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“To illustrate the resulting peer-perception gap, researchers compared the importance student grades had on winning a nomination to the weight of the gender bias. The typical student received 1.2 nominations, with men averaging 1.3 and women averaging 1.1.
Female students gave other female students a recognition “boost” equivalent to a GPA bump of 0.04 — too tiny to indicate any gender preference, Grunspan said. Male students, however, awarded fellow male students a recognition boost equivalent to a GPA increase of 0.76.
“On this scale,” the report asserted, “the male nominators’ gender bias is 19 times the size of the female nominators’.”” The remarkably different answers men and women give when asked who’s the smartest in the class – The Washington Post

Six Abortion Movies I Want to See – Consider the Tea Cosy

“But am I actually ‘better’ at doing these things – or is it because, as the woman in this partnership, I’m expected to do these tasks and as a result have developed the skills which make me better at it?
I’m told that it’s a natural attribute as a woman to want to organise, care, be empathetic and run a home. But what about when we start thinking about all the things that women do in the home as real, actual work? Most of all, what about the emotional labour – the work that goes largely unnoticed, unrewarded and certainly unpaid?
Co-ordinating children’s social lives, remembering birthdays, organising childcare, booking holidays, managing family relationships and fall-outs, maintaining contact with friends and family, planning the weekly meals: these are all on the broad spectrum of emotional labour.” We need to talk about women’s unpaid emotional labour – and urgently – The Independent

Beauty & Body Image

“Meanwhile, these new, durability-focused companies say their success lies in providing a true antidote to fast-fashion: ultra high-quality clothing, made sustainably, that people can afford.
Tom Cridland, a 25-year-old British designer and entrepreneur, launched The 30 Year Sweatshirt last summer to call to task fashion’s built-in obsolescence. Fast-fashion clothing is notorious for looking faded and dated in a handful of wears. By contrast, Cridland’s pullover is handmade in Portugal of Italian organic cotton and finished with a treatment that wards off shrinkage and pilling. The company pledges to provide repairs free of charge through 2046.” The Power of Buying Less by Buying Better – The Atlantic

Hate – Robot Hugs

“There’s a lot to like about the new Supergirl TV show – it’s funny, it’s warm, it’s unashamedly feminist, and there are lots of cool explosions. But my favorite part so far has to be her revamped costume, and what it says about the type of Supergirl the show intends to portray.” Supergirl’s New Clothes – Already Pretty

Why It’s Not OK to Objectify Justin Trudeau – Ravishly

“It’s not an easy task to feel Right in a world that body-shames and slut-shames and shame-shame-shames everyone into feeling deeply, inherently wrong. But I’ve always had very strong feelings about natural, real-life nakedness. I think it’s an epic travesty that our culture doesn’t support it. There’s something inherently wrong to me about clothes being the default. I like clothes, don’t get me wrong. I like style, and I like being warm, and there’s no effing way I would ever sit my bare naked ass on, say, a NYC subway seat. But I also think that a huge amount of our cultural issues with body shaming and distorted body image can be traced back to how uncomfortable we are with real, natural nakedness.” Why I’m Getting Naked on the Internet – Jessi Kneeland


Ask Dr NerdLove: How Do I Get Closure With My Ex – Dr NerdLove

“Anywho, since we don’t have omnipotent powers, it confuses me when parents don’t take advantage of the few things we have control over, such as, for example, COMMON DECENCY.
Basic kindness.
Not being a dick.
This is not hard. This is easy. This is like one area of parenting that isn’t complex and confusing and yet, not all parents do it. Why? This is the “gimme” of parenting. The low-hanging fruit. The freebie.
And yet, so many assholes on the playground.” Can we all agree to teach our kids some freaking manners? – Renegade Mothering

Why empathic limits help kids develop self control – Aha Parenting

“Women who work hard to be better than other women suffer a lot. They don’t actually need to be upbraided for it. They’re already struggling enough. So I’m not saying NEVER EVER PUT YOURSELF ABOVE OTHER WOMEN, SISTER. What I’m saying is that when you try to set yourself apart from other people IN GENERAL, in your own mind, in order to soothe yourself and tell yourself that things will work out just fine for you, in order to reassure yourself that you’re sexier and better than the desperate cookie-cutter girls you see out at bars, it doesn’t actually make things any easier for you. It makes things harder. When you choose to love yourself for superficial reasons, you teach other people to love you for superficial reasons. And when you reject yourself and scold yourself for things that are beyond your control, you degrade your own ability to show up and enjoy your life. You hate your own humanity. You reject yourself for being a fucking mortal.
If you have to be shiny and superior to matter, then eventually you won’t matter at all, even to yourself.
But you do matter. You are lovable and you matter. You deserve love.” Ask Polly: Why Did My Dream Man Dump Me? – The Cut

Parents Reject Technology Shame – The Atlantic


7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living – Brain Pickings

“You work through that list and forgive yourself for every judgement and misbelief you’ve made about yourself.
As you do this you will A) Get great insight into your inner nutso and realize that some of the things you feel guilty about are total nonsense, and B) get great insight into the massive burden you carry around and now be ready to let go of it.
But, the most important thing, and I say this with great seriousness; you will forgive yourself.
Honestly, you will find that the massive burden of that first list practically disintegrates as you write down your forgiveness. If you then read out loud your forgiveness you’ll find yourself completing an incredibly powerful practice.” How to Practice Self Forgiveness and Let Go of Guilt – Lottie Ryan

How to Stay Optimistic When Bad Things Happen – Becoming Who You Are

“When the world is struggling we can get swept up in the struggle too. Often our first reaction is to let go of joy and playfulness. Of course! Who could care about sparkles when places and people you love are hurting? And I understand that, I really do.
Except I know that diving into the media, the rumours, the updates, the worries, is a recipe for me to feel powerless and disembodied. Which doesn’t benefit anyone. The world needs all of us right now, and doing beautiful things is a way we can add to the joy of the world.” Beautiful Things to Do Because… The World Needs Beauty Right Now – Grace Quantock

Awaken Sensuality & Balance Emotions With Self-Massage – Indigomoon Enemark

Chronic Illness & Pain

5 Ways Fibromyalgia Has Changed My Life For the Better – February Stars

“The vagus nerve is part of the parasympathetic nervous system, referred to as the rest and digest system.  It’s not the only nerve in the parasympathetic system, but it’s by far the most important one because it has the most far reaching effects.
The word vagus means “wanderer,” because it wanders all over the body to various important organs.
The vagus nerve connects to the brain, gut (intestines, stomach), heart, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidney, ureter, spleen, lungs, fertility organs (females), neck (including pharynx, larynx, esophagus), ears and tongue.” 32 Ways to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve (and All You Need to Know About It) -Selfhacked

12 Healing Protocols: a guide (part 2) – Petra8Paleo

“Having a strong social network provides a huge range of benefits.  In terms of physiologic responses, the feeling of connection causes changes in hormones that directly improve our health, including regulating both cortisol and oxytocin (see this post).  There’s practical benefits as well:  it can make all the difference to have someone you can count on to watch your kids, pick something up at the grocery store for you, or talk to when you’ve had a bad day.  Research shows that having a close inner circle of 8 to 10 people that you can depend on and confide in is optimal.  Just knowing that you have people who are there for you, just feeling connected to even a small handful of people whom you trust and love, can make a huge difference in your ability to cope with, and heal from, chronic disease.” Autoimmune Disease: A Road That Doesn’t Need to Be Walked Alone – The Paleo Mom

12 Ways to Reduce Fatigue and Feel Much Better – Lottie Ryan


Spiced Pumpkin Tea Latte (AIP, Paleo, low FODMAP, Vegan) – Sweet Treats

Citrus Herb Meatballs (AIP/Paleo)  – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Easy Quiche Recipe with Bacon and Cheese – Mommypotamus

Duck Carnitas Tacos – Mark’s Daily Apple

Grain and Nut Free Paleo Sandwich Bread – Colorful Eats

Cinnamon-Apple Baked Oatmeal Recipe – Serious Eats


The Food Lab: For the Best Sun Tea, Forget the Sun – Serious Eats

Oysters, Clams, and Mussels, Oh My! Nutrition Powerhouses or Toxic Danger? – The Paleo Mom

Food Substitutions – How to Cooking Tips – Recipe Tips

The Best Way to Avoid Messes When Using a Stand Mixer – Tips from the Kitchn

The Art of Japanese Sushi – Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Freezer Cooking 101: Which foods can be frozen? – Mommypotamus

On the Blog:

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Women Shouldn’t Need to Be Seen in Relation to Men

The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

Kive – My Favourite Non-Profit Organization

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