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15,000 Years Ago, Probably in Asia, the Dog Was Born – NY Times

“Let’s go back to Depp. Far as I can see? If he did abuse her, you bet he felt justified. His mum had just died. Don’t know if you’ve ever been through grief but let me tell you, there is a time after a major loss when nobody can do anything right. Your reactions to everything are completely out of whack and yeah, you can definitely internally justify doing things you shouldn’t. I’ve been hearing elsewhere that he was jealous over Heard having close lesbian friends. If that ain’t a cliché- straight guy can’t handle bi partner’s queer friends/exes/self- I don’t know what is. And let’s not even get started on the guy’s acknowledged history of drug and alcohol abuse. I’m not saying he definitely did it. I will say this: domestic abuse is common. Rich, powerful white men get away with abusing others all the time. Women who report abuse are almost never believed. If you start by believing women when they report abuse, you’ll be right most of the time. Speaking for myself? I believe Amber.” What Do We Expect Abusers to Do? – Consider the Tea Cosy

Why you should discriminate… if you do it well – The Guardian

“Humans are cyclical, we are part of nature. The more we recognise these cycles, the more we can liberate ourselves from the guilt of not being productive enough. As humans, we have our own personal energy cycles; how we feel during days, nights, times of year, hormonal cycles, stressful or joyful periods and stages of life.
We can have times of energy and times of needing more rest. Maybe we are more energetic in the mornings, or more tired when bringing up small children.” Productivity and Pain: A Manifesto for our Humanity – Grace Quantock

[Infographic] Most Popular Dog Breeds and Their Common but Natural Health Problems

Beauty & Body Image

Strong Isn’t Really the New Sexy/Skinny – Thrive with Jen Sinkler

“Some people think that you cannot love yourself and be on a weight loss journey at the same time, because self-love means no change.
This is wrong.
Some people believe that you can’t love yourself unless you are on a weight loss journey, because self love for them means getting as skinny as society wants you to be.
This is also wrong.
For me, self-love and weight loss are two things that can exist independently, but that do work really well together, if you do them right.” Can You Lose Weight and Still Love Yourself – Paleo for Women

Declutter your life: Lessons from people who’ve done it – CNN

“Making peace with my belly is still a work in progress (as self-compassion is anyways, it’s not somewhere we succeed and get to never to struggle again…it’s ebb and flow) but by inviting myself into the frame and sending myself love…sideways…the change is happening.
I know this is what changes those critical moments, that the more I create a new compassionate visual dialogue between myself and my body, that voice gets stronger & sings louder than the critical voice.” From Sideways Critique to Sideways Compassion – Be Your Own Beloved

True Story: I Wear Vintage All Day, Every Day – Yes and Yes

Relationships & Parenting

“These kinds of habits are particularly helpful to me, because the truth is, I can get lost in my own head, and become so focused on crossing something off my to-do list that I neglect to make time to connect with the people who are most important to me. In the tumult of everyday life, I find it all too easy to overlook what really matters.” 5 Quick, Easy Habits that Have Actually Strengthened My Relationships – Gretchen Rubin

#787: Trouble dealing with male grad students who take up all the air – Captain Awkward

“This said, I also don’t think it’s wrong for children to attempt to exert some form of control over their surroundings. Yes, we as parents need to teach our children that they are not the only people in existence, and that they need to respect other people’s needs as well. But part of this has to involve teaching them that their needs matter too. And children have so little actual control that it’s no wonder they sometimes try to gain some in whatever means they can, especially when they are being ignored by their parent-people. I find that one way to prevent “tantrum” behavior is to make it clear that I, as their parent, am listening to them and care about their needs. Because they know that I don’t say “no” unless I have a real reason to, they’re more likely to believe that I have a reason when I do say “no.”” No Greater Joy on “Tantrums”: Deny Your Children’s Lust – Love, Joy, Feminism

Your Guide to Giving the Perfect Gift – Dr NerdLove

Whenever someone claims there are “two kinds of people in the world” – extroverts and introverts, realists and idealists, optimists and pessimists – you can be pretty sure they’re oversimplifying. But here’s one that’s useful nonetheless: in your relationships with other people, you’re almost certainly an overfunctioner or an underfunctioner. Faced with a challenge, you either switch into fixing mode, taking control, attacking the to-do list, and offering supposedly helpful advice; or you pull back, pleading for assistance, hoping others will take responsibility, and zone out. Put that way, it sounds like OFs are the productive (if slightly irritating) ones, while UFs are freeloading losers. But the true situation’s much murkier, and more interesting, than that.” – Do you overfunction or underfunction in a relationship? – The Guardian


Change Your Story to Change Your Life

You don’t owe anyone anything.
You get to choose.
You get to express your love in a way that only you can.
You get to live your life for YOU, and still radiate gratitude for those around you.
You are allowed to renegotiate relationships in order to free yourself from the tight restriction of resentment.
You are allowed to show up as you are – and tolerate other people’s reactions to you.
You get to decide what it means to be good.” You Don’t Owe Anything to Anyone – Mara Glatzel

A Powerful Self-Love Practice: 8 Notes of Appreciation – Tiny Buddha


Paleo Pumpkin Spice Muffins – Paleo Hacks

AIP Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Paleop Pumpkin Bars (AIP/Vegan) – Cook It Up Paleo

Nightshade-Free Buffalo Chicken – Grazed and Enthused

Decadent Triple Chocolate Flourless Brownies (Paleo, GF, DF) – Real Food Forager

Tuna Bites – Adventures in Partaking

From the Blog

Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser

Endometriosis – the Little Known Disease Affecting up to 10% of Women

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

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