placing the spotlight on the subjects of her photography, she used them to put the spotlight on her and inserted herself into their stories.
There are some important lessons we can draw from this contrast. When we work to support marginalized populations, where do we point our lens—at them and their stories, or at ourselves and our desire for to be patted on the back? Do we insert ourselves into conversations about the needs of these groups, or do we seek to create space for them to speak? Do we hold onto the microphone, or do we hand our microphone to those whose interests we are ostensibly promoting? Do we amplify their stories, or do we use their stories?” A Tale of Two Photography Projects – Love, Joy, Feminism

Words – Robot Hugs

Beauty & Body Image

“That was it. No judgment, no argument, just “cool.” That’s as it should be. There’s no question that pink hearts are awesome whether you were born externally male or female or neither. And pink was a “boy color” before it was a “girl color.” I believe in supporting our children in expressing what is inside them. The alternative is binding them in arbitrary societal trappings. Sure, this ensures conformity, but what does conforming achieve? Invention is driven by dynanism, by trial and error, not by treading the same static path repeatedly.” Pink Hearts Are for Boys Too – The Honeyed Quill

Finnish Groups to Turn Waste Cotton Into New Fiber for Fashion Industry – Ecouterre

“At the start of the new year, we often make resolutions that are a reaction to what we dislike about ourselves. I don’t think this is loving or constructive. Too often, these goals revolve around dieting and becoming thin. I’m afraid I have some bad news: becoming thin will not make you happy or more valuable. And punishing your body into submission will not make you love it more. So why make these your top priorities? Our bodies are always (always!) doing their best for us. We don’t need to beat them into submission– we need to practice gratitude and do our best to nourish and protect them so they can keep on helping us live life to the fullest. So how about some body positive alternative resolutions for the new year?” 15 Body-Loving Resolutions for the New Year – And Here We Are…


I wonder though, what would happen if we let people be broken sometimes?
What if we let a little sadness be okay? What if we let a little misery, even, a little dark, a little lost – what if we held that like an old friend or teacher, one we don’t like that much, but who has value, often way after they’re gone?” What would happen if we let people be broken sometimes? – renegade mothering

Choose One Thing to Simplify Your Life (just one) – Be More With Less

Guilt is toxic and debilitating and most of the time wholly unnecessary, so a practice of self-forgiveness is essential to kick it into touch and enhance your wellbeing. Forgiving yourself might be completely new to you, as in something you’ve never done, but it’s something you deserve to learn how to do, so I’m going to share an exercise to get you started.
Whatever is going on in YOUR life you ARE playing a part in it whether you like it or not. Whether you do that as a passive spectator, a victim, or an activator of change from a place of being your most authentic, is up to you. You can choose your role much more easily once you shed the guilt.” Feeling Guilty? Let It Go With One Simple Exercise – Lottie Ryan

7 Things Your Inner Child Needs You to Say – Tiny Buddha

Chronic Illness & Pain

The 5 Things My Illness Forced Me to Learn – That Everyone Should Know – Greatist

“Disability and fun can seem incompatible. How can you have fun when you are stuck in bed all day (and not in a good way)? What ways are there to laugh and smile when you are preoccupied with pacing, worrying about benefits, dealing with all the well-intended recommendations to drink more water/eat healthily/try chia seeds and oh yes, the actual chronic illness you are living with every single day? It’s hard, I know.” Accessible Enjoyment: How to Create Joy Everyday (Bad Days Included) – Grace Quantock

The Candida Diet: 8 Foods to Eat + 8 to Avoid While Healing Your Gut – Dr. Will Cole

“When you feel the way I did that morning, I think it is important to look back and think about the progress you have made to remind yourself just how far you have come. It’s easy to take your progress for granted when it becomes normality and a small setback can seem huge when it’s really not. This whole incident made me laugh in the end as literally a few days before all of this I had read an article about progress amnesia and another blog post along similar lines. It is so true and it’s really easy to fall into that frame of mind. So I just wanted to take some time to reflect on my progress so far. I think it’s important to remember where we started so that we can appreciate just how far we have come…” Sometimes You Have to Look Back to Realise How Far You Have Come – February Stars

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – Interstitial Cystitis Association


Your iPhone is Ruining Your Posture – and Your Mood – The New York Times

“What discussions about ergonomics usually miss is that long work days in a chair are just a fundamentally bad idea — no matter how good your chair is. Ergonomics should not be focussed on ways of making people more comfortable with a bad situation — almost a conspiracy against workers — but rather on improving the situation. Conventional ergonomics, when “arranging things for efficient use” — tends to exclude the most important thing in your workstation: you!” Ergonomics: Unusual Tips – Pain Science

2 Big Reasons Why Cheat Meals Are Worse than Darth Vader – Nerd Fitness

#1 You are what you eat.
#2 Your skin is your biggest organ.
After reviewing the two facts above, why then, has what we put in our bodies become superior to what we put on it? Just because it’s not going through our stomach, does not mean it won’t effect us.
Beauty and personal care items seem to be one aspect of life more naively ignored than the food we eat.  Though to some extent everyone gets that there is such thing as “junk food,” no one quite understands that the same can be said for hair, makeup, and skin products. While the European Union has banned 1,400 ingredients from beauty products, the U.S has only eliminated 10. There are no regulations on what the words “natural,” “organic, or “herbal” actually mean, making them simply a marketing gimmick.” Paleo Debunking: Beauty or Beast? The Truth Behind Personal Care Products – Beyond the Bite

Action Steps to Relieve Neck & Shoulder Tension – Fit for Real Life


Two-Ingredient Instant Pot Coconut Milk Yogurt (AIP, Paleo, Low FODMAP) – Sweet Treats

Sweet Potato Tots (AIP/Paleo) – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Coconut Flour Gingerbread Cookies – Paleo Hacks

Meatballs in Sticky Peach Sauce – Autoimmune Paleo

Pan-Fried Plantains & Basil Chimichurri – Real Food With Dana

AIP Pumpkin Spice Latte (Dairy free, paleo) – Unbound Wellness

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